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Field Officer - Saving lives

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In 2016, Restless Development launched a new vision and strategy designed by young people.  Having championed the engagement and influence of young people at every stage of the development of the United Nations’ new Global Goals, Restless Development is developing a complimentary strategy that will:


  • Convene, advocate and empower young people and youth agencies to lead change, and

  • Collaborate with partners and governments who share our vision for young people to be at the forefront of achieving a just and sustainable world for all.


Building on Restless Development’s proven model of youth engagement, over the next five years ten thousand volunteers will deliver the new strategy through a reinvigorated ‘Restless Model’ for youth-led development that will give youth-led organisations around the world a recipe for lasting, transformative change led by people and their communities. In addition, Restless Development will engage hundreds of partners and thousands of young people working for youth-led change through:


  • A platform that young people can access to lead change through their own ideas and innovation;

  • A coalition of technical youth-led development agencies that partner organisations can join;

  • A youth ‘lab’ where knowledge, insight, research and experience is shared.


Restless Development Sierra Leone has and will continue to be a flagship programme within the context of this new strategy. The agency’s role at the forefront of the social mobilization and behavior change data collection efforts in the country has led the agency to become an international leader in community engagement.


Job title

Field Officer (X10)


All of the Sixteen Districts in  Sierra Leone


Regional 35,182,062 & Freetown 39,940,950 (SLL) Annual

Preferred start date


Length of contract

12 months (subject to funding and organisational need)

Visa requirements

Must have the right to work in Sierra Leone

Reports to  

Programs Coordinators

Direct reports

Community Mobilizers

Expected travel

National travel to chiefdoms/communities of operations.


Since October   2018, young leaders in Sierra Leone will be supported by Restless Development to implement Saving Lives II, a programme delivered through a consortium of eight partners, led by International Rescue Committee and funded by the UK Department for International Development.


The programme aims to reduce maternal, neonatal and under-5 mortality and morbidity by increasing utilisation of quality Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) services. This ambitious project takes a 360 degree approach to these challenges strengthening quality, expanding access, and building the demand for RMNCAH services in Sierra Leone. The project will support the GoSL to achieve its aims under the Sierra Leone Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child & Adolescent Health Strategy 2017 – 2021. The programme is designed to be flexible and adaptive to the needs and priorities of MoHS and is based upon global evidence, best practices and lessons learned across NGOs and the MoHS. This project is also in line with the GoSL’s draft National Strategy for the Reduction of Adolescent Pregnancy and Child Marriage 2018 – 2022, and the UK Government’s Manifesto Family Planning Target.


As the lead agency for community mobilisation, Restless Development will deploy complementary strategies around communication, awareness raising, and capacity building in communities nationwide. Field Officers will be responsible for ensuring unified and impactful delivery of the Saving Lives II project within district of operation. S/he will be expected to coordinate the activities of community Mobilisers in the operational areas to ensure activities are delivered in a timely manner and on purpose.



Programme delivery and Quality=25%

  • Support Programme Coordinators and DHMTs to come up with a final list of communities (Hubs) for Mobilizers’ placements.

  • Communicate the SLP2 concept to community/district stakeholders through community meetings, one on one stakeholder’s engagements etc. making sure that communities have clear understanding of project demands

  • Produce monthly Program progress report capturing key out puts, outcomes and impact of activities implemented.

  • Provide field visit reports in a timely manner to the programs coordinators.

  • .Ensure the mainstreaming of gender equity and social inclusion in the delivery of the Saving Lives Project

  • Establish and maintain effective work plans as assurance to program quality

  • Lead Mobilizers/Volunteers to administer health community score cards.

  • Work with Program Coordinators to train mobilizers on how to conduct a scorecard.

  • Lead mobilizers to ensure that good practice and evidence is being captured and shared with strategic partners and stakeholders in your operational district.

  • Work with mobilizers to conduct outreaches in nearby communities

  • Lead Mobilizers to develop simple and relevant ‘Quality of Care standards’ that can be shared with communities to improve their knowledge of the standards of clinical care they should expect to receive from heath providers.

  • Work with the Communications Officer and mobilizers to engage in community meetings, public forums including radio discussions as a way to inform communities about Quality of Care standards, so that they are better informed to be able to host Health Care Workers (HCW) accountable.

  • Work and plan all relevant activities accordingly with the Saving Lives, community mobilisers and Program Coordinators.

  • From the regional work plan, lead monthly planning in the districts in accordance with the program work-plan, as well as carry out any adjustment as required based on Program’s needs.

  • Provide practical solutions to address the programme needs in your operational area.

  • Support Community mobilizers to form school health clubs and other relevant support groups at community level.

  • Support mobilizers to organize Entertainment/Engagement activities during Market Days at community level

  • Work with key health structures to develop the community health action plan and it implementations

  • Work with Community Mobilisers and health facility staff to coordinate Community network meetings at community level

  • Give appropriate feedback to program Coordinators, mobilizers and community stakeholders on Saving Lives Phase 2 Project activities at chiefdom /district level.


Capacity Building Trainings=15%

  • Coordinate with the other staff on the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Foundation, midterm training and monthly team meetings events for mobilizers.

  •  Participate, as agreed upon with Restless Development in all training events. This would include preparatory Training of Trainers (TOT), ongoing evaluation meetings, and debrief meetings

  • Collaborate with the Program Manager, Program Coordinators and colleagues training staff to assess mobilizer’s competence, attitudes and fit for placement.

  • Assist the Saving Lives team to complete timely interviews with young people for the mobilizer’s roles.

  • Lead Mobilizer’s monthly team meetings at district level and feedback to Coordinators on a timely manner

  • Conduct one on one capacity building sessions with mobilizers.

  • Provide career development mentoring and coaching to enhance mobilizer’s career growth (Ensuring that mobilizers have clear objectives)

Mobilizer Management and Support  =15%

  • Lead placements assessment for the safety of the Community Mobilizers

  • Travel regularly throughout the district to establish and maintain effective working relationships with local authorities, CHOs/Nurses, consortium partners and other NGOs

  • Visit mobilizers periodically at their placements to monitor, feedback and support them in order to enhance working relationships and performance.

  • Document activities and results while on regular field visit

  • Assist community mobilizers in improving their job performance and their social and cultural adaptation through the provision of technical support, cultural insights, and direction to relevant and available resources.

  • Coordinate with the People and performance staff to advise mobilizers on safety and security issues.

  • Support mobilizers with the needed assigned logistics as and when the needed.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) =25%

  • Conduct monthly visits to communities, monitor progress and update the Programme Coordinator accordingly.

  • Negotiate and evaluate mobilizer’s job feasibility and their engagement of the local community service users & providers.

  • Support Program Coordinators to design and implement programme monitoring & evaluation tools and activities.

  • Ensure that Mobilizer’s activities across all Hubs are in line with the project aims and objectives

  • Provide timely and high quality consolidated monthly progress report to the Programme Coordinators

  • Lead the presentation and dissemination of key findings, output and impact to appropriate stakeholders, including MoHS.

  • Support the Mobilizers to uphold program quality standards in implementing the Saving Lives Phase 2 Project

  • Produce change stories on a monthly basis on the beneficiaries of the project.


Local partnerships and collaboration =10 %

  • Cultivate relationship with line ministries, consortium partners and other organisations at district level to ensure their involvement in the project

  • Establish, maintain close and effective contacts with district and local authorities, other appropriate government agencies, Consortium partners and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) engaged in health related programs.

  • Attend district level  coordination meetings with Consortium Partners, Local Councils, MDAs, district Civil Society  and report to Program Coordinators accordingly

  • Foster good working relations with districts representatives from the MoHS (DHMT) and Local Council

  • Represent Restless Development at stakeholder meetings and workshops to share ideas and learnings about the progress of the programme.

  • Work with the Communication officer  program Coordinators and Program Manager to develop key IEC materials for beneficiaries and public consumption

  • Establish and maintain relationship with media houses for the popularization of the project activities at district level

Finance and admin =7%

  • Uphold Restless Development values, finance policies and procedures.  

  • From the approved monthly budget, request community and district running costs for the implementation of program activities and operations

  • Ensure that the mobilizers adhere  to Restless Development financial policies while spending Restless Development money

  • Ensure that all finances given to mobilizers for their activities are properly delivered to the beneficiaries, accounted for and in a timely manner  

  • Retire all requested floats on a timely manner as stipulated in the finance policy

  • Ensure effective use of logistic provided for sub-offices in coordination with other program staff

  • Appropriately manage monthly field running cost prioritizing value for money at all times.


  1. Document and report any lessons learned, good practices, programmatic modifications.

  2. Other duties as required, and assigned with Line Manager.



We are looking for people with the right competencies and skills for the role, and who demonstrate the personal qualities consistent with our Values.




What we expect from Field Officer


We are who we serve.  We are brave.


Upholds a values-led culture across the hub, inspiring a Restless passion and professionalism amongst all others. Considers the Restless Values when making decisions.


Creates an enabling environment for innovation across the hub. Takes measured risks and solves complex issues with creativity and innovation.


We are 100% professional.  We prove that young people can

Delivers Quality

Drives quality across the programme by holding all team members to account for high performance and value-for-money. Ensures the hub is effectively and efficiently resourced to deliver quality against strategic priorities.


Drives change across the hub by considering the long term impact of risks and strategic decisions to multiple teams.


We generate leaders.  We are proud to carry the banner for youth-led development.


Contributes to strategy development and creates a compelling organisational vision. Is accountable for performance at team level. Develops leadership in others for future growth of the organisation.

People Development

Builds organisational capacity by creating a culture of continual learning through performance management, training, coaching and mentoring; aligning their own personal and professional development to current and future organisational needs.


We are in it together.  We listen and learn.

Effective Communication

Builds consensus and commitment amongst staff and major national partners. Confidently anticipates and responds to challenge or resistance in difficult circumstances. Coaches others to communicate strategically.


Is a role model for collaboration at a national, regional and global level; frequently contributing to internal processes and decisions? Leads participatory decision making and strategy development.




  • Commitment to Restless Development’s values and mission (available on Restless Development International website).

  • Degree in Development, Social Work, Diploma in Health Related Courses.

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience within an NGO/INGO at community level.

  • Experience in health related / social mobilisation based projects.

  • Proven success in cultivating relationships with external stakeholders.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

  • Excellent IT skills, especially Excel, and Word.

  • Be results oriented and forward-thinking, with demonstrated analytical skills.

  • Strong report writing skills.

  • A role model, able to gain the respect of the management and wider staff team.


  • Working knowledge of spoken Krio and any other local dialect appropriate to the region.

  • Experience of working with and for young people.

  • Knowledge of relevant national and international strategies and frame work in the area of Youth Sexual Reproductive health and empowerment.

  • Proven success of distance management of young people


Restless Development is an Equal Opportunities employer and welcomes applications from young people, women, those living with HIV, disabled people, and other marginalised groups.




We are proud to commit to a transparent global salary scale, ensuring a fair and comparable system of pay across all global locations, taking in to account statutory benefits.  In addition to salary, we offer End of Service Benefit, and NASSIT (10% employer contribution) for all staff.

Values and Culture

At Restless Development, we’re proud that the strength and integrity of our values has been recognised by staff, beneficiaries, donors and others who we work with.  Beyond this, we have a culture of recognising and celebrating both our values and our global achievements with monthly Values Champions and an annual Values Day.

Work-life balance

It goes without saying that we work hard at Restless Development.  We also recognise the importance of helping staff to maintain a positive work-life balance by offering:

  • 24 days annual leave (in addition to public holidays and with an extra day of annual leave given for each full year of service, up to a maximum of 28 days).

  • Access to flexible working.

  • Study leave, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, and other leave allowances.

  • A day’s leave on your birthday.

Professional development

Restless Development is proud to be an employer who recognises potential and invests in the development of its staff.  We are committed to the professional development of our staff through:

  • Empowering opportunities to work on significant projects which stretch and inspire staff – allowing them to develop on-the-job.

  • Training and development opportunities, including supporting our staff to identify mentors both within and outside of the agency.

  • Quarterly Staff Workshops for all staff to give and receive agency updates, receive training, and socialise.

Travel and medical benefits

A contribution is made towards staff medical of up to 2,000,000 Le per year.  When travelling with work, staff will be covered by Restless Development’s travel insurance.



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