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BRAC is one of the largest development organizations in the world, touching the lives of over 120 million people in 11 countries with multiple approaches to poverty alleviation.

Since it’s initiation in 2008, BRAC Sierra Leone has been implementing programmes in Microfinance, Adolescents and Youth Empowerment, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihood, Health and Emergency preparedness and response.


BRAC’s Youth Empowerment Programme works to create impact in improving the lives of adolescents girls and youth (between ages 10-22 years),particularly those who have dropped out of school, might be at risk of teenage pregnancy, or those who already have children and young people with disability, by unlocking their potential through education, life-skills, and livelihood opportunities. Over the past decade this programme has offered close to a hundreds of thousands of adolescent girls the opportunity for a better life through safe spaces, mentorship, life skills lessons, livelihoods training, and micro finance.


Given this context,this project proposes the approaches based on BRAC’s Youth Empowerment Theory of Change (ToC) to facilitate the empowerment of adolescents and young people in Africa is built on 3 interrelated domains, and sets of assumptions that lie behind each of these domains. The 3 domains are: Education, Economic empowerment, and Social empowerment. BRAC’s overarching ToC is based on the assumptions that adolescents and young people, particularly girls, will become strong, confident, economically empowered and resilient: 


“If they have equitable access to quality education either through mainstream systems or alternative learning opportunities, with joyful learning environments that encourage and support them to improve literacy, numeracy, work readiness and employable skills such as through vocational training, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship, and internship”


However, positive changes achieved in the education and economic domains will only be temporary if adolescents and young people remain vulnerable to gender inequality, and unequal power relations that gives rise to gender-based violence, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual and reproductive health problems and other risks such as forced marriage and transactional sex. BRAC believes that adolescents and young people will be able to overcome these social challenges, if they have access to an empowering social ecosystem (community, parental and institutional support) that encourages and enables them to build social networks, acquire knowledge, awareness and skills to think critically and ethically, make positive decisions, solve problems; and have negotiation skills and access to health including SRH, education, financial, psychosocial and legal services.  Additionally, quality education, and improved social and economic skills will lead to healthy attitudes, choices and engagement in safe and dignified social and economic activities, increased income with control over income, and ultimately contribute to young people’s social and economic empowerment.

The key strategies of BRAC’s Youth empowerment approach are:  

Safe spaces/clubs: Based on years of experiences and proven success, BRAC uses their tested platform known as “ELA clubs” to organize adolescents girls and youth at the community level. ELA clubs are safe spaces in the communities where adolescent girls and young women come together; build social networks, share real life experiences, joys, and sorrows. Leading by trained mentors, through ELA clubs, participants receive life skills training, literacy including financial literacy, numeracy and different types of livelihood trainings as per participants’ needs and local market demands.

Men and Boys’ Engagement: While ELA clubs are designed for girls and young women, recognizing the critical roles of men and boys, BRAC emphasizes their engagement as one of the key strategies for social and economic empowerment of young people in Africa. 

Community Mobilization: Community level awareness raising--through innovative SBCC (Social and Behavior Change Communication), mass media, engagement of parents, community leaders/local elites and CBOs to create an enabling environment for adolescents and youth. 

Skills for wage- and self-employment: Building on experience supporting girls and young women to develop and grow their businesses with training, equipment and microfinance, with the  primary focus vocational training support, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship, and internship for both young women and men based on assessment of markets and engagement with employers.

Education: Alternative education and support for mainstream education primarily targeting girls who have dropped out of school but have strong potential to pursue either primary or secondary education and beyond based on experience with accelerated learning and scholarships programs. Basic literacy and numeracy support also provide to the out of school girls to help them enhancing their understanding on the life skills issues and financial literacy as well. 


Partnership is central to BRAC’s Youth empowerment approach, and a key element of BRAC’s Africa Strategic Plan (ASP). BRAC’s Africa Strategy emphasizes working in partnership across all programs. As such, partnership Strategy has been identified as one of our country office priorities with the aim to develop a strategic framework and systems that strengthen our partnerships with grass root organizations, government, civil society organizations, and the private sector. BRAC aims to improve their communities in inspiring and innovative ways, through collaboration with network of partners to bring innovative change. This we believe will augment our global partnership principles, and can effectively contribute to our strategic direction and support in the empowerment of children and youth in Sierra Leone. 

Application Process:

BRAC is therefore seeking competent and reliable local organizations with experience in youth empowerment programming to send in an expression of interest (EOI) for partnership. Please fill the EOI application form and submit together with a cover letter. This will guide us in the assessment process. Interested organizations should submit a cover letter, completed EOI form and all relevant documents to: The Fundraising and Partnership Manager, BRAC Sierra Leone, 174Wilkinson, opposite Freetown supermarket or Submit online to:


Please submit your completed expression of interest to: The Fundraising and Partnership Manager, BRAC Sierra Leone, 174Wilkinson, opposite Freetown supermarket, Freetown. OR Submit online by  17th. July, 2019.


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