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Products Industry Standards

Although the plastic template over 30 years, but so far there is still no industry in product technology standard, most manufacturers do not have corporate standards. In recent years, with the plastic template in building construction applications more and more, getting better and better market prospects, many plastics production enterprises to enter the ranks of the production of plastic template. Eligible products must have a plastic template specific gravity, absorption rate, tensile strength, bending strength, elastic modulus, impact strength, surface wear, deformation temperature, shrinkage, flame resistance and aging resistance and other technical indicators, and to meet construction template requirements. But now most of the technical performance of the enterprise architecture templates do not understand the requirements, product samples provided no product specifications and test reports, or indicators project, no specific indicator data, this product will undoubtedly bring some users use problems.

Construction template size specifications to meet the construction and building module requirements, currently various plastic template companies are not the same size specifications, different specifications very messy. Many companies offer products not meet the requirements Size construction template, template length dimension if the company offers is "any length", thickness in a range from "1 to 10 cm" and so on.

Therefore, it should be developed as soon as possible industry standard plastic template proposed various technical indicators and sizes of unified standard template in order to promote the healthy development of the plastic template.

Generally not resolved before the performance deficiencies of plastic template
Plastic with water, acid and alkali resistance, plasticity and other characteristics. At the same time, there is less strength and stiffness, heat resistance and poor aging resistance, thermal expansion coefficient and other weaknesses.

WPC profile of its surface is very smooth

WPC WPC profile manufacturers introduce yes die by injection molding or extrusion, extruded through a die to satisfy the diversity of WPC profiles WPC material extruded WPC its shape style is very much in here to remind you, WPC profile temperature is the commanding heights of two Baidu, Baidu more than two operations on the line will not be able to use a wood-plastic profiles, such as some chemical laboratory is not suitable for use wood floor profiles. WPC processing machine is very complex, in addition to the equipment itself needs also need to configure a variety of coolers and some of the cutting equipment.
WPC profiles have the same processing performance with wood, its surface is very smooth, we can also be painted according to their preferences, the physical properties of wood is better than wood, cracks, and bending will not happen, this profiles are not scarring. WPC products are fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, it has no polluting, but also very low maintenance costs.

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Skills development of bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is an emerging industry, the development of bamboo flooring industry is how we need to discuss. [url=]Ideas for Outdoor Flooring, Wood Plastic Outdoor Flooring[/url]

Bamboo flooring belongs to the early development of a single species, less color, small product choice. Therefore, increase innovation, increase product development ability, to provide consumers with more innovative bamboo flooring products. [url= Patio Wood Plastic Floor Price And Maintenance Costs[/url]

Bamboo flooring domestic biggest obstacle is the point of bamboo flooring is a niche product, small-scale, low brand influence, lack of consumer awareness of bamboo flooring, failed to fully understand the product advantages and environmental benefits of bamboo flooring. If the source of consumption is not turned on, roll yield will not be soon. Solve this puzzle bamboo flooring company for many years dilemma, can hold together from industry, enterprises jointly promote its start, improve overall consumer awareness of bamboo flooring. [url= Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url]

Bamboo flooring company to learn Wenzhou Baotuan spirit of enterprise, jointly promote environmental advantages of bamboo flooring products, product advantages. And not only is the enterprise has its own voice, government leaders, industry associations, decoration designers, professionals can become if bamboo flooring products to promote its authors, and, if the exhibition, media, could make the network more robust bamboo flooring industry sound, that is bound to the domestic market as a whole vigorous bamboo flooring. [url=]... To Clean, High Tensile Strength WPC Material Flooring[/url]

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NAUF Bamboo plywood

We get started to produce FSC certified bamboo plywood and NAUF bamboo plywood this year as we are more concern about air quality around us.
NAUF: Non-added Urethane Formaldehyde. This is zero formaldehyde emission for plywood.
Recognizing the dangers incurred by the off gassing of Urea Formaldehyde which is found in many glues and adhesives, we have taken steps to ensure the quality of air for environment and earth.
Although costs of these materials are slightly more than the lesser grade alternatives, we feel it provides for a safer environment for everyone. From our factory to the end user's house or office, safety, air quality and the health of others was our first concern in this decision.
All of our bamboo plywood can be NAUF now.

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Curved horizon - a combination of seats and benches

Horizon curved seat and bench seat combination provides a variety of aspects to suit the needs of different users. Curved seats and benches can be used independently or in pairs together to form geometrical layout, such as arc, in the form of waves, hanging round the open seat or seat ring. Backrest can be used as internal or backrest prominent feature specimen trees surrounding the use and external backrest provide more visually soft corner seats. Each segment table and chairs designed to accommodate 3-4 people, and can be combined to extend the span of rest, a plurality of layout options. This configuration is four infinite radius from 1.8 m to 3.6 m as standard.

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development of bamboo flooring

From the initial integration of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring to the current restructuring, bamboo plywood and bamboo flooring in various forms, developed Anji bamboo flooring products increasingly widespread, in addition to their own design, strong wear characteristics, but also environmentally friendly,[url=]resin pool decks[/url] energy-saving function and role.

Recently INBAR a responsible person at the time of study Anji bamboo flooring production and sales, said bamboo flooring in conservation,[url=]Not swell decorative sheet metal panels[/url] environmental protection and consumer trends in the main advantages are clear, and therefore will be subject to market love. The data show that the proportion of bamboo flooring in the United States,[url=]impact modifier decking floor[/url] France and other countries in the floor consumption has exceeded 5%.

International market, "warming" to the development of Anji bamboo flooring industry to create a good opportunity.Yesterday, at the county meeting the "bamboo flooring capital" appraisal summary of the meeting, the county awarded the "Chinese bamboo flooring capital" the honorary title.[url=]Beam wpc decks installing[/url] The Panel reviewed the report after a two-day field trip to hear and, combined with the domestic development of bamboo flooring industry, the last comprehensive assessment of the decision.

MOSO Bamboo

Bamboo is also called MOSO bamboo, its Latin name is Phyllostachys Pubescens. The bamboos are, indeed, classified as woody, evergreen, perennial grasses.

Geographically, bamboo is most closely associated with the Orient, sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America.

Botanically, a great number of the bamboo can easily be recognized by their prominent, hollow stems, known as "culms", punctuated at intervals by nodes.

Bamboo has a bunch of unique characteristics rather than hardwood.
MOSO bamboo can grow about 4 feet in under 24 hours.
MOSO bamboo is one of the cheapest renewable sources of building material available to mankind.
MOSO bamboo is one of the fastest growing components of forests, and thus plays an important role in the development of animal habitats.
MOSO bamboo has been an important part of art, music, tradition and ceremonies throughout the Asian continent. At the same time; it provides rural communities with a sustainable livelihood.
Soft bamboo shoots, stems, and leaves are the major food source of the endangered Giant Panda of China.
MOSO bamboo is the only living thing that survived the Hiroshima atomic blast. It also provided the initial re- greening of that place.
MOSO bamboo consumes nitrogen and thus removes pollution. Bamboo plant produces 35% more oxygen than any other tree species. Bamboo also protects against ultraviolet rays.
MOSO bamboo can be the raw materials for a very wide of products, including wall, ceiling, fencing, bamboo poles, plywood, bamboo flooring, panels and furniture. MOSO bamboo is one of most important plant the earth and human being.

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WPC WPC storage and maintenance

To learn how to store wood and wood maintenance problem, we need to understand some of the characteristics of wood: Because wood is around the wood fibers and other natural fibers wrapped in a layer of plastic layer, wood water absorption is very low. It is suitable for the waterfront landscape. Wood and wood general comparison, much more important than the wood, usually in the 1.1 to 1.18, while the proportion of timber is generally 0.4 to 0.7, even with a large proportion of hardwood, the proportion of only about 1.0. Therefore, under the same volume of wood is much heavier. In order to reduce the weight of wood products, foaming can be taken to change the profile cross-sectional shape, structure, design methods.
A: wood storage methods:
It can be bent by heating wood. And the right amount of wood is bent to a certain degree. So the long-term storage, attention should be placed on flat ground, to prevent deformation.
II: WPC maintenance, maintenance:
Given the advantages of wood, even in outdoor sun and wind, wood will not rot, crack or fracture, in addition also has UV resistance, so the wood does not require special maintenance. This allows future wood product management becomes very easy.

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Why not mature UAV Insurance

In the UAV industry circles, whether it is a question aerial drone hobbyist or practitioners, can not avoid is: a little careless operation, there will be crashed, that is the legendary "bombing" , minor incidents can cause damage to the UAV fuselage, severe cases may injure innocent bystanders. As the UAV industry leader, Dajiang as early as last September, the first domestic joint Internet insurance company - Zhong An Insurance, launched for "Enlightenment Inspire1" type UAV service plan --DJI Care . Clients now covered wizard series and its enlightenment campaign. NEW DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD FPV DRONE QUADCOPTER 2.7K HD CAMERA 2 BATTERY COMBO

And will soon be upgraded to DJI Care. The upgrade mainly includes: Each DJI Care International are a third party liability insurance; domestic non-controversial cases repair time is not more than three working days; new machine replacement services; round-trip logistics costs borne by the DJI. Third party liability insurance (RC Model personal liability insurance) refers to the user after purchase by the DJI Care Dajiang its insured, the insurance period, user, remote control model of the process, due to an accident caused by a third party personal injury, death or property damage, the insurer liable for compensation according to the insurance contract of insurance. Dajiang Wang Fan, director of public relations, this is a big Xinjiang Public Security Insurance Joint cross-border cooperation, first introduced third party liability insurance, comprehensive no dead ends to protect the interests of users. DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO GPS QUADCOPTER P4 DRONE 4K 12M VIDEO CAMERA + EXTRA BATTERY

The case of the new machine replacement service the aircraft wrecked, if maintenance costs are high, Dajiang would recommend users to choose direct renewal machine, provided that the costs associated with the remaining amount is less than DJI Care. Dajiang price is a discount to get a new machine, and the DJI Care Insurance itself is priced significantly lower than the original price of the UAV market, so it is cost-effective, but still exceeds the DJI Care if the remaining amount, the excess portion by the user pay their own. Dajiang opinion deserves to be a leader in UAV, these actions can be described as full of sincerity. Here Premium revealed in a message: Dajiang tomorrow (war diffuse 6.18) will have activities, you only need to pay half of the price will be able to enjoy a one-year insurance services. [url=]USA seller with fast shipping for Auto LED Bulbs[/url]

Economical Composite Wood Floor

Composite wood floor surface for high-quality precious wood, not only retains the solid wood flooring wood beautiful, natural features, and a significant reduction in quality of precious timber resources. Most surface coating five times more than high-quality UV coating, not only have better hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and flame retardant, smooth and easy to clean. Most of the core can take turns using the fast-growing harvested material can also be used cheap materials trails, a variety of hard and soft materials, and other miscellaneous sources broader material, but do not consider avoiding various defects of wood, the material is high, the cost of the large to reduce. Its elasticity, thermal insulation, also completely inferior wood flooring. Just because it has all the advantages of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring abandoned insufficient, but also save a lot of natural resources, in the United States and Europe have become the mainstream of home improvement floor.

Composite wood flooring is staggered by different species of laminated sheet metal, wood flooring one way to overcome the shortcomings of the same sex, small shrinkage swelling rate, a good dimensional stability, and preserves the natural wood and solid wood flooring comfortable foot feeling. Parquet flooring strengthen both the stability and the aesthetics of the wood flooring, but also has environmental advantages.

Excellent Performance: Environmental regulation: partially adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Natural strong visual sense: parquet surface layer has a beautiful natural texture, fine structure, full of changes, nice color. Foot feeling comfortable: parquet have appropriate elasticity, moderate coefficient of friction, easy to use. Create a comfortable environment: good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation properties. Of course, wear resistance and parquet floor price is also a significant relationship, especially some wood composite board selling point is wearable.

the article come from:[url= Plastic Composite Patio Deck[/url]

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Wood and wood pure comparative advantage

Although WPC expensive than pure wood, but with manufacturers to find more efficient processing methods, its relatively high cost is gradually decrease. The use of recycled plastics in the composite can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current cost structure, because many consumers are still willing advantages of these composites to accept a relatively high price.
1, environmentally friendly:
Use of recycled materials (wood flour and plastic)
You do not need to be treated with preservatives
2, no maintenance, long service life than wood does not absorb moisture, tide, does not rot, pest control
Not broken, cracking, deformation
Cold, insensitive to thermal environment
3, polyolefin-based WPC good mechanical properties, can carry a wide range of structural materials for use;
4, polyolefin-based WPC 95% of the raw material is recycled material, so the lower cost, while products can be 100% recycled;
5, PVC class WPC improved by micro-foam impact strength, reduce the proportion of the real wood.

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wood flooring cool qualities

House decoration shop has become more common wood flooring, wood flooring cool qualities are also very popular. But live for some time after the discovery issued Zhi Zhizhi flooring step up sound. Today, just as we analyze this situation and how to deal with a ground is not flat, features:! After floor coverings,[url=]composite screws deck for redwood deck can i use[/url] in some places between the ground floor and there is a gap, will immediately produce sound when people move, but local . Measures: in front of floor coverings must first measure the flatness of the ground, its flatness should be less than 3mm / 2m, do not have the conditions on the ground, should go first and then be flat pavement.

Second, skids or keel spacing is too large, characteristics: floor coverings, due to the spacing between the skids is too large, or between keel spacing is too large, it will cause the floor elasticity increases with the ground clearance. When people move will produce local sound. Measures: skids and keel laying height is not too high,[url=]composite decking with clip fasteners[/url] it should be controlled between 5-6cm. Keel and keel spacing should also be appropriate to 30cm. Third, the improper laying damp proof membrane, characteristics: floor coverings, due to the moisture-proof membrane is coupled at no tape seal, damp proof membrane in some places in the paving process misfortune to scratch, causing the ground moisture leakage, resulting in uneven expansion, so that the floor and the gap between the ground, the sound of a large area after a period of time.

Measures: laying damp proof membrane should be laid as a whole, are stacked in a thickness of about 5 to 10 mm, seams should overlap 20cm, then use the tape seal. Laying damp proof membrane properly, can prevent the concrete floor and keel moisture. Fourth, floor coverings surrounding insufficient reserve slot, features: ground floor with a gap,[url=]who invented the frist plastic lumber[/url] that produces a sound when people move around. Its characteristics are not ring immediately after the pavement, after a period of time, a large area of ??the ring, between the wall and the top floor has been very tight.

Measures: floor surrounding leave enough gap, especially in the door, closet, balconies and other areas should remain gaps to ensure a uniform slot reserved. Paving over 8m length should be cut off and do the bridge process. V. symmetrical indoor furniture placed weights
Features: After floor coverings, as furniture and heavy items placed symmetrically on both sides of the room, the floor is pressed at ambient humid conditions, floor to absorb moisture expansion,[url=]resurface outside cinder block wall[/url] since both sides are pressed heavy, the floor can not be ran, produce regional bulge. Causing the region to generate noise floor. Measures: the weight as much as possible on one side, the side of the floor to ensure freedom of movement

Applications WPC

WPC is mainly used in the packaging industry, pallets, crates, and other equipment used. Only the tray, for example, at present. North America pallets per year more than the amount of up to 200 million; tray Japan amount to about 6 million per year. It is predicted that within the next few years, the average annual usage of wooden pallets may break 20 million. Thus in the domestic market has a great demand.
WPC material has a moisture-resistant, anti-moth, etc., suitable for use in the warehousing industry shelf plank, sleepers, laying beams, floors. In China warehousing industry applications WPC though just begun. But demand is increasing rapidly.
Gazebo made of WPC, chairs, flower pots, trash and other waterproof, moisture, corrosion characteristics. And long life, low prices; production houses, outdoor flooring, sun room, dock, fence and other products have started in a foreign country with WPC.
Also. WPC application development automotive interiors, composite pipe, railway sleepers, cable protection pipes, covers and other products. Is also entered from the demonstration phase to test the application stage, we believe that in the near future, the field of application of wood products will be further expanded.

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WPC market summary

According to the current status quo of the industry presentation and analysis, we can see that the plastic industry template is still a long way to go, there are many problems to be solved. We show with environmentally friendly building materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan is from a deep understanding of the industry's departure, after nearly a decade of exploration and innovation, has experienced ups and downs, we paid a lot of sweat and passion, developed a tenth generation of wood-plastic templates products have been resolved short board said earlier performance on the plastic template. After testing the market and a large number of engineering practice.

However, some issues can not solve our business, so I sincerely hope that the distinguished leadership of the Office of housing construction in Sichuan Province to understand the prospects for the development of the plastics industry template and my company pioneering breakthrough in the wood products and the template for the industry enthusiasm. And from the energy saving, promoting common demands of the state and society for sustainable development starting position, give us invaluable help and promotion, and then to the industry to develop scientific, rigorous standards, to promote a mature sound market system to the state, to enterprise, to the community to create a better, greener tomorrow!

Processing and Properties of WPC

Technical characteristics of WPC is to two categories large differences of different materials mixed together with each other. About to wood, plastic, composite material combined.
Wood flour (or crop fiber powder) as an organic filler having a wide variety of sources plastic, low cost, low density, good insulation, and many other inorganic fillers can not match the excellent performance, but it does not like to give as an inorganic filler widely used. The main reason is: First, the poor and the matrix resin compatibility: Second thermoplastics melt dispersed across the poor, resulting in poor flowability and extrusion processing difficulties. Since the main ingredient is cellulose, wood flour. Contains a lot of hydroxyl groups, these hydroxyl groups form intermolecular hydrogen bonds or intramolecular hydrogen bond with the water-absorbent wood flour. And very polar. The majority of non-polar thermoplastics, having water resistance, so compatibility between the poor adhesion interface is very small, need to surface additives modified plastics and wood flour. Increase the affinity of the interface between them. Modified flour with enhanced properties, can be a good stress transfer between the filler and plastic, so as to achieve the role of reinforced composite material strength.
Extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding is the processing of WPC main molding method. Since extrusion molding cycle is short, high efficiency and therefore the extrusion molding method is a more commonly used routing.
From WPC technology features point of view, mainly the following categories: the raw material to points, a type of plastic material used is pure commercial grade plastic or plastic: the other is the use of a single component of waste plastic has certain characteristics . Process according to points. One is the two-step molding method. That plastic and wood powder mixed molding directly.
From the formation mechanism of view, one is physical shape. That the use of thermal barrier adhesive. Molding plastic and wood flour in the process will be bonded together; the other is physical chemistry molding. That is, by the addition of additives. Under controlled pressure and temperature. The raw material mixture with a relatively low molecular weight polymer additives together for the transition state of the mesh fiber material. This process uses materials made. Internal structure is completely fusion rebirth network molecular structure than other technology to produce wood products, flexural, compressive strength, impact strength is better.

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Seven Trust floor six product advantage to win market

A, Seven Trust first floor is super abrasion brand, its products and services, comfortable and highly respected consumer trust products, with high market reputation.

Second, the product line is complete and diverse, rich color styles change dramatically to meet the demand for floor-decoration design requirements and performance; the products have a long life and focus on the advantages of environmental performance, and strive to maximize the advantages of the wood itself, to give consumers bring home to enjoy the natural; giving customers under the same texture, the same base the most affordable price, making Seven Trust floor has amazing price. [url=]Ideas for Outdoor Flooring, Wood Plastic Outdoor Flooring[/url]

Three, Seven Trust global quality wood flooring selection, the introduction of first-class German cycling automated production lines to ensure that each piece of flooring precision; superior intaglio, relief, Lou pressure and other technology that produced the effect is more prominent and diverse floor texture , simple, elegant, clear, vivid, styles to meet the different consumer demand. [url= a Roof Terrace Wood Plastic Flooring[/url]

Fourth, superb latest painting techniques, wood and paint bite each other, enhance the durability of the floor finish, adding antibacterial factor, 360-degree air purification, regulate the indoor environment, give full play to the natural properties of wood; special sealing paint processing, and more is the floor play a protective role in establishing stability in the timber interior wood moisture circulation, reduce the occurrence of deformation of the floor; industry-leading anti-scratch technology, a unique paint coating process, dozens of strict checks, from raw materials to finished products, all aspects are carried out rigorous testing to ensure high quality of the floor. [url= Wood Plastic Composite Decking, Easier Maintenance[/url]

Fifth, wear-resistant surface treatment, so that the paint has superior adhesion, scratch resistant, hard bottom and flatness, thereby enabling the floor with a full paint quality, comfortable properties, and flame retardant, anti-aging; use super wear-resistant paint, primer 4 through 13 paint coating process, to avoid the traditional disadvantages of wood flooring easy bruising, improve the usefulness of the wooden floor to life than traditional floor 8 times. [url= Best PVC Composite Railing, PVC Composite Railing Dealers[/url]

Sixth, automatic drying equipment, automatic wood health room, up to 90 days directional moisture drying regimen for each piece performed floor moisture check sheet, effectively guarantee the stability of the floor, in the anti-distortion, anti-cracking, etc. aspects of advantages. Locust - wood antique lace

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WPC Composites Advances

WPC (WPC) is made of wood fiber or plant fiber filled thermoplastic composites modified, by extrusion, injection molding or pressing plates or other products, instead of a new composite material of wood and plastic. WPC new material not only retains the advantages of wood processing performance, and overcome the wood is not durable, can be reused after it abandoned, cheap and abundant raw materials, recyclable, reducing environmental pollution, protection of forest resources, so it is also a the new green materials. As a new environmentally friendly materials, WPC has been a lot of praise, social progress makes people WPC put forward higher requirements. In furniture design and manufacturing, due to the toughness of WPC below the plastic matrix resin, which can easily lead to the partial pressure of the material due to an impact or damaged; WPC poor liquidity in the molding process, the majority of products the case can only render the linear state, almost no curve and radian; at the same time, poor liquidity processing equipment, downstream of the device, mold and higher requirements. How to improve the compatibility of the two-phase components and improve the manufacturing process has been the WPC research focus.

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Economical Composite Wood Plastic Floor


2016 China Internet Conference UAV flight performance

"2016 China Internet Conference" will be June 21 - 23, held in Beijing, the General Assembly by the China Internet Association, the content of the meeting will focus on "economic prosperity network construction network power," the core content to expand, there are "very economy passengers, shared economic, Internet cafe economic "three directions. In addition we would like to see the perfect cool UAV system, the desire: not only to cool the UAV system has to be improved. DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO GPS QUADCOPTER DRONE PHANTOM4 4K HD CAMERA + 3 BATTERY COMBO

Some time ago, before the introduction of UAV products, but also spread between the user with all kinds of UAVs play tricks. The General Assembly would also invite representatives of the world's top UAV technology frontier, indoor UAV flight demonstration. However, the current technology in this field slightly rough, a lot of UAV products are the lack of "sincerity", and unmanned aerial vehicles while working, there are also suspected of invasion of privacy, for this new field, obviously, national has not yet issued a more comprehensive regulations, many users UAV product is love and hate. We hope that after the end of the UAV show, experts will be on UAV technology, regulations put forward their own insights. DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO GPS QUADCOPTER P4 DRONE 4K 12M VIDEO CAMERA + EXTRA BATTERY

We look forward to this conference will emerge some comments breakthrough and UAV development programs will be broadcast live this tenderness Internet Conference. [url=]USA seller with fast shipping for Auto LED Bulbs[/url]

Corrosion Wood Flooring

After processing wood preservative preservatives, and preservatives is harmful to the human body, how to choose the preservative process was relatively safe, which is probably most concerned about the issue of consumers.
Early uses a wood preservative CCA-C, B wood preservative, preservative although there is some toxicity, but since only outdoors, and therefore less harmful.
Today, there have been ACQ-D, C, B wood preservative, preservative after processing wood preservative, by environmental standards, its toxicity greatly reduced, you can rest assured purchase.
Advantages wood preservative is: "corrosion, decay." As the name implies, of course, it has the effect of wood preservative preservative, so more and more outdoor flooring material will be as.
Wood preservative floor can effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms, but also to prevent the insects, while waterproof, corrosion, it can withstand relatively harsh outdoor environment, do not bother to take care of.
However, as a wood preservative for outdoor use, its own thermal expansion and contraction without special control, the deformation is more serious.
Laying wood preservative floor, they usually need to make the gap left on the floor, and is the same as the hollow of a stand up, you can always open, easy to clean or pick up something falling.
Preservative wood flooring is one of the main purposes Barlow wood, in addition, wood preservative can also be used to manufacture other outdoor supplies.
Such as tables and chairs, swing, vintage, and even huts, just like our common abroad as family courtyard.
Today, the country will also have more and more people moved into the villa, set some wood preservative furniture in their yard, it may well be a delight.
Wood preservative furniture prices are not expensive, and general furniture almost. Although it may look rough, but more in line with the style of close to nature.
However preservative wood floor cutting effect whether because of damage?
This is not to worry, because the relationship between the process, no matter how playing its corrosion performance is not affected.

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Wood products used in the construction of

WPC fastest growing market potential is less demanding building structure and function of products, including industrial flooring, composite door frames, rails, landscape materials.
  WPC is a large branch of industry is the production of window profiles. The most commonly used plastic substrate is a PVC, but also other plastics or hybrid materials. Although the WPC material price is higher than PVC, but taking into account the composite thermal stability, moisture resistance and stiffness properties, won the people's favor. Meanwhile, in the wood-plastic composite surface may be made to wood and other decorative patterns, and wooden doors and windows so that it has a similar visual effect, both to meet the people's sensory requirements and surpasses durable wood.
  Wood plate price wood products by the preservative compression ratio is higher, but the small amount of maintenance, requires little maintenance costs, reduce cracking under outdoor conditions, no pollution and corrosion agents wastage failures, with more high durability. Because WPC has excellent moisture resistance and dimensional stability, and its application in landscape construction gradually increased, such as furniture manufacturing, and other trash. Composite articles in landscaping applications reduces the large demand for wood, and it advantages in the form of complex and diverse processing for landscape design provides a great creative space, allowing designers to create more beautiful and unique than solid wood material garden art. The actual life of the composite article is controversial, but most manufacturers can provide years of guarantee.

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Application of WPC

Promote the use of new materials, an important prerequisite for the production can not be ignored is that the material must have a certain scale of the industry. 80s of last century aluminum alloy and steel profiles in the 1990s, are true. Reach the scale, many industrial policies and support policies, especially some mandatory measures to promote difficult to place. This situation for investor confidence and the development of enterprises will have a negative impact on the long run, and even cause the application to market stagnation and decline. Faced with the development of market applications, productivity construction will undoubtedly play a role in fueling. Not only conducive to the formation of industrial scale, and will draw, and to promote the development and growth of similar enterprises, so as to stimulate and meet growing market demand.
With the development of society and economy, the market has been difficult to accept no standard products, especially when applied to enlarge the market to a certain extent, it is more important criteria. However, to date, in addition to WPC tray with industry standards than other products just stop at the level of the enterprise standard. As a way to enter the market continued to enlarge the application of the product in terms of its quality assurance, specification, etc. must be unified with a relatively uniform standard system to support. WPC product matures and the market continued to enlarge to promote industry standards and national standards work.
For the application of a new material, technological progress is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, the underlying technology, including equipment manufacturing, production, processing, testing, and other tests, including; the second is including process improvement, product development, including the application of technology; Third, equipment maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, training and other technical personnel, including technical service. Expand the scale of production will concentrate its limited material and financial resources. Based on the investigation and demonstration, through inspection and evaluation applied to the market for many of the technical sort and induction. Thus, the retention and development of science, applied, in line with market requirements of the technology, elimination of counterfeit and abandoned, behind, disrupting technology application market, industry technical specifications and to get innovative.
Throughout the development of technology and the expansion of foreign wood product applications, there are three obvious characteristics: First, by a relatively simple product market introduction, then gradually transition to the relatively complex products; the second is the technology relatively simple products application, gradual transition to technology and product direction of synthetic modification technology; third is gradually to the direction of high value-added products and transition from low value-added products, to achieve the above transition continues to expand product applications.
According to the current status of the development of domestic technology, we can boldly speculated that this process of transition three significantly faster than the overseas development. This is because: first, there are many successful foreign technology and experience can learn; second, there is the huge domestic market demand as the traction; third, the formation and expansion of application market began to take shape. Scale, not only can lead the entire industry toward a beneficial expansion of product development with the direction of the field, and technological development will be based, scale, standardization of support, led the whole industry into all kinds of applications.
Promotion and application of new materials, both with regard to the characteristics of the product, also related to product applications; both related to the production and processing technology, but also to the large-scale and standardization of production; both depend on matching supply and auxiliary materials, also depends on the promotion of sales of products produced; both related to equipment manufacturing, processing of raw materials and other upstream enterprises, but also related to product processing, secondary processing and other downstream businesses; both rely on national industrial policy to support relevant, also depends on the individual company the self-effort. Large enterprise groups as the industry's leading wood units, shouldering the integration policy, technology, raw materials, manufacturing, marketing task. By integrating these resources to create a good industrial environment, it can enable other companies within the industry to share these resources, continue to grow and develop.

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solid wood flooring production

Now has more than 400 wood flooring manufacturers, become the country's largest production scale, up to the number of brands, the most concentrated area,[url=]japanese waterproof flooring[/url] the longest chain of wood flooring production base, solid wood flooring production and sales for many years occupied the country "half." President Jiang Xuelin Flooring Association Nanxun Nanxun Wood witnessed from scratch, growing process.

After several years of development, Nanxun wood flooring industry has become the country's largest wood flooring production base and sales center.[url=]wood plastic composite properties[/url] Last year, the entire wooden floor to achieve annual sales [url=]anti fungal hdpe great deck[/url] income of 7.5 billion yuan.

Many companies also expanded sales channels to the international market, the direction of exports from a simple handful of countries the United States, [url=]composite decking veneer anti-fungus[/url] Britain and other extended to the global scale. Nanxun has become the largest professional division complete solid wood flooring production base. Jiang Xuelin: Nanxun flooring is relying on the market developed, it radiating from the Yangtze River Delta to the country, the wooden floor from the start of a few, through the year 2000 to the present.

WPC life is 3-10 times that of ordinary wood

Recently, the World Expo is undoubtedly the most impressive Chinese Pavilion, the shape of the ancient cap "Oriental Crown" was positive red, with echoes of the museum around a large mahogany-colored floor. These floors are provided by Nanjing Jufeng company a name of the new environmentally friendly wood material. The company produces wood is made of plastic and wood chips according to the proportion of approximately 11 made of both wood texture two characteristics of plastic water and wood preservative.
It is understood that wood is mainly used for outdoor landscape and a hydrophilic landscape wood life is 3-10 times that of ordinary wood. Wood color is adjusted according to the recipe, the choice of mahogany color solemn atmosphere, against the background of the Chinese pavilion style.
The main component is plastic wood and natural fibers. Compared with traditional wood, WPC biggest advantage is a large contribution to the environment, saving wood help to protect the environment, do not need to paint to avoid contamination of the environment, recyclable after retirement does not produce secondary pollution.

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Why Buy Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It can grow 24 inches or 60 cm in a single day. Bamboo reaches maturity in only 5 to 7 years. Compare this to hardwood trees that take 50 to 100 years to reach maturity.
Strand woven bamboo flooring is made by cutting down major moso bamboo grown in Anhui Province. The bamboo is cut into strips which are then boiled in a solution of water and boric acid to draw out the sugars in the bamboo which attract termites. Then the strips are compressed under high temperatures with a low VOC adhesive. The resulting block of strand woven bamboo is then milled into strand woven bamboo flooring planks with tongues and grooves.
When bamboo is made into strand woven bamboo flooring the anti-microbial properties of bamboo remain thus making bamboo flooring safer and healthier than hardwood flooring because not only is it allergen free but it also fights off pathogens. Strand woven bamboo flooring has the grain and look of hardwood flooring; and what is more, it is harder than most hardwood floors and is reasonably priced. Buying strand woven bamboo flooring instead of hardwood flooring reduced the demand for hardwood products.
Comparing with other types of bamboo flooring, including solid, engineered, click
Strand woven bamboo flooring is more suitable for high traffic places, like store, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant etc;
Solid bamboo flooring is most competitive flooring and is better for home installation;
Engineered bamboo flooring is for floating and heating installation;
Click bamboo flooring is for DIY installation, quick and low-cost installation;
The good thing about the process is that all of the bamboo plant is used. Meaning there is no waste. Another key advantage of turning bamboo into strand woven bamboo is that it makes the final flooring product incredibly hard and strong. The Janka Hardness Test measures the force required to embed an 11.28 mm (0.444 in) steel ball into wood to half the ball's diameter. Strand woven bamboo has a Janka Hardness of over 2,000 pounds force making it harder than such famous hardwoods as oak, hickory, ash and maple. This is a key benefit of strand woven bamboo flooring, namely it is incredibly strong and durable and suitable for high traffic situations.

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outdoor landscape composite flooring Optional

Outdoor landscape wood plastic flooring there are many different options, why ? Because the wood plastic floor is not the same as home decoration wood floor, they unlike in the outdoor landscape or the park, are required to buy the floor, the color, the width of the floor, sometimes also need special customization[url=]per foot pvc fence cost[/url] .
Floor, is the home, office and other essential home decoration materials. However, due to environmental needs, solid wood flooring will not shirk due to environmental, renewable wood has been insufficient production, use, coupled with solid wood flooring is not waterproof, moisture, fire characteristics, coupled with his economic expensive, can not become home decoration required. However, laminate flooring has become a good choice, because it is the use of scrap repression, but because of the use of a certain amount of formaldehyde adhesive, including, in a given period of environmental pollution, environmental impact on the entire decor, has been it was criticized by everyone. Now finally we launched the development of a wood floor, not only to overcome all the shortcomings, but also to protect the environment.

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bamboo floor

Bamboo flooring is a new building decoration materials, it is natural quality bamboo as raw material, through two dozen procedures, stripped bamboo raw juice, high temperature and pressure to fight the pressure, then through layers of paint, and finally made infrared drying . [url=]wood pool deck finishes[/url] Bamboo flooring because of its unique natural materials, home decoration can give summer brought a fresh wind.

The benefits of bamboo flooring: Bamboo as low thermal conductivity, can not have their own cool exothermic, it is particularly suited to pavement in the living room, bedroom, gym, library, studio, hotels and other ground and wall decoration. Environmental effect: [url=]cheapest way to do a patio[/url] bamboo flooring is made of bamboo, it helps to reduce the use of wood. Bamboo growing season considerably shorter than the trees, a few years can become useful as a resource for sustainable production. Elegant appearance: natural color bamboo beautiful, flexible, can be moisture-proof, mildew, hardness, cool, bamboo arc as the design surface, has a unique charm.

Long life: [url=]china wpc fence manufacturers[/url] bamboo flooring is the result of removing the spliced ??bamboo sugar, fat, starch, fat, protein and other special sound disposal using adhesives, subjected to high temperature and pressure. Which has superior anti-moth function. At the same floor six sides with high-quality imported wear resistant seal paint, fire-retardant, wear-resistant, mildew.

Affordable: a relatively short growth cycle of bamboo, bamboo flooring price positioning is generally between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. In other words, bamboo flooring has many advantages of solid wood flooring and laminate [url=]attach pergola post to deck[/url] flooring, but the price is the most suitable.

the floor real estate

Second, the whole economy by the impact of the economy into the downstream stage. Fourth, the impact of the US economy, Chinese exports of plywood, plywood, block board, doors and floors have been greatly affected, because one-third of exports go to the United States. Fifth, the impact of real estate. [url=]vinyl fence using wood pools[/url] The five of us is a big influence, the flooring industry in 2005, someone called the winter, because the floor real estate demand driven, demand for building materials is a lag of at least six months, the first half of next year should be said that no signs of recovery.

Reduction in the overall growth slowed, or even a decline in some breeds the case of this year's floor, there are some good signs: Dekor laminate flooring rose a few percentage points on the basis of a large, multi-layer and three-layer parquet turned a few savages;[url=]cheap garden fence ideas in Corvallis[/url] for example, Asia is also willing to continue to invest, Shanghai solid wood flooring scholarly family,[url=]ultra lite foundation insulation panels[/url] so many companies in times of adversity flying, unit profit decreased topic 3: flooring industry needs bailout it?

Moderator: Do you think the industry needs bailout floor it? But how surfboard into the floor, which can be tricky also need power. Our flooring business, [url=]plastic vinyl siding manufacturer[/url] demand for our floor, I think just a matter of time, long-term problem does not exist. Do wood flooring, doors and do, and do cabinets, lateral to develop, I think not to this scale, not to the strength.

Advantages of environmentally friendly wood flooring

Environmentally friendly wood flooring, laminated flooring composite floor and the panel constituted panel consists of one or more layers of solid wood sheet, PVC wood paper or strengthen wear impregnated paper laminated made of a single layer plate PP, PE, PVC and other plastic material constituting the base plate and the panel bonded surface is a layer of flat, open hollow rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, trapezoidal structure between the plane and the bottom surface of the base plate; all hollow structure purpose and function all that effective soundproofing and elastic foot feeling good tread; open longitudinal groove bottom surface; floor contour side mounting structure for the tongue and groove structure, card, slot structure, and the card, buckle structure. The advantage is that saving wood; low elongation, stable structure and properties; heat insulation aging; durable, warranty 10--15 years; not detrimental to the health of an aldehyde-containing adhesive, do not pollute the eco-friendly home improvements; floor structure easy to install, easy to process.

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Flooring brand "war" to break the law

21 century, war is the inevitable development of market economy, and to a certain stage, the war is the brand war. Currently, the brand of any war is a flooring company can not avoid the problem,[url=]cyprus plastic decking boards[/url] not smoke in this battle, in addition to product quality and service, the importance of sales channels have become increasingly prominent.

In the current rapid development of the electricity supplier, flooring enterprises to establish and maintain electricity supplier channels is an important bargaining chip to win the brand war.

Flooring brand "war" to break the law on the electricity supplier channels more effort, first of all,[url=]vinyl plastic outdoors deck planks[/url] the development of online and offline integration of the Internet age, more and more enterprises floor "net", but the floor line at the same time in the development of enterprise must to take into account the line, so it will not be offline rebound.

Electricity business sector and the need to obtain high-level agreement, electricity providers and strategic objectives of the Ministry internally in a smarter way and Marketing Department, [url=]cherry wood color deck materials deck[/url] the Department of channels of communication and coordination, the development shows that the electricity supplier channels to help franchisees to achieve the second development, develop new revenue streams, in order to help the department make marketing and brand extension and brand new channel of sales line. In addition, [url=]outdoor composite furniture cleaner[/url] the need for offline channels to convey "I serve you" message, the electricity business unit located in the service system for the next line of blood transfusion services.

New direction

WPC (WPC) composite is a new environmentally friendly building materials in recent years, only appeared in foreign countries is just beginning. Wood products used in raw materials and waste plastics available waste wood, straw and other plant fiber as agriculture, forestry base, without any additional harmful ingredients. Re-use and recycled, regarded as environmental protection, energy conservation, resource recycling in the true sense of the new products. With the people's emphasis on the improvement of environmental resources in waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core cycle model of economic development has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously develop resource recycling technology will have a profound impact on the sustainable development of the national economy and the environment. The use of waste plastic and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite products is to adapt to this requirement of a good project.

As the domestic market is still in its infancy, plastic products in the domestic market is not large scale. Chinese market compared to the North American market, an increase of wood-plastic composites and finished products as well as a large space, in recent years the domestic production is expected to WPC market will be more than one million tons, the output value of over 1 billion yuan, and the formation of new system of wood-plastic composite products.

WPC (WPC) composite floor will become the future trend lies
For consumers, WPC (WPC) flooring are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only good control harmful emissions, but also be able to do so on the ground waterproof. For designers, this new wood flooring materials, both natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements.
For decoration company, easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.

Quality Control Checkpoints For Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring with strict quality control is the key point to make sure it is top and consistent quality. Bamboo flooring is in the process with 30% of hand work, so quality defects could happen if there is no strict quality control.

In our factory, we have a systemized, strict and consistent quality control rules and checkpoints. Every piece of bamboo flooring will go under this quality control line, we sort out every defected piece before package.

1. Bamboo raw material, Inspect culm quality and select prime lengths for products.

Cut to 30 to 35 feet in the field, culms are inspected at the factory for age, cracking, pests and general health. The premium part of each length is selected for products and then cut into slats. The remaining culm lengths are sent to nearby factories for use in other non-bothbest products.

2. Moisture control, Check kiln-dried slats to confirm moisture content of approximately 6 to 9 percent.

After the slats have been treated in a natural borate solution to kill pests and mildew, they rest in the kiln drying room for four to five days. This stabilizes the bamboo to prevent the likelihood of cupping, delamination, and expansion and contraction of end products.

3. Slat grading and sorting

Inspect slats for grain, quality, color consistency, thickness and length, and bundle by function in the end product (e.g., top "wear" layer or substrate).

After the slats are first planed, they are inspected and graded for use in flat grain or vertical grain layers of our products. Those with the most consistent grain and color are reserved for use in the visible top or "wear" layer. Others form the strong cores or substrates of various products.

4. Moisture control

Kiln dry bundles of slats and confirm moisture content of approximately 6 to 9 percent before lamination.

Bamboo is a natural material that, like other hardwoods, absorbs and loses moisture from the air around it. By fastidiously acclimating the slats at various points in the manufacturing process, we ensure the optimal conditions for each phase of manufacturing which also ensures a more durable end product.

5. Lamination

Double-check each slat layer for consistent color and thickness before proceeding with adhesive lamination on the hydraulic press

Check adhesive coverage on slats

Inspect top layer to ensure that best slats are presented as wear surface

Check hydraulic press plates for cleanliness, duration, temperature and pressure

6. Blank grading and sorting

Inspect grade and sort planks for defects, voids, delamination or inconsistent coloration.

7. Moisture control

After being stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse for two weeks, blanks are checked for moisture content of approximately 6 to 9 percent

8. Milling

Test run and sample plank inspection. Plank inspection every 10 minutes to ensure consistent milling tolerances from production run to production run

9. Sealing and sanding

Inspect tongue-and-groove polyurethane seal

Sand product one time and inspect for sanding quality

Sealing the tongue-and-groove edge of products is an extra step that helps prevent moisture absorption after installation and ensure long product life.

10. Finish line

Sand planks again before finishing

Inspect the 7-coat German aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish coatings

11. Packaging

Inspect each carton for correct type and quantity of completed planks

Final color inspection of planks

Check for correct SKU marked on carton

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The mainstream

There are a number of advanced enterprises to speed up wood decorative plate products in the field of decorative pace promotion and application of wood products mainly stay in the outdoor decking and landscaping materials, wood flooring at home and abroad will not usher in a broader development groundless.

Restricting WPC renovated areas is a major factor in the traditional sense-grade wood surface is not high enough, the WPC in terms of interior decoration purposes will be greatly increased. Solid wood veneer, can be used as flooring, decorative panels, partitions, etc; Once you've made all kinds of wood, wood color pattern on the material, can be used as decorative plates; WPC door core material can also be made .

For decoration companies, wood flooring easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits.

For consumers, wood floors are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only good control harmful emissions, but also be able to do so on the ground waterproof.

For designers, this new wood flooring materials, both natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements.

Wood Flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in production, high density fiberboard produced during the lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled plastic wood-plastic composite material, and then extrusion group made of wood flooring.

Because application of decorative wood board material is extremely broad, outdoor pavilion villas, municipal facilities can be seen in both the WPC figure, but also in the field of interior decoration materials, home, flooring, WPC also cause consumption welcome.

flooring industry impact

the same phenomenon seriously, low levels of internal and external competition, wood flooring in corporate profit margins continue to compress. "But the wood flooring business should not be exaggerated, shouting 'can not live', but they are not used to a lower growth rate than in the past." Said Zhang forest, [url=]composite porch is bouncy[/url] with an average increase of about 13% a year before, the rate of Americans even dream not think.

While this year's downturn in the housing market affected the wood flooring industry, but the first half of wood flooring sales grew by 8%. [url=]review veranda capped decking[/url] Reporters from China's wood flooring - Zhejiang Huzhou Nanxun learned in the context of the overall economic downturn, wooden floor industrial development in a steady state, the first half of this year, [url=]outdoor aviary for existing fence[/url] the wood flooring industry sales revenue of 45 billion yuan, an increase of 48%.

"But do not innovate, along the old path is no way out." Zhang Forest believes that the subprime crisis on China's wood flooring industry impact is not small,[url=]pvc products factory from Messenia[/url] will likely accelerate the industry reshuffle. The order in this "knockout" in the win, the flooring industry should pay attention to business innovation and R & D, focusing on scientific and technological content of products, increase product functionality and diversification, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

New high-tech floor

From the beginning to now we have developed a painting flooring, Stone Sculpture floor, fragrant touch the floor, and several other subversive floor category. Only five or six months to market a new product there are dozens. [url= a Wood Plastic Garden Fence[/url]

Painted floors are wood through FSC certification, through the design and processing aspects of the use of more scientific and technological means to make products to enrich the combination pattern mosaic pattern, showing from Russia, France and other European countries, design style, not only to create a new floor performance, and reduce the use of valuable timber resources. [url=]Type of Porch Railing, PVC Porch Railing[/url]

Baroque antique handmade planing process has a strict system of music. The score includes 46 kinds and 139 standard knife. Which has to go through 32 quality control points and 15 kinds of testing methods and testing facilities of every piece of Baroque living at home are printed on the back of the floor to create this piece of handicraft engraver job number, which is the engraver finely crafted and artistic creation reflect and witness, but also for each piece of flooring and responsible attitude. Even if it is not look at the floor behind the numbers, technicians were also able to easily tell which one floor is by his own hand, in addition to personal style, the intensity caused by scratched lines vary, these floors are also integrated into them personal feelings. [url= Quality Synthetic Teak Boat Decking Maintenance Free[/url]

Touch incense floor of a new technology products, thermal effect because its fragrance when touched. Step by step step on the parquet pull can exudes a smell of lavender, it is like being in the lavender fields of Provence. [url=]... WPC Wall Board Design, Advantages of WPC Wall Board[/url]

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cheapest solid wood floor supplier

Purchase household items, especially in the purchase of the floor, consumers not only consider the color, style, price, and more concerned about environmental protection, health and comfort. Solid wood flooring is also increasingly more accepted by consumers, what floor for geothermal environment can guarantee home environmental health.

It is understood that the composite flooring (strengthen) the need to use a lot of glue for bonding, but the glue will contain formaldehyde. And volatile point of formaldehyde is 19 ��, room temperature every rise 1 ��, formaldehyde emissions will increase by 15% -30%. If users want to completely avoid the health hazards caused by formaldehyde, selected without the glue of solid wood flooring is the most reassuring. Since each one is made from a single piece of natural wood, the production process without any glue, without adding any industrial formaldehyde, formaldehyde does not exist the problem of excessive heating.[url=]movable flower boxes supplier in China[/url]

Speaking of solid wood flooring decorative properties, a lot of people will be in touch with their retro, Chinese together. In fact, in modern life, high-quality solid wood flooring is not only content, more color values ??in any personality style home can show its unique charm.

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Cork and linoleum buy

Buy cork flooring: weight drop test
Cork flooring is mainly crushed by the cork and oak bark, hot formed. Cellular structure of cork [url=]pvc board per foot price[/url] flooring is like a honeycomb structure of polyhedron, a closed cell has a balloon, make it has excellent sound absorption and shock. Thus, cork flooring is the industry recognized mute floor.

Optional Points: In addition to the ordinary to see the appearance, feel touch, smell it outside, in terms of noise performance, consumers can test out with a heavy object on the [url=]teak for boat interiors Manufacturers[/url] floor, if the sound is very small, indicating good acoustics, sound relatively large, the floor can be determined not to be good.

Optional linen floor: Grossly, smell, the main component of linoleum is linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, limestone powder, natural mineral pigments and jute. All raw materials are natural, environmentally friendly high. Linoleum soft texture, soft texture helps to diffuse the sound with sound-absorbing effect.

Optional Points: You can judge the water absorption of water on the [url=]plastic wood composites for cladding[/url] floor; wooden floor surface was observed with eyes whether fine particle surface was normal; with the smell of [url=]cost of redwood tounge and groove roof decking clear[/url] floor whether there is odor, due to the natural material linoleum, if there is smell it, then the floor is not good.

WPC products the choice of colors

Planning your floors at 7 really provide you with the full range of rich colors that could be considered - allows you to design virtually unlimited. Color mix and match to create your own unique all-making patterns and color combinations.
Thanks to a unique extrusion process, color can truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks good. You do not need to spend time to stain or repair. Compared with conventional WPC, WPC is: real natural, friendly, no paint, seal, will not rot or termite biting, easy to install.
Our unique production process is the use of a variety of cellulosic feedstocks, wood flour and plastic resins. So our products are more consistent than the color of composite materials made of other materials, look more natural and beautiful, higher quality.

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The inevitable trend of future development - WPC

Why are more and more projects need to use WPC?
Characteristics of WPC Needless to say it, introduced many times ~
Why are more and more wood outdoor venue can see it? Because of various properties WPC more powerful.
On both sides of the road everywhere preservative wood shavings box replaced, we had a new look shabby way.
Outdoor wood preservative can be maintained for several years? 1 year? 2 years? Outdoors in the sun and rain, even a wood preservative summer can not stand! I am not exaggerating, but wood for 6 years is absolutely no problem!
Today, the wood industry is not a new industry in the United States and Europe, wood products is already quite mature!
WPC development in the country also needs to enhance the environmental awareness of our fellow citizens!

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experienced the World War II war

Western proverb There is a saying, "For crowned shall inherit their weight." To make the best quality product, [url=]maintenance free pvc deck[/url] we must pay more than the usual times, 100 times the efforts and hard work. As a floor, you can use an ordinary wood, wood can also be used a hundred years, but the end result will be different. This is also the originator of the rich benefit oak flooring in the choice of sources of raw materials, why picked and chose, select the best to do the pure French oak wood flooring.

Top quality materials in order to cast the brand, luxury is a "precious raw materials" with "mysterious process" and created by the "top-quality" products. Rolls-Royce car interiors using only the finest oak,[url=]wood plastic panels houses advantages[/url] and only with the manufacture of automotive interior craftsmanship.

World famous Hennessy, Martell, Napoleon, Remy Martin, etc. are made using oak, Martell Cordon Bleu Tercentenary Anniversary Edition must be placed in a 300-year-old oak barrels from. A Denglin area and oak from France,[url=]best wood for decking[/url] but also oak nobility, experienced the World War II war, more strong, but also the rich benefit insist on using it as an excuse pure solid wood flooring.

Oak flooring: From Europe to China, compared to better than ordinary wood, oak not only physical properties such as excellent texture, good stability, easy to deformation, can be processed into a variety of curved shape as needed, while the oak itself is a noble trees, especially the natural texture, appearance or texture Yamagata has a wild, uninhibited, or has a delicate and elegant appearance popular, and therefore not only been widely used in a variety of luxury cars high,[url=]wood cladding wall advantages[/url] as is the Rolls-Royce luxury cars with the top oak as automotive interiors, while a variety of high-grade furniture, etc. are also widely used.

exhibition floor Hannover

China's attempts to lock in one fell swoop will completely block flooring products in the US market. If Unilin company win the case, then for the purposes of Chinese flooring industry would be a devastating blow. 3. German temporary ban in January this year, during the exhibition floor Hannover,[url=]wood look composite fencing[/url] Germany, for several years has been on China locking flooring manufacturers in Europe and America repeatedly launched an attack giant Unilin companies use loopholes in German law, [url=]build floating outdoor bench for park[/url] to take again confuse and delay consumption means to ;

Yanjialong company's patented products infringe Unilin patent; Fang Lixin believes that brand building is a major issue, in addition to innovation, [url=]hdpe sheet suppliers uk[/url] the use of high-tech research and development of high quality, high value-added products, but also more effort in marketing, so that a good image of the brand product perspective, all position in the market and to show in front of consumers. a work of a harvest, now, Paco floor has established a distinctive brand image.

in 2003, Paco floor was "brand-name products in Guangdong Province," the title and was named "Country Mianjian quality products "; this year,"[url=]composite wooden terrace diy[/url] PACO Paco "won the title of Guangdong Province.Cheng consumers to pay 2000 yuan deposit in the purchase price of 9990 yuan of "red sandalwood Vietnam" wood flooring.

The difference between wood and wood preservative

In view of many of my friends often ask the question of the difference between wood and wood preservative, Xiaobian again to come up with fiery passion with you once again explain the story between wood and wood preservative.
A loss of less than WPC wood preservative. Under the same conditions of the construction area or volume, less wear and tear than the wood preservative wood; wood is because the profile, according to the actual size of the required landscape engineering, production to meet the needs of the length, width and thickness of material. The length of the wood preservative is to provide dead, usually 2 m, 3 m and 4 m.
Second, wood construction is under the same conditions, less is more. I'll make an example, general pavement outdoor flooring, wood preservative under selected circumstances, need about 45MM thickness of the wood preservative; and wood, the material need only 25MM thickness, the strength of more than 45MM wood preservative. In other words, it is the use of wood preservative, if 1 cubic meter, then the wood will only need about 0.5 cubic meters.
Third, the WPC is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications, saving a lot of material. We all know that aluminum windows and doors so quickly popularizing, because the hollow profile, if it is solid, then the price incredibly high. WPC hollow portion of savings, although not as high as aluminum, but also more objective. We all know that not only can reduce the weight of the hollow to increase strength. Hollow wood can be done, and treated timber impossible.
Fourth, the wood surface is no need for paint treatment. Usually wood preservative construction is completed or the construction process must be on the wood surface paint or brushing water-based paint.
Fifth, the wood products can be maintenance-free. Wood preservative due to environmental temperature and humidity, solar ultraviolet radiation, usually in 1 years needs to be done to maintain or brushing paint. From a long-term point of view, the maintenance cost is much wood in the bottom of wood preservative products.
Sixth, the life of wood, generally up to 8-10 times that of ordinary wood. International data show that wood can be used to say 40--80 years.
Seven, when the WPC product replacement, demolition wood can be recycled also continue recycling, reduce resource consumption, in line with low-carbon economy.

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The best choice for ecological wood wall paneling, wet weather

Ecological wood wall panels in addition to some of the above features, it looks beautiful than wood, but there is a benefit that is quick to install, save money, save, save time. Ecological wood wall panels not only in the spring with a practical function of anti-moisture, but also has the effect of thermal insulation in hot summer weather, the indoor air conditioning users are less air conditioning or open a small point, to save energy. Winter, too, to prevent the proliferation of indoor heating from the outside, and the heat insulation effect. Thus, in addition to ecological wood siding is the best option now wet weather outside, the next each season can play to their advantages.

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It features wood flooring

First, pure cork flooring, the thickness of 4-5 mm, if take only one piece of view, much like mats from the color point of view is very bold, original, and there is no fixed pattern, we usually known striped floor are very different, although dozens of different kinds of color, but the difference is not very obvious; its greatest feature is made of pure cork, pure texture, very environmentally friendly. It can be done using the stick-on, with a special glue that is directly attached to the ground, the construction process is more complex, higher requirements on the ground. This point of view, the market price at the floor a hundred dollars / square meter, relatively lower prices from the price.
Second, cork flooring, from the point of view there are three cross-section, with the underlying surface are cork, an intermediate layer of the MDF with a tongue and groove (lock), the thickness of up to about 10 mm, commonly known as the "sandwich" in the outer layers of cork can achieve good acoustics, pure color and cork flooring, as there are not enough rich defect. But from the point of view of many should be simple to install, mainly with suspension, with laminate flooring that is similar to the requirements on the ground is not too high. This cork floor price is relatively high, the average market price of 300 yuan / square meter. These two are from Portuguese cork flooring company Amorim, pure texture, very environmentally friendly.
Third, mute cork flooring, which is a combination of cork and laminate flooring, cork bottom, the surface for the flooring, the intermediate layer is also sandwiched a layer of MDF, which can reach a thickness of 13.4 mm. When people walk on it, the bottom of the cork can absorb part of the sound, play a role in lowering the tone, because of sufficient thickness, foot feeling very good. Its other main feature is to overcome the above two cork flooring colors less disadvantage surface flooring, can have any pattern and color choices, all you see flooring colors can be selected, but also has inter-static effect of cork. As for the installation of such floor and laminate flooring, as can lock the way, it is very convenient. Its market prices between 110 yuan to 186 yuan / square meter, relatively modest.

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the flooring business

In 2006, following the success of the 2005 Canada wins back-dumping case, Shengda flooring has withstood the US "337" test. As rooted in Sichuan enterprises,[url=]composite picket encing[/url] SITA floor in their own corporate responsibility, deserved to Chinese flooring companies set an example. Now, the floor is already the world Shengda Flooring Association (WFCA) members, INBAR (INBAR) member, "United Nations procurement directory" system providers.

The world's largest home chain Home Depot (HOME-DEPOT) US building materials supermarkets, there have been numerous SITA series floor figure. Just six years,[url=]2 ft high decorative fence[/url] SITA has become the country with the largest exports,[url=]modern technology of wood plastic composites materials[/url] one of the largest export volume of the flooring business.

In November 2006, the Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued the "environmental labeling products in government procurement implementation opinions", and published the first Chinese government procurement "green list" Shengda floor with outstanding quality, [url=]cost per square foot cedar fence materials[/url] technology and environmental protection characteristics of Chinese and foreign brands of competition, to become the first elected Chinese government "green procurement" list of products and services.

durable solid wood flooring

Solid wood to heat the floor has become popular with many consumers nowadays flooring products, and in the home geothermal flooring determined leadership.
As we all know, solid wood flooring is a natural home decoration materials, the superiority of the health and environmental performance is unmatched flooring, and in the comfort and aesthetics, but also better than solid wood flooring and multilayer strengthening floor. The consumer view, solid wood to heat the floor for the biggest concern is the natural properties of its shrinkage swelling, especially in the warm environment, the environment is relatively complex, much more normal conditions of temperature and humidity changes in amplitude than if by using general wood floors, it is prone to bagging, grilled joints and other problems caused unnecessary losses[url=]wpc non skid decking in Yekaterinburg[/url] .

Solid wood flooring products, raw materials mainly to solid wood, a special treatment process, with enhanced thermal performance for floor heating, geothermal. There is a unique air convection big lock technology, so that the floor area to accommodate changes in temperature and humidity to ensure that after the floor coverings firm and stable. On the back of five impermeable moisture-proof nano paint, convection "conduct" ventilation slots to address the wood flooring moisture, corrosion, stable technical problems.

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Green wood wall panels fire-retardant treatment

Retardant treatment green wood wall panels in accordance with different production processes are generally divided into the system board is added during flame retardant solution and the product sheet infusion process. The latter is similar to the flame-retardant treatment of solid wood, the main difference is that in order to prevent a plastic process, especially pressure relief operations should be smooth when the slow addition of plywood should choose a waterproof performance. Furthermore, for multi-layer thickness larger plywood, glue hindered due to flame penetration of the solution, infusion process has been difficult.
Green wood wall panels
Retardant treatment process for green wood wall panels, general requirements include: �� reasonable cost, good flame retardant; �� After flame treatment, green wood siding should have a qualified physical and mechanical properties; �� basic fire-retardant treatment does not change the original production process, or the original production process has little impact, mainly because of large and high degree of automation equipment investment is mainly green wood wallboard production plant, changing the process economically and technically often there is a big difficulty.

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Green wood wall panels fire-retardant treatment

Retardant treatment green wood wall panels in accordance with different production processes are generally divided into the system board is added during flame retardant solution and the product sheet infusion process. The latter is similar to the flame-retardant treatment of solid wood, the main difference is that in order to prevent a plastic process, especially pressure relief operations should be smooth when the slow addition of plywood should choose a waterproof performance. Furthermore, for multi-layer thickness larger plywood, glue hindered due to flame penetration of the solution, infusion process has been difficult.
Green wood wall panels

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the method of clean and maintenance solid wood flooring