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Sierra Leone Issues First 'State of the Youth' Report


Sierra Leone on Tuesday, the 13th August  launched its first ever "Status of the Youth" report, painting the most comprehensive situation update on youth employment, education, well-being and participation in the development process.

12 Tips For Dealing With A Lazy Co-Worker

Do you work with someone who takes two-hour lunch breaks, makes dozens of personal calls and naps in their desk chair? Perhaps they frequent the restroom or surf the web all day, while you hustle to keep up with your daily workload. It’s not uncommon to come across a lazy co-worker, and they’re not always easy to deal with.

Solutions to Sierra Leone’s Unemployment Problems


First let me start by giving you an overview of what the unemployment situation is in Sierra Leone, and then I’ll list the problems before suggesting possible solutions.

I must however hasten to say that this is just a summary of the entire piece I have written on this subject hence this summary does not contain the entire details of my assessment of the whole unemployment situation nor does it include all the possible solutions.

Stress at Work

Tips to Reduce and Manage Job and Workplace Stress


Finding the Right Career

Choosing or Changing Career Paths

Effective Communication

Improving Communication Skills in Business and Relationships


Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits;

Helping Yourself While Helping Others

By Liz Ryan

I was speaking to a group of soon-to-graduate MBA students recently, and one asked me this: What's the most valuable attribute of a new corporate hire? I had to think for a moment.

"Can we leave out ethics?" I asked. That got a big laugh.

No, I said, what I meant was: Can we assume that the person is highly ethical and then choose the next most critical attribute? Yes? Well, then I'd say: Ownership.