About Candidate

Able to work under pressure to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization and also able to work with teams. I love working a lot and I value my job very much so if am granted this opportunity to work in any organization I promise I will take the organization to a higher level. I take my work seriously despite even if there is too much work load and I also maintain my integrity which my field also teaches me about. I don’t jeopardize with the company’s future even if it cause me to go an extra mile  just to see that the company stand on a solid rock in the future.



Banking and Finance 2021

My field of study teaches me the operations of banks and how fund is been handling appropriately and not mishandling and also the disbursement of funds in the financial institutions 🏦

Banking and Finance 2019

It also entails the credibility of banks and how financial institutions manage the welfare and disbursement of funds.

Work & Experience


As a marker my job is to the public and advertise the product or the institution in order to gain population into that institution or to get a lot of buyers


Integrity and professionalism