RFQ-Request for Quotation – Purchase of 4WD Vehicle-New or Second

June 13, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


Call for Tender Terms of Reference 


RFQ: Purchase of 4WD Vehicle-New or Second (within a price range of $ 28,000 to $ 33,000 including taxes)
Procurement Process:  RFQ-Request for Quotation 
Office:  Solthis-SL Office-1The Maze off King Street Wilberforce-Freetown-SL
Deadline for Submission of quotation  15th July 2022
Reference Number:  0012022



Solthis is an international medical NGO, it aims for improving access to health care for population living in  resources limited countries by helping to strengthen health systems in countries where Solthis operates. Solthis has settled its office end of 2011 in Sierra Leone. 

Sealed tenders are invited from experienced and reputed companies in the field of automobile to submit quotation for Vehicle, as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ. 

When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached here to as Annex 1. 

Signed and stamped quotations may be submitted via email or in sealed envelopes on or before 17:00, 15th July,2022 please see email and office address below: 


1 The Maze off king Street, Wilberforce 


C/o Martha KAMARA, Solthis-SL Administrative and Finance Manager 


And Franck AMAHOWE, Solthis-SL. Medical Coordinator – medicalofficer2.sl@solthis.org 

It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the  deadline. Quotations that are received by Solthis after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall  not be considered for evaluation. 

Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the above-mentioned goods.

Delivery Terms  Vehicle shall be customs cleared
Customs clearance, if 

needed, shall be done by

By the supplier
Value Added Tax on Price 

Quotation (eg GST)

Must be included in the cost of the quotation 
All documentations, including 

catalogs, instructions and 

operating manuals, shall be 

in this language

Documents to be submitted  Latest Business Registration Certificate ; 

Manufacturer, year of manufactured, model of the  offered Vehicle 

Detailed additional technical Specifications of the  proposed vehicle (with brochure of a photo of the  vehicle) 

Details on warranty conditions

Payment Terms  100% upon complete delivery of goods 

Payment to local companies can be made in SLL/USD/ EUR according to bank rate at the date of payment

Solthis will award to:  One and only one supplier


1 The Maze, Off King Street,  Wilberforce, Freetown, Sierra Leone 

T é l. : + 2 3 2 7 9 7 4 9 0 4 5 

 w w w . s o l t h is . o r g  c o n t a c t@ s o l th is . o r g 

Annexes to this RFQ  Specifications of the Goods Required (Annex 1)
Contact Person for Inquiries  Foday Conteh 

+232 78 03 24 47 

Logistic Officer – logisticassistant.sl@solthis.org Martha Kamara 

+232 76 42 48 30 – admin_fin.sl@solthis.org 

Administrative and Finance Manager –


Annex 1 

Technical Specifications

Items to 



Qty  Description / Specifications of Goods  Latest  


Date of vehicle 

4WD Vehicle  Engine capacity: minimum 4.0 Diesel  Vehicle has to be available for  test once quotation is  


4 Cylinders, manual or automatic transmission
4-wheel drive
Power Steering
Minimum 5 seats, including driver
Air conditioner, heating
Vehicle must be left hand driving wheel
Minimum 5 doors
Radio and CD player
Power windows 
Air bags
Spear wheel 


1 The Maze, Off King Street,  Wilberforce, Freetown, Sierra Leone 

T é l. : + 2 3 2 7 9 7 4 9 0 4 5 

 w w w . s o l t h is . o r g  c o n t a c t@ s o l th is . o r g