National Competitive Bidding 

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Procurement of Works 

National Competitive Bidding 

Post Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund (PERSIF) 

Ministry of Social Welfare, (MoSW). 

Construction Works for Health and WASH  facilities in communities in five districts. Invitation for Bid  

(National Competitive Bidding – NCB) 

Post-Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund (PERSIF), Ministry of Social Welfare  (MoSW). 

Date of Issue: 13th April, 2022. 



The Post-Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund (PERSIF) Project of the Ministry of Social  Welfare (MoSW) has received a Grant from the African Development Bank, (AfDB) in  partnership with the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) Trust Fund has 

approved a grant to support the Post Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund (PRESIF) Project in  Sierra Leone for the period September 2019-December 2022.  

Requirement: Construction Works for Health and WASH Facilities in Communities in five Districts as  stated below: 


Procurement Reference:  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/BOM/01/3/04-2022 – Gbendembu Chiefdom – Lot 1 MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/BOM/02/3/04-2022 – Gbendembu, Shafroko Limba, Gbanti and Magbaimba – Lot 2 Chiefdoms: 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/BOM/03/3/04-2022 – Mapaki, Shebora, Bombali Sherray and Makari  Chiefdoms – Lot 3 


Procurement Reference: 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KAI /01/4/04-2022: Njaluahun Chiefdom – Lot 1 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KAI/02/4/04-2022: Peje West, Luawa, peje Bongre and Kissi Tongie  Chiefdoms – Lot 2 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KAI/03/4/04-2022: Jawie Chiefdom – Lot 3 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KAI/04/4/04-2022: Jawie and Mandu Chiefdoms – Lot 4 


Procurement Reference: 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KEN/01/4/04-2022: Lower Bambara, Nongowa & Malegohun chiefdoms – Lot 1  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KEN/02/4/04-2022: Nongowa chiefdom – Lot 2  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KEN/03/4/04-2022: Dama chiefdom – Lot 3 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/KEN/04/4/04-2022: Dama and Tonkia chiefdoms – Lot 4 


Procurement Reference: 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/PTL/01/3/04-2022: Konta line (Masimera chiefdom) – Lot 1 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/PTL/02/3/04-2022: (Konta line, Masimera, Koya, Maforki, Marampa and  Tinkatopa chiefdoms) – Lot 2 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/PTL/03/3/04-2022: (Kaffu Bullom, Kamasondo, Bake Loko, Bureh,  Lokomasama and Kasseh chiefdoms) – Lot 3 


Procurement Reference: 

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/WR/01/4/04-2022: Ward A – Lot 1  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/WR/02/4/04-2022: Ward B – Lot 2  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/WR/03/4/04-2022: Ward C1 – Lot 3  

MoSW/CW/NCB/PERSIF/WR/04/4/04-2022: Ward C2 – Lot 4 

Bidding is open to all competent National Contractors with a valid Contractor’s Classification Registration  Certificate (Class two (2) or better) from the Ministry of Works and Public Assets, Sierra Leone. Interested bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document at the office of the  Team Lead, Project Fiduciary Management Unit (PFMU), Ministry of finance, 13 Howe street Freetown between 9.00 hours and 16.00 hours on week days (Monday to Friday only – excluding public holidays).  Email:  

Tel: +232 76 672186. 

Bidding documents shall be purchased upon payment of a non-refundable fee of SLL 1,500,000.00 (one  million five hundred thousand Leones) only. All payments for purchase of the Bidding document should  be made to the bank account with details below:  

Bank Name: Bank of Sierra Leone
Account Name: Integrated Projects Administration Unit
Account No: 0112007773
BBan No: 000001011200777354
Address: 24 Siaka Stevens St, Freetown.

PERSIF upon receipt of proof of payment shall provide both printed and soft copies to the Contractor. Every Bidder is allowed to submit a Bid for not more than two (2) lots. 

Bids MUST be clearly marked and delivered to the address below on or before Twelve Noon (12:00)  of Thursday, 19th May 2022.  

The Team Lead 

Project Fiduciary Management Unit (PFMU) 

Ministry of Finance of the Government of Sierra Leone 

Ref: (details of the Lot under “description of works” stated above) 

Tel: +232 76 672186 

All bids must be accompanied by: 

a) A valid Business registration certificate 

b) Bid Security as stated in paragraph 5 above for each Lot and from a reputable  Commercial Bank; 

c) A valid Contractor’s Classification Registration Certificate (Class two or above only)  from the Ministry of Works and Public Assets 

d) A valid Local Council Registration certificate 

e) A valid NRA tax clearance certificate; 

f) A valid NASSIT clearance certificate; 

g) A signed Integrity Pact; [see attached

h) Evidence of similar contract performed in the last five (5) years  

i) Priced Bill of Quantities  

j) Signed Bid Form 

Bids will be publicly opened on Thursday, 19th May 2022, in the presence of the bidders’  designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend, at the address below. Please note,  late bid (s) will be rejected and returned unopened by PERSIF.