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Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dates: 25th February – 30th April 2019

Deadline for submission of proposals:  15th February 2019

Technical and financial proposals must be sent to (enquiries welcome):

People and Performance Officer,

When submitting please copy:
Lois Aspinall – Head of Hub,

Glynnis Cummings-John - Senior Programmes Manager,



Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development, supporting young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. Through ten global Hubs, our work is delivered by young people, for young people, giving them the skills and resources to deal with the issues facing their communities and countries. Tackling unemployment and sexual rights, supporting young people to have a voice, and enabling youth leadership at the heart of development, Restless Development programmes are genuinely life-changing. Through our policy work targeting decision makers globally, we are ensuring that young people’s voices are being heard not only in their local communities but right the way up to world leaders.


Restless Development has operated in Sierra Leone at the invitation of the government since 2005, working with and for young people to help the country rebuild from civil war. In 2014 Restless Development Sierra Leone worked with 3,000 young people to reach and build trust with 4 million people across the country, and played a critical role in fighting the ebola disease. Now, after the 2018 elections committed the country to a new national trajectory, Restless Development is working with thousands of young leaders across the country to unlock the power and agency within communities, strengthen the provision of key services, and build a new future for Sierra Leone.  


Restless Development considers the welfare and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults to be an organisational imperative with primacy over the success of programmes or strategic objectives. Restless Development has a zero tolerance approach to the harm of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Restless Development recognises that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and that it has a responsibility to put in place reasonable measures to ensure, as far as possible, the safety and wellbeing of the children, young people and vulnerable adults with whom we work, and to protect the communities in which Restless Development operates from harm caused by its programmes.

In 2019, Restless Development is scaling up its operations in Sierra Leone, working through several hundred new volunteers to reach thousands more community members and out of school girls in two major new programmes. At the same time, Restless Development is stepping up its support and resourcing for safeguarding and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults in Sierra Leone, including through the nationalisation of its global safeguarding policy and procedures.



The Safeguarding Consultant is responsible for driving forward Restless Development Sierra Leone’s safeguarding work in the immediate term, focusing on key priorities identified by both DFID and our partners. We are looking for a dedicated and results-oriented individual to lead on developing safeguarding framework and other key documents for the hub, to ensure that we are well-placed to meet and exceed standards set by our donors, and above all that our programmes are doing all that is possible to prevent harm in communities and maximise positive impacts.


This is designed to achieve the following six main outcomes:

  • Generation and development of an overarching/combined safeguarding policy or a combination of relevant policies which address bullying, sexual harassment and abuse targeted at community members, including adults at risk, partner staff and staff within Restless Development.

  • Restless Development has a comprehensive systems for escalating and managing concerns and complaints. These must include the option of whistleblowing and for this to be available to both community members, including children and their caregivers, and staff, without fear of reprisal.

  • Staff, volunteers, community members and partners have improved knowledge on Restless Development safeguarding through the different documents developed.

  • Improve quality, access to and utilisation of safeguarding for staff, volunteers, community members and partners.

  • Development a comprehensive and effective risk management framework in place which includes a detailed risk register for Restless Development. The LNGB risk register must include reference to safeguarding risks, including those for children.

  • Development of procedures in place to make sure that safeguarding processes and standards are also upheld for any partner, contractor or supplier we work with.


To develop Sierra Leone-specific safeguarding documents that will show Restless Development’s commitment to prevent harm, and to promote the health and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults. These documents should be designed to guide and direct staff, volunteers and partners in the use of Restless Development’s safeguarding framework.


Key expected outputs for this consultancy include the following:

  1. Research,develop and present a written policy on child protection and safeguarding for Restless Development.

  • Finalise new nationalized safeguarding policy and child protection policy that includes explicit wording on the use of information technology, data protection of children (that meet IRC’s Data Protection Standards), whistleblowing and complaint timelines, and police background check requirements for staff, Interns and volunteers.

  • Finalise a draft referencing policy and include referencing section in national safeguarding policy and child protection policy, while aligned to Restless Development’s global referencing policy.

  • Finalise new nationalized safeguarding policy that includes explicit wording on procurement and the role of contractors / service providers (by March 2019), as well as update national procurement procedures to reflect new safeguarding policy (by April 2019).

  1. Develop a framework for staff capacity development on implementing the child protection and safeguarding policy. The framework should:

  • Review the existing HR provisions relevant to child protection and safeguarding to establish compliance with safe recruitment, induction and training of all staff on child protection and safeguarding.

  • Develop clear procedures to prevent and respond to safeguarding violations.The procedures should speak to:

    • Risk assessment framework and scope of application.

    • Procedure to report, record, and respond to any allegation of violation of child protection and safeguarding.

    • A disciplinary procedure for both internal (staff and consultants) and partners.

    • Communication strategy for Restless Development downstream partners.

  • Develop apolicy implementationaccountabilityframework. The framework should among other things:

    • Specify the monitoring of the implementation of the policy.

    • Specify the review framework including the rationale for review period and circumstances.

    • Specify the components necessary for an annual review.


    Applicants should possess the following qualifications and experience:

    • At least 5 years’ experience in developing safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures.

    • Knowledge of and experience in youth/women empowerment, education and livelihood programming in Africa.

    • Good understanding of the key areas of safeguarding and child protection in Sierra Leone

    • Highly driven, dependable and results oriented

    • Excellent verbal and written skills in English

    • Working knowledge of young people and gender issues locally

    • Knowledge of and experience in working with vulnerable groups would be an additional advantage

    • Ability and willingness to adapt to a new working environment, specifically in urban slums or remote communities.

    • Proven ability in developing grass roots-based tools to identify key issues in the community

    • Belief in and commitment to Restless Development’s values and ability to uphold them personally when in Sierra Leone.


    Supervision and Reporting:The consultant shall be responsible for keeping Restless Development abreast of progress. The consultant will be supervised jointly by the Senior Programme Manager and Programme Manager in Freetown. Weekly monitoring and review meetings will be conducted to examine progress and respond to any challenges. The final completion of this consultancy will be due no later than 30th April, 2019.

    Conditions:The consultant will use their own resources/materials and computer in the execution of this assignment. The consultant will use Restless Development office space if and when necessary. The Consultant is responsible for their own accommodation, subsistence and all other costs used for the work. The consultant will have the full participation of staff to assist in conducting the work.

    The consultant will be paid by Restless Development as follows:  

    • 40% after submission at the start of the role.

    • 60% on successful completion of as the safeguarding and child protection consultant.


    Interested individuals must send in their technical and financial proposals to:

    When submitting please copy:

    Lois Aspinall – Head of Hub,

    Glynnis Cummings-John - Senior Programmes Manager,

    Applications from consultants interested in training and developing child protection and safeguarding documents, policies and procedures:   

    • A detailed proposal in English, outlining their understanding of the issues in and the terms of reference.

    • A detailed schedule,

    • A financial proposal that does not exceed GBP 8,000 / SLL 83,123,200 (at a rate of SLL10,390.4 = GBP1.00).

    • The consultants’ resumes/CVs, contractual at the time of submission of the proposal (training, expertise and experience both in the subject area covered by the project).


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