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No matter where we happen to find ourselves, life has a purpose.

People may stop helping you, but do not stop helping yourself . Always believe you can achieve whatever it is you dream of and work towards it sacrificing your time and energy. Life has a purpose, you are not a mistake, you are a purpose. If you do not like who you are today, take a step further and be the change.

Digesting the Statistics of Workplace Stress

Please be informed that will be having an open house on 28th February, 2014 at no. 20 Old Railway Line, Brook fields, Freetown.

We hope to see you guys there and will be expecting questions and comments from you. will be having an open house on Friday between the hours of 3-4 pm. Job seekers can come around to ask questions about the service and also learn from the demonstrations that will be presented.

This will all take place at no.20 Old Railway line, Brookfields.

You can call on 088 242424 for more information. Please be there.



The only thing that’s certain in today’s modern workplace is that you can’t rely on anyone or anything—you have to be accountable for your career and to take charge of your life.


The current state of our economy has transformed the workplace and how we manage our careers. There is no longer such a thing as a linear career path. A college degree doesn’t magically turn into a job and an MBA doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a promotion. Even if you get a job, it’s not stable and you won’t be staying with the same employer for life. The rules of the workplace have changed and therefore you must not only understand them, but be able to navigate around them in order to be successful.

The importance of being skilful


It is of paramount importance to stress the skills you are lucky to possess comparing to other job seekers in the interview. Labor market being so tough, it’s a really hard task to persuade a potential employer you are able to be beneficial for their company.

It comes as no surprise that most of the companies search for employees different from thousands of other applicants, i.e. the ones having some unique skills.

Part time job: you are in for challenges


A number of young people studying at school would like to have some opportunity to start working and to get money. The best thing to do in this case is to find a part time job.


If you are going to apply for a job, we recommend you read through these tips:

Bullying & Violence At Work

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work without the risk of getting injured. You should not be threatened, harassed or bullied at work.

If you’re the victim of workplace violence or crime, there’s help available.


What is Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying includes things like:



Find Your Icons

There should be some people or at least one person you would admire. The wealthy one who would inspire you and whom you would set as a lifetime model to emulate. Try to find out what features of character led this person to success, what you need to develop in your own character, what unpleasant features this person has got and what you need to get rid of. Being wealthy, like any other goal, demands strong acts of will and continual working on your personality.