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Scientific Manuscript Writing Mentor

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Fri, 26/04/2019 - 17:30


Job Title: Scientific Manuscript Writing Mentor 


Duration of Contract: 6 Months


Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone




ICAP at Columbia University is an international non-governmental organization that aims to ensure the wellness of families and communities by strengthening health systems around the world. ICAP began working in Sierra Leone in 2014, collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) to strengthen health systems by providing technical assistance, Quality Improvement and Nursing capacity-building projects in Sierra Leone. In line with the broadened scope and objectives of ICAP work, the need for increased staff capacity around new and enlarged areas of focus have emerged. ICAP therefore, require the services of resourceful, experienced and dynamic professionals for the position of Scientific Manuscript Writing Mentor.

CDC established the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) to train field epidemiologists in Sierra Leone to equip graduates with the skills to collect, analyze, and interpret disease information, using evidence to take quick action and save lives.


Although the participants complete field projects that would meet the standards for scientific publications, they are not equipped with the skills and training to transform the results of these projects into abstracts or manuscripts for publication. ICAP has been contracted by CDC to design a training package, train and mentor the FETP graduates on the design, development and writing of scientific abstracts and manuscripts to improve national and international dissemination of field projects conducted by the FETP graduates in order to contribute to the body of knowledge in field epidemiology.


The Local Manuscript Mentor will collaborate with University of Columbia based Manuscript Mentor to design a training program on manuscript development and mentor the FETP graduates through identification of topics, peer reviewed journals, development of manuscripts and submission based on their field projects during the FETP training.



  • In consultation with University of Columbia based Manuscript Mentor
    • develop learning objectives and competencies
    • develop course outline
    • develop training package
  • Develop and implement a manuscript development training plan for FETP graduates.
  • Participate in the selection of appropriate FETP graduates to be enrolled into the Manuscript development training program.
  • Conduct a classroom setting training with two cohorts of FETP graduates on the design and development of scientific manuscripts
  • Develop mentorship agreement plan for the development and editorial review and submission of manuscripts
  • Provide mentorship, coaching, and supervision for the trainees during the development of manuscripts periods to ensure acquisition of scientific writing skills and competencies.
  • Provide technical assistance to participants to identify and develop manuscript topics
  • Provide mentoring for FETP graduates to develop and submit manuscripts
  • Conduct a classroom setting training with two cohorts of FETP graduates focused on refining and finalizing the draft manuscripts
  • Support FETP graduates to identify a peer-reviewed journal for submission
  • Facilitate submission of manuscripts where possible
  • Mentor graduates through editorial reviews and final submission where possible
  • Prepare regular and timely technical reports on program implementation in Sierra Leone for submission to, CDC Sierra Leone, MoH and other partners. 
  • Any other duties as shall be assigned by the Sierra Leone ICAP and CDC FETP Resident Advisor for the seamless implementation of the FETP manuscript development 



  • Effective communicator - skill to present complex materials to trainees unfamiliar with the subject.
  • Must have outstanding writing skills to present research/project results in scientific and scholarly formats
  • Excellent (fluent) verbal communication skills in English and Krio. Krio language skill is an added advantage
  • Ability to use computer software programs including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent negotiation and influencing skills.



  • A minimum of a doctoral degree in social sciences or related field
  • Field Epidemiology Subject-Area Expertise preferred
  • A minimum of 5 years teaching experience at a tertiary level
  • Minimum 5 publications in local and/or international peer reviewed scholarly journals.
  • Experience with development of curriculum, preparation of course contents and delivery of didactic training
  • Knowledge of and practical experience in health-related research/project and ethical requirements.
  • Knowledge of and experience in health strategic information management and use


Please email your Cover Letter and Application in a single word format to


This job announcement closes on 26th April 2019


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