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School Support Officer

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Fri, 20/07/2018 - 11:45

School Support Officer


Building on the development of primary and junior secondary lesson plans, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MoBSSE) through it’s Leh Wi Lan program, in partnership with the Teaching Service Commission is introducing the new role of Secondary school support officer.

 Women are particularly encouraged to apply.


A school support officer serves as a critical friend to the teacher they support, with the: (1) Mindset to bring about positive change; (2) Skills to support adult development; (3) Knowledge of lesson plans and pedagogy; (4) Credibility to establish mutually respectful relationship with teachers; (5) Commitment to overall goal of improving student learning outcomes.


This role is funded by and contracted through DFID’s Sierra Leone Secondary Education Improvement Programme.


Job description

Job title

School support officer

Salary range

Negotiable, contract position

Equipment provided includes motorbike and office supplies

Time commitment

Full time, contract position


Based in District Education Office


Weekly travel to hard to reach schools across district

Regular travel to Freetown for professional development as school support officer

Start date

August 13, 2018

Must be available to start immediately, recognizing notice period for any current employment

Report to

District Support Officer

School Strengthening’s Lead (reporting into MoBSSE Working Group)

Example duties and responsibilities

  • In person school visits ~4 days/week
  • Work directly to support teachers and principals, including lesson observations and 1-1 meetings
  • Undertake own programme of professional development as a coach ~1 day/week and in school holidays
  • Data Collection
  • Teacher training


Candidate profile


  • In teaching (i.e., minimum 5 years)


  • New lesson plans (i.e., trainer, writer)
  • Prior experience in adult learning
  • Ability to manage change through other people
  • Good training and facilitation skills



  • BA General with Diploma in Education, or BED, BA, Education
  • Ability to ride a motorbike OR willingness to learn to ride a motorbike

Commitment to

  • Your own continuous professional development as a school support officer
  • Raising student learning outcomes



  • Continuous improvement
  • Independent and takes initiative
  • Willingness to bring about positive change
  • Collaborative and respectful working with fellow adults
  • Prepared to travel regularly to remote schools


Application requirements

How to submit

By email:

In person: to your local District Education Office

What to submit

Completed application form AND Curriculum Vitae.

Request application form from your District Support Officer in the District Education Office within the district that you are resident or email for an electronic copy. This includes your contact information and references for academic/teaching qualifications and previous employment.


 Applications must be received by CLOSE OF BUSINESS July 20, 2018

Selection process

Applicants must be available for test and interviews between July 30-3 August 2018 (only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)


Please email;  or go to your District Education Office