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Matters WPC Application Note

WPC wide range of applications, we must ensure proper clearance when WPC profile installed and mounted directly on the joists. Do not WPC profiles fixed directly on any solid surface, such as wood flooring, concrete, roof or roof and so on.
WPC pavilion or flower for the time, to consider the thermal expansion coefficient, and the columns and beams absolutely liner pipe, and vertically to connect securely. There are certain characteristics of wood-plastic, so that when the length is greater than 3 meters, the material has a certain bent, easily corrected to normal installation, if wood is a cross-sectional profile, the bending deformation is relatively increased. Installation is able to basically correct place. When the profile is upright, and a length greater than 3 meters, each end use four pairs of clamp screws. And the vertical screw spacing 40cm or more, so that each end of the four screws average force.
WPC railing when used, must be lined steel or steel, and the same floor to be absolutely solid, railing lining column spacing requirements per 450mm, to prevent deformation of falling.
Wood stool when used, most of them in the garden in use, you can use traditional wood products can not be applied to the environment. And wood garden bench with pest control, anti-termite properties, many colors to choose from, both texture and texture of natural wood, and can customize according to their individual needs color. Free paint, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, repair and maintenance costs savings late.

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Wood flooring installation

1, before installation we want to buy their own familiar wood flooring adhesive strength and hardness of the wood, the higher the adhesive strength of wood flooring, wood flooring such instructions can withstand different geothermal temperature difference, indicating that the applicable conditions of the floor is very good . The higher the hardness of the wood, it will play a very good anti-slip effect, this high strength and high hardness, high density wood floor when we're using, and will not occur after cracking through to warm in the winter, or the occurrence of various deformation.

2, we have to observe the extent of absorption wood flooring, wood floor absorbent general good will rarely have a dedicated official data, called the water swelling. For wood flooring demand is equal to less than 2.5%, the smaller the thickness swelling, the more moisture resistant flooring changed for the better; blisters up drum crack does not occur.

3, the control formaldehyde emissions in recent years, the field of interior decoration to say a word most is formaldehyde, because the general decoration materials are made of some chemical materials. And this chemical composition to contain formaldehyde, and the higher the temperature, the more it will release formaldehyde. Especially in winter when our heating, indoor temperature is very high, which are prone to release formaldehyde. Plus our rooms are closed, will focus on chemicals comes out, the human body is very great harm. It is recommended that you do not worry After check-in room decoration, as far as possible in the dry after ventilation in check.

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Flooring Accessories

Most people believe that only the [url=]never needs staining build panel design[/url] wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, will use a lot of rubber flooring, rubber flooring action film is formed on the ground plate junction, effectively lock the floor in the free formaldehyde . Itself is environmentally friendly rubber flooring, [url=]wood patio price per foot[/url] rubber flooring has become the choice of the main measure. High-quality rubber flooring is expensive, many small artisanal businesses tend to choose cheaper generic glue, and even more affordable for low-grade plastic, in the "brand-specific" and "inclusive price" under the guise of logical access to consumers' homes, with to environmental hazards.

In addition, the skirting board is hidden green "killer" one. Because most of the wooden skirting board in the production process were also chosen formaldehyde-based adhesive glue, veneer or lacquered. Moreover, the surface of the skirting board can not do the same density as the surface of the [url=]2ft white wooden fence[/url] floor, during normal use, the substrate of free formaldehyde easily released with impunity, pollute the indoor air environment.

Laminate flooring in the installation process, the laying of the floor mat between the ground and the floor. In this small, forgotten space, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, often the family environment of the dead, therefore, the choice of a preservative function of the floor mat, the [url=]discount boards that look like wood[/url] floor is to ensure comprehensive environmental protection an important part.




With the gradual expansion of WPC market, the domestic production capacity of WPC also greatly improved, the data show that China's current annual sales of plastic products reached 15 million tons, ranking second in the world. In terms of quality, some manufacturers of the level of technology has leapt to the forefront of the world, its innovative products in the world market have a place.
After years of development, China's plastics industry template maturing varieties and specifications plastic template is also increasing, currently in construction engineering and bridge engineering has been widely used, as the country vigorously promote the development of energy-saving, low-cost products, and the development and performance of the plastics industry plastic composite material improvements, but also a variety of new plastic templates are constantly being developed and born. At present, China WPC enterprises concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, the South enterprises are an absolute advantage in the number of products and markets, and slowly began to highlight the advantages of industrial clusters.
In the global demand for energy saving, plastic sheet with good prospects for development. In our case, the use of plastic as a big country, every year consume a large amount of plastic pollution lot of discarded plastic sheeting, plastic bags and other plastic products produced by seriously restricting the sustainable development of our country, and to set energy efficiency and environmental a wood-plastic composite material can be used as a substitute for plastic, naturally welcomed by the market, it is in the furniture industry, interior decoration industry, packaging industry, the travel industry and the future of interior wooden house construction, plastic sheet are increasingly the more common.
Champoux consulting released "2014-- Chinese wood (green wood) Reports Survey 2017" shows: plastic sheet has broad market prospects and strong market competitiveness. Future, wood-plastic composite board range of applications will be more extensive, while China should establish a mature plastic formwork system, the need in terms of product innovation, standards and services and other efforts.

Eco-friendly wood-plastic composite materials highlight

When high-quality wood products more and more people of all ages, wood products are increasingly popular in the city, when reducing pollution forest environment remains alert to us. How can satisfy people's needs and attachment timber, and reducing the demand for logs, protection of natural forest resources? Ministry of Construction Information Center to show consumers a new type of green materials --- wood composite material today. Wood-plastic composite material is the amount of waste plastic and wood powder corner polymerization of artificial wood.

Due to the incorporation of a small amount of plastic components, wood material can effectively remove the natural defects of natural wood, waterproof, fire, corrosion, anti-termite function. Also, because the main ingredient is wood, wood and wood residue, wood texture and the same can be nails, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, paint, easy deformation, cracking. Unique production process and technology can make the amount of material loss is reduced to zero. WPC materials and products being respected, it has outstanding environmental features, it can be recycled, almost free of harmful volatile substances and gases, detected by the authorities, the release of formaldehyde only 0.3mg / L, significantly below the national standard (national standard is 1.5mg / L), is a truly green synthetic material sense.

On WPC new product launches environmental information center organized by the Ministry of Construction, WPC technology owners, WPC Singapore Technologies and its partners in China to the competent departments of the government in Beijing, the major design institutes and the media show technical performance and related indicators of green products.

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brand bamboo floor

In 2009, "nine bamboo River" began working permit certification of environmentally friendly bamboo flooring national industrial production. [url=]unika click seal uk[/url] That year, the company has invested more than 10 million, established a standardized laboratory and advanced production lines, with an annual output reached more than 100 varieties of bamboo flooring, 500,000 square meters.[url=]solar reflectance index wood deck[/url] then, winning the city's first national industrial production permit bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring fill the gaps in the city's development and production.

after obtaining the qualification, "nine Sichuan bamboo" soon in bamboo flooring industry started the independent brand, customer after another. Zhousong Zhen said that the company has recently in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other 10 cities have established their own terminal sales market, [url=]ripping composite decking at veranda[/url] "nine River" brand bamboo floor have independent pricing, ending in OEM sales bamboo flooring domestic market, being led by the nose of the embarrassing situation.

The city won the national licensing debut bamboo flooring production. General manager of Zhejiang Jiang Jiuchuan bamboo Ltd. Zhou Songzhen two years with the further improvement (bamboo flooring) manufacturing process,[url=]Wood plastic composite decking is green[/url] further reducing the cost of production, bamboo flooring with wood floors contrast.




WPC board also need not maintain long-term immersion in water

WPC board as a new material which combines the characteristics of wood, but it also environmental health, these new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials widely used in modern decoration industry; but still needs to be maintained. How to maintain the wood board it?
1, first of all do not stay dry and clean with plenty of water, avoid long-term local flooding.
2, if the plate surface with oil and wood stains, should be promptly removed, you can use mild household neutral detergent warm water treatment, special cleaning fluid to protect the best use of ancillary cleaning. Do not use corrosive liquid contact surface alkaline, soapy water, etc., but do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe.
3, avoid direct sunlight exposure, strong sunlight will make it tilt or cracking.
4, without regular maintenance of the WPC board waxing, cleaning can be carried out according to the above simple method.

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WPC products will not fade it

WPC products is the introduction of international green wood cutting-edge technology, product, and in three colors are added and foreign aid as well as stabilizers to prevent discoloration problems caused by the formation of a long time, specially cook on a surface of the product layer UV treatment to prevent ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use up to 20 years, long-term outdoor use, although it will fade a little, but will not affect the visual beauty, can be said that compared to other ecological wood construction materials to that is not comparable to other products. Customer nothing to worry about ecological wood and wood product bleaching.
In addition, wood products derived from timber and timber superior, more environmentally friendly and healthier than wood. In the first year just completed the installation, the product color fades 5-10%, after 15--20 years, there will be no significant change in color, on the other hand, the use of wood products in the whole process has been color change.

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Wood Flooring Maintenance

Wood flooring is made after natural drying of wood processed form of surface decoration materials, surface texture, color patterns are a natural, natural, soft texture. There is wood because of its material, so cool, feel comfortable, so they become a bedroom, living room, study, etc. ideal material for floor decoration. Therefore, the wood flooring on the floor family prominent position, the most noble, but also the most easily disturbed by the external environment, in the humidity and temperature changes, the most prone to deformation, cracks and other phenomena.
Temperature below 28 ��, humidity between 50% -70% of the space environment, wood flooring favorite. Winter would have on the climate dry, warm plus the growing popularity of wood floors because of dehydration and contraction, a splicing gap increases, the ground will get the "skin disease." However, as long as doing the work of water - twice a year to the wood floor wax, it can extend the practical life of wood flooring, to "panacea."
Note that, in doing delicate work before, we first wipe clean wood floors, and then evenly spread a layer of solid wax, slightly dry and then wipe with a soft cloth bright.
When daily care, as long as the cotton mop wrung wipe. If there are stubborn stains on the floor, it is recommended to use a mild cleaning solvents to clean, not with acid solvents, gasoline and other basic or scrub.

the article come from:[url=]inexpensive and easy clean flooring[/url]

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How the development of bamboo flooring industry

China bamboo flooring industry is still in its infancy, bamboo flooring industry to achieve the revitalization, if bamboo flooring company alone can not achieve a single power, need the help of other forces in government and industry can make a difference. But as bamboo flooring bamboo flooring market is strong protagonist, several aspects need to train well, winning the market for a long time. [url= Wood Plastic Fence for Pool[/url]

Compared with solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, bamboo flooring products color and variety is clearly much less. Single species, less color, small choice of products is another important cause of the loss of consumers. Consumers entered each store terminal bamboo flooring, seeing the most common specifications flat side pressure bamboo flooring, serious product homogeneity, the lack of distinctive, attractive selling point is the common weakness of bamboo flooring. [url= Plastic Outdoor Patio Pavilion[/url]

To promote bamboo flooring domestic market, bamboo flooring enterprises must be increased innovation, increased R & D force, to provide consumers with more innovative bamboo flooring products to meet the various needs of high-end market. [url= Wood Plastic Fence for Pool[/url]

From nature, or up the price of bamboo flooring can be seen, these brands of bamboo flooring bamboo flooring brand than the average price of the product expensive to tens of dollars. This is the price of tens of dollars, is a premium brand creation capacity, which is the majority of domestic bamboo flooring company missing. One day when the consumer goods not only to fixing prices, fixing prices but in licensing when bamboo flooring company will be able to win a bright spring. [url= Wood Plastic Patio Flooring[/url]

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wpc flower production and installation tips

WPC flower production is a combination of plastic and wood characteristics, while the proportion of the ratio of the two sides has become an important one, the proper proportion to the ratio of an advantage in terms of performance, quality will use more secure. At the same time it can be said WPC flower ratio is the key to affect product quality, but also a company's core technology, the most important presence.
WPC flower has its own allocation ratio is generally made of plastic and wood flour of various additives in combination, depending on the proportion of flower wood processing equipment varies, but also because of the product's use, requirements vary. Prior to processing in accordance with the formula ratio of the wood powder, plastic additives and release a high speed mixer and mixed, primarily to enable uniform mixing of several raw materials and additives for the extrusion or injection pressing to do preparatory work.
Wood pergolas Installation gap control, control in a reasonable range, wood flower pillar pillars road ground clearance installation Installation time can be used inside the steel embedded in the concrete pillars embedded steel bottom plate and then welding or with bolts fastening. When the total length of more than 300 meters of wood flower to consider when construction of deformation transitional post. Style, the choice of profile specifications and railing spans are closely related.
Installation WPC flower general sheet metal cutting, sawing, drilling, open tenon. You can use the fixing screw fastening between wood flower, outdoor flooring installation time required between the left and right channels with each flower wood keel using a screw.
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Eco green wood flooring is a natural starting point

Ecological wood floor is built on a natural-based, based on the use of natural and artificial means to create conditions conducive to living a comfortable, healthy products. "Eco Wood Flooring" is a concept derived from "eco-home" in the. Critical Ecosystem home is environmentally friendly and healthy, it is higher than the "green home" standards, not only on the hardware requirements, as well as the needs of the humanities, pay attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
"Eco Wood Flooring" is supposed to be "eco-home" in an element, in this sense, should pay attention to ecological ecology floor, pay attention to the harmony between man and nature, should be a humane products. Ecological floor should be more than usually seen in solid wood flooring more social connotation in it.
Ecological wood nursing knowledge:
Before it comes to ecological wood interior flooring maintenance method, the first to introduce the ecological wood interior flooring material. It is generally wood floors, plastic flooring is different, it is made of wood flour and plastic components, so this type of flooring has superior fire waterproof plastic floor effect, but also has a beautiful appearance and comfort of solid wood flooring .
Maintenance of ecological wood interior floor is relatively simple, this is to reduce the number of housewives and office workers a lot of effort. When ecological wood interior floor clean, simply wipe with a damp mop. But pay attention to moisture and avoid too sharp, too hot items damaged on the floor. Some special dirt, use a mild detergent or warm water immediately wash, never use a lot of water for cleansing the floor.

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ECFQ

special glue floor

From Nanjing Forestry University in collaboration with the development of special glue floor dedicated, to introduce advanced production lines from Germany, Italy,[url=]salvage fences sale[/url] the development of Devi everywhere convey "technology first" message. To avoid the risk of companies in the business, we must continue to carry out technological innovation. Rely on scientific and technological innovation, "Bunny" on the floor in a multi-layer parquet, not only the reborn changes, to win more right to speak also on the fierce market.

Currently, the "Bunny" floor based on the domestic market, in the form of store in the public service, while facing the Southeast Asia, Europe, [url=]composite decking that looks like cedar[/url] North America, occupy a place in the flooring market in these countries and regions, [url=]wpc wall cladding shanghai[/url] and continue to expand their own market advantage .

this floor last month passed the national quality inspection center Forestry, five pilot enterprises were announced respective companies countryside product categories, [url=]cheap flooring for outside[/url] models and prices, covering doors and floors, farmers in pilot areas to purchase the specified floor, wooden products , you can enjoy the enterprise not less than 15% of the profit sharing.


Development of wood-plastic flooring

In fact, China's plastic template has experienced three decades of development, different specifications of plastic template is also increasing, currently in construction engineering and bridge engineering has also been a large number of applications, and achieved some results. But plastic building templates for various reasons, production is still low, it has not been universal application, all kinds of plastic template is in continuous development and development stage.

China's first plastic template was in 1982, Baosteel Engineering Command and Shanghai Yuehua glass factory jointly developed into a "modular stereotypes reinforced plastic template", which was adopted in 1983 identified. This template selection polypropylene substrate, glass fiber reinforced composite material by injection molding, the template structure and specifications for size and combined steel template is basically the same, in Shanghai Baosteel and other more than 10 civil and dike construction engineering . 1984-1988, Changzhou, Wuxi, Kunming and other places of the Institute and Plastic Factory, also developed different types of plastic template, but the several plastic template template due to lower capacity and stiffness, heat resistance is poor, board prone to creep, can not meet the construction requirements. In addition, when higher prices of polypropylene material, and therefore did not get a lot of application.

The 1990s, due to price a lot of promotion and application of bamboo plywood formwork plywood templates, as well as polypropylene material is also high and other reasons, the development of plastic building templates units less, and thus a slower rate of development of plastic template.

The new century, as China has strongly advocated the development of energy-saving, low-cost products, and the development and performance of the plastics industry plastic composite material improvements, but also a variety of new plastic templates are constantly being developed and born. At present, all have been put into production of plastic template companies have 100 or so, in which similar enterprises in Sichuan Province, about 20 or so, the development of a variety of products, such as reinforced plastic template, intermediate hollow plastic template, low foaming multilayer structural plastic template, plastic formwork, GMT building templates, plastic templates steel frame, wood-plastic composite templates.

bamboo floor

Bamboo flooring is a new building decoration materials, it is natural quality bamboo as raw material, through two dozen procedures, stripped bamboo raw juice, high temperature and pressure to fight the pressure, then through layers of paint, and finally made infrared drying . Bamboo [url=]wood polymer composite wall panelling[/url] flooring because of its unique natural materials, home decoration can give summer brought a fresh wind.

Compared with traditional flooring, [url=]ceiling materials prices[/url] bamboo flooring advantages are: cool: bamboo because of low thermal conductivity, can not have their own cool exothermic, it is particularly suited to pavement in the living room, bedroom, gym, library, studio, hotel and other ground and wall decoration. Long life: bamboo flooring is the result of removing the spliced ??bamboo sugar, fat, starch, fat, protein and other special sound disposal using adhesives, subjected to high temperature and pressure. Which has superior anti-moth function. At the same floor six sides with high-quality imported wear resistant seal paint, fire-retardant, wear-resistant, mildew. Environmental effect: bamboo flooring is made of bamboo, it helps to reduce the use of wood. Bamboo growing season considerably shorter than the trees, a few years can become useful as a resource for sustainable production. Elegant appearance: natural color bamboo beautiful, flexible, can be moisture-proof, mildew, hardness, cool, bamboo arc as the design surface, has a unique charm. Affordable: a relatively short growth cycle of bamboo, bamboo flooring price positioning is generally between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. In other words, [url=]garage flooring installation[/url] bamboo flooring has many advantages of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, but the price is the most suitable.

Lack of bamboo flooring: stability, bamboo flooring contraction and expansion than solid [url=]decking board foot price[/url] wood flooring small. But in the actual durability of bamboo flooring disadvantages are also obvious, by the sun and wet prone to impact delamination.


PVC wood wallboard production line equipment

1. WPC advantages:
Durable, long life, both wood appearance, texture, plastic products off than high strength and good rigidity.
Has excellent physical properties, good dimensional stability than wood, will not crack, warp, no wood scarring, twill, or a composite surface coating process into the appearance of brilliant products.
Having thermoplastic processing, ease of application.
There are secondary processing of wood, sawing, planing, nails, adhesive, and easy maintenance.
Good environmental protection, not afraid of insects, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, does not absorb moisture deformation.
Can be recycled and reusable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
2. Product Features and Benefits:
JG-MSX series wood-plastic profile extrusion equipment for efficient, stable performance, energy efficient.
The international advanced level of CAD design software, 38CrMoAlA quality alloy steel double-metal surface coatings, specialty unique special internal structure of the screw barrel.
Screw core cooling thermostat with automatic temperature control oil system, so that the material to achieve the best plasticity state, vacuum vented barrel, so that the material moisture sufficiently volatile to ensure product quality.
Gearbox is domestic brand plastic machinery special gear box, gear grinding teeth after nitriding treatment.
Low-voltage electrical appliances imported brands, precise control and easy operation. Also available with high-end programmable computer-controlled, full range of intelligence.
Vacuum sizing units, specially designed cooling system, to facilitate cooling stereotypes products.
Machine equipment appearance, simple operation, specific sections of wood.
3. Usage:
Templates can be widely used in construction, cabinet panels, furniture, boards, and other fields.

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advisory hotline:+86-21-61182468


Bamboo Flooring

Anji locates northwest of Hangzhou, is one of most famous bamboo hometown in China. Anji started their bamboo industry since 1990, from selling raw bamboo, to bamboo mat, bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. Not only raw materials, but also deep usage of bamboo in the production.

It used 3 pieces of bamboo to produce 1 square meter of bamboo flooring. In 2009,Anji's bamboo revenue was 11.2 billion RMB or 1.7 billion USD. In 2010, Anji's bamboo sales revenue was 115 billion RMB or 1.76 billion USD. Anji supplied 90% of bamboo for Shanghai World Expo.

Anji is working to build the first bamboo flooring brand in the world and becoming to be the biggest centre for bamboo production, distribution, development and training in the world. With protection of industrial base, Anji produced 20 million square meters of bamboo flooring which is 30% of the world. Anji is the leader for bamboo flooring production and distribution.

Anji government worked together with Anji bamboo flooring factories and helped them promote bamboo to the world. The government issued special bamboo policy to the factories, like attending fair together, advertising on TV and newspaper, recommending to other countries' government, setting up bonus for factories grown-up etc. All these policies are under government's cost.

On this Domotex in Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre, 12 bamboo flooring factories from Anji built a big booth with "China Bamboo Flooring Capital", "Green Flooring", "Anji Standard". They showed up together in this fair and became the focus point of visitors and buyers.

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High fire performance of wood products

Shanghai Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of seven real wood preservative, wood, wood, wood preservative and installation of the production floor, wood flooring, wood flooring; its full range, low prices, product material stability, texture clear, glossy, corrosion, safety and environmental protection, the majority of consumers of all ages, welcome to visit friends!
WPC abroad also call it: wood, green wood, wood technology, recycled wood, plastic, wood or US Poly wood, its standard English name: Wood fiber and bio-plastics Composites, the industry known as WPC. Is wood, bamboo shavings, straw, bran, peanut shells, cotton straw and other biomass materials primary main raw material, the use of polymer plastic filled with modified principles and the characteristics of the interface chemistry, a certain percentage of the compounded plastic base material, after treating a special molding process reversible recycling, shape structurally diverse base material. It maintains the look and feel of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, fungistatic, anti-static, anti-moth properties, wood products and high fire resistance, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled.
WPC that both play to the advantages of each component material, to overcome the limitations of use due to the low strength of wood, large variability of organic materials and low modulus of elasticity caused, but also make full use of waste wood and plastic, reducing environmental pollution. Currently, the value-added products improve the material become more and more widespread attention.

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WPC products the choice of colors

    When planning your wood floor, wood Matson provides the full range of rich colors that could be considered - allows you to design virtually unlimited. Color mix and match to create your own unique all-making patterns and color combinations.
Thanks to a unique extrusion process, color can truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks good. You do not need to spend time to stain or repair. Compared with traditional wood materials, wood Matson is: real natural, friendly, no paint, seal, will not rot or termite biting, easy to install. MAG is a real wood floor to enjoy unlimited.
Our unique production process is the use of a variety of cellulosic feedstocks, wood flour and plastic resins. So our products are more consistent than the color of composite materials made of other materials, look more natural and beautiful, higher quality.
Jianghua WPC use of sophisticated color measuring system to ensure that there are color deviations compact so that the smallest change in hue. Matson wooden floor surface of each plate, natural beauty between each batch of plates and have no color patches.
UV protection additives reduce the influence of fading from the sun's harmful. With UV inhibitor plus matte surface, so that the color of new and weathered wood floor Matson between minimized. Matson timber using highly reflective inorganic pigment will absorb solar minimum.

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Situation bamboo flooring company

After all, bamboo flooring is an emerging industry. Many people know little about the advantages of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is a renewable resource-based environmentally friendly products. It should be vigorously promoted. [url= a Outdoor Curved Wood Plastic Benches[/url]

As a renewable resource bamboo flooring type of environmentally friendly products, it should be encouraged by the government and support. However, the current policy support, still remain in place regional policy level, sporadic, and the intensity is limited, last year, Jiangxi bamboo flooring industry introduced a $ 100 factory price policy.

In April this year, Anji county government Fuyoufujiang bamboo flooring leading enterprise policy, while the national industry of bamboo products targeted support policies in addition to recently increased export tax rebates several points beyond, almost absent. Fox believes the full support of the government, is the fundamental guarantee rapid and orderly development of the industry, the government should further clarify the bamboo industry policy guidance, strengthen policy support, focusing on supporting a number of brands, the strength of strong enterprises and promote bamboo flooring industry breakthrough. [url= Basic of PVC composite Flooring, Choose Tips of PVC Flooring[/url]

From the bamboo flooring market research results, the brand's appeal has increased. Consumers increasingly tend recognized brand bamboo flooring purchase, building materials stores and large supermarkets, to provide more quality assurance, thus obtaining more consumers of all ages. Compared with the strong wood flooring business, bamboo flooring company's brand building has just started. [url= Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence in Australia[/url]

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Foreign WPC technology status and development trend

WPC technology in spite of the earlier, but they really began to study and application, but only ten years time. In contrast, some European countries apply relatively high, and there are dozens of companies and research institutions engaged in the production and research and development. More famous DURYINC company, ONYX Company, TimTech INC company, DAVID STANDARD factory and so on.
WPC is currently in use in North America has a considerable scale, and its applications are relatively complex to develop high value-added products from the relatively simple, low-value-added products such as the direction of housing, construction, pipe and so on. WPC technology but also because of the development of the market matures, especially in terms of mixing, molding, temperature, speed, cutting, recipes, etc. has been a significant innovation and improvement. Making it more suitable for the status quo sources of raw materials, and effectively improve the strength. Reducing costs. Located in Toronto, Canada, a joint venture with the US company, for example, by the end of 1999 has all kinds of wood-plastic production line 43, and plans for the new products with high added value into additional 66 production lines, a total investment of approximately US $ 35.64 million. Annual production value of nearly $ 500 million.
Relevant experts believe. With the continuous development of WPC technology. Its development trend is likely to break through in the following areas: (1) selection of raw materials to a wide range of direction. The recovered waste lEl single component plastics (PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc.) after cleaning. Adding specific modifier can be processed manufactured wood products: (2) the development of special equipment. Processing methods developed by a single screw extruder to other conventional plastics processing direction. Molded by a water-cooled cooling air to the molding development, the development of a single extrusion profiles to complex co-extruded, co-extruded package directions; (3) innovation process. Introducing foaming technology. From low to high foam foam, micro-foaming direction; (4) high-end products to the direction (such as indoor decoration materials) developed by low value added (such as wood pallets, warehouse floor), to further improve efficiency.

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Ecological wood wall panels

Ecological wood wall used as is common, you know what it wallboard requirements?
Ecological wood used as siding there are many possible, generally used as ceiling panels, three-dimensional interior wall panels, dado, outdoor panels and the like. Ecological wood wall panels of different requirements are different for different wallboard specific requirements were analyzed.
The first ecological wood ceiling panels general requirements are clean and free of dust below the ceiling to prevent the decoration pollution, high surface hardness, easy wooden materials such as fixed, and the shape of the building.
As a second ecological wood siding or dado requirements. As a general ecological wood siding panels should be smooth, then, good hardness can be. In the case of some with dado, the need to use glue fixed to the wall, wallboard requires better hardness, higher flatness, surface powder-free, adhesive higher requirements.
As a third ecological wood wall panels, exterior wall as there will be a steel frame, it requires higher force wallboard eat nails, wallboard flatness not too high demands.

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Environmental mainstream parquet

At this stage, environmental protection has become the theme of social development, whether individuals or organizations are calling for environmental protection. Recently, news that, in the wood industry solid wood doors with full range of features and low dependence on raw materials, environmental protection has become the mainstream of doors. Then, in the flooring industry, parquet prospects how is it?

Parquet wood flooring is derived from the family out of the wood species, it is actually a new wood floor. Parquet wood floors and divided into three multi-layer solid wood flooring. Three parquet wood structure is composed of three staggered laminated, the surface is more expensive high-quality long-leaved hardwood, multi-use wood species oak, birch, ash, Iroko, Myanmar eggplant wood, Merbau, teak and so on. Multi-layer solid wood flooring is based on a single-layer solid wood flooring, the improvement through innovation and the birth of new flooring products. In multilayer criss-cross arrangement for the substrate, the choice of quality precious wood panel, after coating resin adhesive in a hot press made by high temperature and pressure.

Parquet surface for the high-quality precious wood, not only retains the solid wood flooring wood beautiful, natural features, and a significant reduction in quality of precious timber resources. Most surface coating five times more than high-quality UV coating, not only have better hardness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and flame retardant, smooth and easy to clean. Most of the core can take turns using raw materials harvested speed, can also be cheap trails material costs greatly reduced. Its elasticity, thermal insulation, also completely inferior wood flooring. Just because it has all the advantages of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring abandoned insufficient, but also save a lot of natural resources, in the United States and Europe have become the mainstream of home improvement floor, the future development trend of China's high-grade floor is parquet inevitable.

Today, a serious shortage of timber resources, the market for solid wood flooring consumer requirements continue to increase, the international advanced manufacturing technologies are emerging, parquet with lightning speed to flourish in production and consumption. Rapid technological change and the pace of development, became a well-known flooring products, in the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection today, the parquet will become the mainstream of development.

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