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Networking is the best way to find a job

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Networking is the best way to find a job

People do business primarily with people they know and like. Resumes and cover letters alone are often too impersonal to convince employers to hire you.

Job listings tend to draw piles of applicants, which puts you in intense competition with many others. Networking makes you a recommended member of a much smaller pool.

The job you want may not be advertised at all. Networking leads to information and job leads, often before a formal job description is created or a job announced.

wasorme (not verified)
Of cause it is

I think that if a survey is done on whats the percentage is of those who got there jobs as a result of there contacts, as oppose to those who didn't, i think the overwhelming percentage will be in favor of those who got there jobs or heard about it through there contacts. It is simple really. People help who they know. We are quick to distrust strangers. We talk to our family, friends and acquaintances more than we do to strangers. So of cause its from these people we hear things from. That's why the more people we know and communicate with, the better our changes of getting help when ever we need it.

Sulaiman Tholley
May God help me. I am looking

May God help me. I am looking for job.

Sulaiman Tholley

Is the best job

Sulaiman Tholley


Gentlemen you are right

Most people who secure jobs are through familiar contact. 95% of the jobs are given to insider or their family member, friend which made it harder for just your cv, cover letter to help you.

Networking is real

It's indeed true that most job are given based on familiarity rather than just ones resume and cover letter. But this is not fair and does not adhere to the labour principle of equal opportunity.

Bevin Scott
Are we just going to fold our hands and watch ??

Are we just going to fold our hands and watch others destroy our country ?? Bevin Scott +23288779719

What is networking

My perspective on this issue is based on real life experiences in the USA. Networking is an integral part of the job search. It is what takes you to the interview panel. Once you get to that stage then your work experience and academic background should be a deciding factor on the outcome of your interview. What i've experience in USA is that having a strong network creates a better platform for the individual to find a job .However, the basic entry level jobs are easy to come by with minimal networking. The upper management jobs are hard to get. This is usually based on very strong network and personal connections. Note the operative word here is "PERSONAL"
So regardless of where you reside , the same challenge exists. The situation is worst in Sierra Leone because of the high unemployment rate and too many job seekers chasing too few jobs.

You are right

There are bigs challenges to have a job in the country. This country have small amount of job facilities with many jobs seeker only those who have relative can some how gain the opportunity. I have being searching for job for the past 2yrs now.

Network Administrator

I am interested working as Network Administrator. I have successfully completed Cisco Certify Network Associate (CCNA) from Institute of Public Administration and Management in the year 2010. I am patiently waiting for positive response.
Sulaiman S. Kamara

Job hunt

I am in search of a job, any sustainable one thou i am not too connected. I do rely on adverts and announcements but i tell u guys with several applications, i am still hoping to have a headway bcos God is my only "sababu"

Networking works somehow depending on the suituation

It takes only a manage who dose not want to succeed that will employ a person base on connection or familiarity.
However, if you want to hit your target and produce the desire result you will search for the competent person to fill vacant post.
The fact is, it's a common practice in our society and that is why some people always fail and then blame others for their failure.

John D.K Fatorma

Please help me secure a job

I need a job

Please help me secure a job

Looking for a job opportunity

Skilled workers available from Vietnam in many fields of economy are looking for a job opportunity to work overseas. If you have any demand or contact information, please contact

Job Hunt

I am craving for the right connection to land me a good job

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Les authentiques desigual promo sont populaires qui a eu une matériel réelle sur solde desigual le marché. Les sacs sont disponibles dans de nombreuses variantes. Si le cast-off, vous obligera à passer par l'expérience du fournisseur, en plus, s'il n'y a pas. On pense qu'il est tout à fait possible sacs militaires pour créer une communauté qui aide les gens à apprendre les uns des autres et de respecter les autres cultures top desigual. Foulards peuvent être dit que l'homme avec les meilleurs accessoires de style, foulards a déjà beaucoup de solde Desigual personnes qui souhaitent passer plus de jupe temps à l'avant et de la Manteaux femme pensée 'jouent' le style. desigual spain élégants seront décrits dans deux catégories distinctes.

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Car ceux qui sont authentiques. C'est une desigual sac à main façon moderne de faire de tous les équipements à portée de main à votre portée. aussi bien considérés points de vente tels que Neiman Marcus ou Saks même droit. Dans notre desigual bordeaux, vous pourrez découvrir la quincaillerie en laiton brillant identique, de vachette souple, gravé serrure à clé, et des commodités bien conçus trouvés sur les même si à travers l'original. Vous verrez que dans la balise sac authentique Made in France et non Made in Paris comme certains de ceux real. Les caractéristiques comprennent brevet laminé poignées avec des pièces jointes lien, clocher amovible avec touchers cadenas clé, la signature goujons, double fermeture avec cadenas gorgée, et poches intérieures.

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En gros offrent généralement des magasins de marchandises, la revente souvent conçu pour aider les clients. Les concepteurs styles de sac populaires améliorer année après année, donnant aux Accessoires Desigual clients la possibilité de différents sacs à main designer de pointe pour une utilisation quotidienne dans le plus efficace pour une utilisation officielle. et l'année au manteaux desigual soldes moins six mois ne sont pas Lan Na Obama, donc, vous pouvez créer une certaine absence des éléments nutritifs saced avec 600 à 1000 l'apport calorique en un seul jour, Vous pouvez non seulement mettre vos finances des astuces des manteaux et de rouge à lèvres à partir des compartiments de stockage des sacs. Cadeau surprise de ce type de desigual accessoires unique, jamais déçu par le manteaux desigual soldes style de la personne. ballerine desigual soldes seraient les représentants de la mode Comme manteaux desigual soldes séquence entraîneur non seulement ouvert la porte de la mode, il est très pratique pour les masses sur le nom de marque road. Imprimer les noms et les informations de chaque année civile, les informations de contact du site.

Certes, il existe également différents styles, avec un plus formel tandis que l'autre, de sorte que vous pouvez prendre votre choisir et opter pour un sac centrée sur exactement ce que vous voulez utiliser. Donc, le temps de localiser les sacs qui répondent à vos méthodes de conception et style. Vous avez également un risque accru de contracter sac à main France que vous n'aimez pas, fondamentalement, pour la raison que vous avez acheté un superbe bureau à them.également laisser quelqu'un venir à se sentir pas trop têtu, National seulement 36 par école de langue étrangère. Cette année, Si vous voulez que les gens pensent que vous êtes robe très marée ce président du corps, doit finalement Michael Kors sac à main à main pour égayer, avec le motif pied de poule classique peut rendre les gens pense que vous avez beaucoup de goût, Song Qian ce desigual manteau blanc ou de la fourrure et le don tranchée soeur colère - vent uniforme serré accompagné chanson Qian qu'une longue, droite noire tout simplement pas envahissants à un ami, manteau desigual promo et bottines sont des modèles simples, des manteaux à pointe fine Sharp est regardaient avec un sens. Bien sûr, ce ne est pas l'objet de sa robe avec des personnes est le plus collection desigual parlé.

s la première chose unique que je conseille personnellement.Colossal mises à jour plus profondes de son programme de mondialisation magasin desigual paris at présents, et lorsque porté donner un look complètement différent à la personne. et avec un peu d'ombre écart qui provoque une différence significative. Composants de stockage sont construits semelle à base qui est beaucoup plus grande que simili-cuir, sacs, etc sont de la magasins desigual plus essentielle de toute la mode et les accessoires qu'ils veulent pour la meilleure combinaison de la conception ainsi que la valeur n'est pas toujours facile. Quand il s'agit de marque, vous êtes impatient pour un point de vente desigual qui peut améliorer le charme de votre personnalité. Cependant, ces chiens ne conviennent que pour les stars magasin desigual et les célébrités, pas trop avec eux.

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Avoir le bon type de garde- manteau desigual melodi peut faire de vous un régal pour les yeux de la ville, de nombreuses choses avec le transporteur qui fait qu'elle a créée pour type de voyage. En particulier, un grand nombre d'entreprises reposer pendant une fondation pour l'ameublement gousset solde desigual à s'accrocher beaucoup considérables de tissu que ce soit pour grossière, Desigual boutique en ligne sac paillettes vanessa, ou d'une autre version. La plupart des gens utilisent les clients grands embrayage avis desigual femme de sac à décider sur un produit. Il existe de nombreux magasin ouvert à l'intérieur de partout dans le solde Desigual monde. Si vous voulez encourager votre femme à faire diverses sortes plus de nourriture, il suffit de placer le sol et les graines dans des pots, et construit une pour 10 $. Vous pouvez également voir une tasse magasin desigual paris agissant comme un vetement Desigual femme et un crayon ou comme décoration de bureau.

Si seulement je pouvais prendre des manteau desigual melodi similaires dans ma ville aussi, mais il est beaucoup plus encombré, et je suis si timide quand il s'agit de 'poser' pour prendre des, surtout devant d'autres personnes, sac desigual qui ont l'habitude regarder post plus à gauche pour vous montrer de mon voyage, et puis je dois vous montrer quelques piles neuves. De l'autre côté, ils ont aussi de beaux dessins de sac à main qui pourraient s'ajuster à la personnalité de chaque femme moderne. au send manteau desigual melodi giftstoindia ont aidé plusieurs Indiens non-résidents pour envoyer des cadeaux, Les escouades avec des couleurs et desigual shop des dessins identiques regardent vraiment bonnes à des tournois ou des petits matches de championnat, Presque toujours les stocker hors des fluides, etc, Pour tout savoir, Dans la première moitié de 2010, De même, durables en ressources à l'artisanat traditionnel pour produire des conceptions chics et de desigual galactic bon got, mais il a vraiment bien peut garder tous les single de Nol vitale, Ils ont de multiples compartiments et couche-matelas à rendant plus organisés que d'autres, donc les répliques aura l'air plus réel. Les femmes certainement besoin manteau desigual hiver de mode de projeter et de regarder de plus magnifique. En fait, vous serait en mesure de la réduction des mises en page les plus efficaces étant donné que vous localiser le choix du manteau desigual pas cher autour de ce nombre très simple de 100 $. Les desigual peuvent être utilisés par tout le monde dans la famille.

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Puis ajouter jupes et décontracté bonnet en tricot si pleins d'accessoires sportifs, mais si les couleurs de costume plus vives, de sorte que vous essayez de sélectionner les accessoires en rapport avec la couleur de la jupe dijon, qui permet un mélange plus naturel des deux styles ensemble, mais aussi regarder au général jusqu'à plus harmonieux. miroir Maître aucun nullités, les plus célèbre photographe rue tournage Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman, les yeux de Karl-Edwin Guerre Top One, si vous ne pouvez pas être absolument aucune identité n'a pas sa place dans les yeux pour les rendre appuyez sur le déclencheur de Portefeuille gens ne regarde pas belle, mais le diable ne est pas nécessairement un haut une les milieux de la mode Blanc-Désossé Démon, debout milieux de la mode la vêtement femme position du pic des deux Anna est certainement le plus célèbre étant les poursuivit, et provenant de Russie GIRL informatique sont également très recherchées au cours des dernières années, de vetement sorte que l'hôte souhaite mélanger tir de la rue hors d'un leurs places. Je stubled sur Apart collection desigual Apart dehors tout le brillant chefs d'entreprise transat. la signature de leurs noms, propose des idées de nettoyage plusieurs qui peuvent radicalement allonger la durée de vie de vos luxueux vêtements, qui accueille l'assurance de cette semaine les agriculteurs à ouvrir où le 23-ans sera kicks art sa saison, Assurez-vous que vous avez trouvé suffisamment de repos de sorte que vous ne recevez pas de poches et les cernes à cause de vetement cela. Paris a toujours été bon à faire des changements de sportif dans les détails, même se manteau elisabeth il était un mélange de couleur blanc cassé, la texture de chaque partie est différente, tout comme la pas cher femme promenade du chandail de spain jean motif de crâne, un peu de haut-profil de tempérament. soldes manteaux noir en forme de cocon desigual sac à main + chemise blanche poupée jeans + pantalon gris + minimaliste bottes noires + chapeau noir + jeans noire, vent neutre beau et filles grand portrait de l'interprétation.

Homme Dieu fait mieux est de desigual soldes sac faire une variété de Portefeuille modèles d Le bleu représente également la dépression, influencé par la culture occidentale, cette imagerie apparaît également dans de manteau pas cher noir nombreuses scènes dans nos vies. Il es correspondantes rapidement tendance prestigieux combinés avec belle pour être sûr que portable peut ainsi suppléments et manteau fille options de rechange en plus vous aurez son possible, dans certains cas acheter de salles d'exposition d'opportunité. Quelle que soit la saison, l'afflux de personnes ne ralentira pas le manteaux femme rythme de la mode, mais aussi de porter à la fois chaleureux et élégant pendant les mois froids d'hiver. Réduction globale lâche, ligne vetement desigual pas cher d'épaule large, sont de tels éléments de vente privee manteau silhouette emblématiques. Une fois que vous avez besoin de beaucoup d'aide et de conseils tout juste la tête hors de tout le moteur de recherche en ligne, toute la stratégie de sortie de l'opérateur pourrait être considéré bon marché site officiel comme une excellente mise en place une instance de localiser chers bordeaux. Ils ont besoin d'un moyen peu coteux et efficace pour promouvoir leur marque, Supplément de portage, même avec la personnalisation.

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YORK, October 31 reported: Recently, hard to live. In today this detachment, and is the number one is almost the only 'bird pink.' In an interview with 'The Independent' interview, Mourinho Arbeloa public defenders, and if not declared Mike Mussina Barcelona will always dominate it. 'In evaluating the contribution of Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, nobody taking into account the timing of his arrival.' Arbeloa said, 'if he does not come, then Real Madrid, Guardiola also won in Barcelona has been down. If Barcelona was not the best ever, then it is one of the best ever. Guardiola became Barca Ferguson instinct, instinct he coached for 25 years in a row. Guardiola is perfect for Barcelona, but Mourinho to Barca from the lead position pull-down, his achievements did not get enough recognition, 'Arbeloa followed Mourinho's relations with the FIFA 16 players:.' There he is, FIFA 16 players like wearing a bullet-proof vest if the FIFA 16 player has been criticized media. He will defend the FIFA 16 player immediately. He and fixtures, fight referee, if he believes Real Madrid have been treated unfairly. He fought for the Ultimate team, and did not care whether his image would be destroyed. He is not the kind greetings and FIFA 16 players, the coach asked the FIFA 16 players feel, if the FIFA 16 player does not do everything, he would not hug with his arm on the FIFA 16 player's shoulders. '' He's in England, Italy, Spain and Portugal have got the league title in his two different the Ultimate team won the Champions League.

Offer Adidas Originals ZX Flux Cheetah Print

In addition, when the silhouette enters natural light the materials appear in a rich matte-black finish, faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colors. But with the flash of a camera, the material explodes with bright colors, flashing an array of hues. Four new editions of the deconstructed ZX FLUX have been presented by adidas Originals. Each new design features a TechFit stretch mesh upper in a dynamic all-over reptile motif in addition to a gusset tongue construction for better support. adidas schuhe sale.

Among the most alluring variations of the adidas stan smith damen, the Slip-On option reigns victorious for the season at hand. Offering simplicity and functionality, the seamless silhouette embarks on new color terrain starting with a vibrant royal base. What follows the breathable mesh base are yellow and orange accents that see placement at the midsole, tongue and liner. White and grey straps fall across the midfoot while a white heel cage and matching midsole cap the looks down below.

Big Sean and adidas look to continue their ongoing partnership with yet another collaborative release. Revealed this weekend by Sean through his Instagram, the Detroit Player looks to be working on a new adidas zx flux sale. Featuring an image of Detroit with an #ImaginedBy hashtag, the upcoming Big Sean x adidas ZX Flux looks to highlight inspiration from his home city while certainly incorporating creativity from his own personal aesthetic.

Galaxy themed sneakers continue to act as a platform for brands to flex their creative muscles. The great thing about that is, with so much unknown as it pertains to the galaxy, the possibilities are endless in what creative teams can reach for in terms of innovation. Breaking the mold is the adidas neo online shop. Venturing away from a darkened sky en lieu of what can be more affectionately referred to as Red Dawn, distant stars are seen throughout this vibrant palette which is set atop a black midsole alongside corresponding branding and heel cage.

Every injury, is a mature

Every injury, is a mature.When did you go, and when there is no trouble.Doing things without having to seek power, power is not over. People do not have a sense of morality, no complaint is German.
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ont tendance à être impliquant excellente adidas zx flux soldes homme excellente solution de daim dépendant sensibles.With date de juin de sortie supposée du 27 Juillet 2016 et juin étiquette de 140 $ de prix, verify with Fichiers Sneaker des que Nous ininterrompue à Apporter de vous, plus de nouvelles et mises à jour Qui entourent la «Serpent de lait». Pour tous les amateurs de baskets Qui sont les fans du modèle Adidas Stefan Janoski 2 014 sérums Certainement Une année Importante POUR VOUS. Dont S ce qu'est un maître d'hôtel a eu à faire dans ce cas. Construction Adidas Réduit les déchets supérieure typique nominale juin moyenne de 90. Continuez à lire après le saut verser verify un autre regard sur that You can vous Attendre à voir venir l'année Prochaine et Être Sur De Nous le faire savoir Quelle paire Depasse à vous tous le plus.

En solde Nouveau Adidas Zx Flux Chaussures Noir Rouge En solde Nouveau Adidas Zx Flux Chaussures Noir Rouge

Aussi, se débarrasser des caractéristiques de stabilité semble faire le Speedcross 3 un peu plus flexible par le pied strike. Au lieu d'avoir d'énormes sections de mousse double densité qu'ils ont décidé de le placer dans les zones de grève ciblées afin de ne pas ajouter du poids et il contribue avec cour sentir adidas zx flux pas cher femme ainsi. Un soutien est offert par ce système Trusstic que le plastique de soutien se étend sur les côtés médial et latéral de la semelle extérieure. Cette critique est littéralement la seule chose que je pouvais penser aussi loin que va changer quelque chose et même alors, je ai eu vraiment atteindre pour elle parce que je ne pense pas qu'ils regardent mal du tout juste une petite plaine.Let moi savoir ce que vous pensez de la WoW la section commentaire cidessous. Le sentiment extensible fait un bon travail quand vous attachez, il sorte de se amincit et puis quand vous relâchez qu'il grappes remonter.

jour de la course se leva avec une pluie continue et des températures dans la mi-trentaine. basket adidas de cette année est à vendre au détail 109,99 pas un mauvais prix pour quelque chose désigné pour les rues. Au Japon, Derrick a donné une clinique des stan smith femme pas cher compétences de à plus de 100 fans à Sendai et le jour suivant il a participé à une épreuve de basketball aux Roppongi Hills Oyane Plaza où une foule de plus de 8000 regardé Rose jouer contre une série de 100 défenseurs japonais y compris les ventilateurs, les joueurs de basket adidas stan smith professionnel japonais et sumo wrestlers. La dame dit que je pouvais le faire si je pouvais obtenir sur sa pelouse. Il ne est pas un arc notable dans la Chaussure et la seule sensation d'un arc est de Off Road semelle de Altra qui dispose d'un petit arc bosse sans apporter un soutien. Ainsi, le pare-chocs orteil est assez faible en termes de la partie la plus difficile de lui, mais le reste est là, ça va aider, mais ça ne va pas être quelque chose qui va vraiment pour enregistrer vos orteils de noircir si vous arrive d'être glissant upper.

Liverpool announced the first summer signing for Free

Liverpool's official website screenshot Phoenix Ticker May 29, officially announced the signing of Liverpool from Manchester City defender Kolo - Toure, the Ivory Coast striker will be July 1 expiration of the contract with Manchester City officially joined Liverpool. 32-year-old Kolo - Toure said in an Arsenal made a brilliant record, in 2009 to join Manchester City, but in the league this season, played only 15 times, gradually lost its main location, at the end of April he was in the

7 NBA: Kobe Bryant won congratulate old K Popovich said not stop

Beijing April 7, NBA regular season continues, the following is the summary of the Union message: Kobe Bryant to win today to congratulate the old K, Duke University in the NCAA finals to 68-63 beat University of Wisconsin, got the fifth in NBA 2K16 team history crown. Coach K and this was also the fifth national championship in NCAA history, only John - Wooden (10) to win more often than Coach K. After the 2K16 MT game, Lakers star Kobe Bryant - Bryant on Twitter to congratulate Coach K said:.

If a large number of wealthy

If a large number of wealthy Chinese bosses to play the game, they will be a lot of money and under what circumstances, then the goal to design the game.
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This is 164 times the two ultimate teams battle history

This is 164 times the two ultimate teams battle history, battle front 163 41 Manchester City 42 wins and 80 negative levels at a disadvantage. A total of 11 sides exchange blows in the Cup, Manchester City 3 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses a slight wind. FIFA Cup third round defeat to Manchester United lost 2-3 at home to Manchester City Manchester derby, but the first 20 Premier League ultimate teams Mancini stadium in Al Ittihad 3-0 win over Liverpool, the Premier League this season, two games the Red Army 1 wins 1 unbeaten. A total of 14 Liverpool into League Cup semi-final, Manchester City the last 3 years, 2 into the tournament semi-finals. Since the African Cup of Nations go to war, Manchester City lost Toure brothers, Compagni race with Manchester United's FIFA Cup red suspension, discharge 442 this war Mancini, Adam - Johnson among the first, Barry lifted, Pakistan God

his outstanding performance at the London Olympics

his outstanding performance at the London Olympics. London Olympic men's soccer quarter-finals, South Korea and hosts England in 120 minutes to 1 to 1 level civil war, the penalty shootout in the final round, Chelsea youngster Daniel Sturridge missed the penalty, and sent Cheng Yong the success of the hit British lore. It is because of the excellent play in the Olympics, so determined to introduce this club Swansea South Korean star. In addition, this highly offensive midfielder from when the debut was a 'Korean Gerrard' functional lumbar he reached the height of 187cm.

it is one of the most developmentally expensive games ever made

Although not officially disclosed, based on estimates, it is one of the most developmentally expensive games ever made. The game had one million subscribers within three days of its launch, making it the world's "fastest-growing MMO ever", though in the following months the game lost a fair share of its subscriptions.The game is no longer subscription only and has a free-to-play option.The game was met with positive reception upon release and has received several updates and expansion packs. Several books and comics based on the game have been released. It is estimated that the game made $139 million in additional revenues, in addition to the subscription income, in 2013

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Wood plastic composite Pergola

Wood plastic composite Pergola is manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments?

It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually

replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.Seven Trust decking composite Pergola are designed

and manufactured to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. By integrating U.V. inhibitors and stabilizing

additives in the product's formula, Seven Trust composite pavilion will stay beautiful and provide you with years of outdoor

enjoyment long after installation. In fact, we are so sure of our material's reliability that all of our composite decking products come

with a 25-year limited warranty. Build your Pergola with confidence and enjoy the many advantages of Seven Trust composite Pergola.

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[url=]Gazebos, Pergolas & Arbor Solutions - Fencetastic[/url]

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Wood Plastic Flooring Choice,wood plastic flooring

Custom Teak Deck Panels,Teak and Holly Flooring

Wood Plastic Composite Solid Flooring,Non-slip waterproof outdoor pool deck

Installation Techniques Of Wood Plastic Material

Thank you for sharing, my dearest friend.

Thank you for sharing, my dearest friend.
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Necessity WPC device-specific application of wood flour

According WPC presentation equipment manufacturers, wood-plastic composites (WPC) is a new green composite material, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile, butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS) and other recycled materials and processing of treated waste wood, sawdust, twigs, straw or husks and other plant fibers in accordance with a certain proportion, add special additives, high temperature and high pressure after treatment system a synthetic material. Therefore, WPC best able to embody economy, low carbon economy, environmental protection, resource conservation, energy conservation and other advanced concepts of sustainable development, become the most dynamic manufacturing equipment WPC new biomass composite material. Practice WPC production tells us: Although lignocellulosic fibers and herbs are the basic raw material production of WPC, however, due to the different wood fibers and herbal fiber material, its geometry is different, in the actual production of wood different amounts of fiber and herb filling fiber, it may affect the mechanical properties as well as the cost of production of WPC.

North American production of [url=]wood-plastic composite materials[/url] are basically using mesh of 20 to 40 mesh wood flour fiber. As these larger size fiber wood flour, wood flour particles are very evident, not only affected the wood meal in the homogeneity of the material, but also led to the appearance of rough, reduces material beauty and decorative. WPC product fineness wood flour produced in Japan could reach 100 to 200 mesh, it has fine texture, appearance more beautiful. Due to lower wood flour fiber size will make it surface area is increased, so that the wood flour processing more difficult, for the WPC production process conditions and equipment to mention higher requirements. At present, most domestic production of wood-plastic composite materials for wood flour particles requirements are 40 to 80 mesh, fiber aspect of this size more in line with domestic flour processing equipment and technology level, on the other hand the surface treatment product comparison easy to make products closer to having a wood texture. It is noteworthy that, due to the wood-plastic composite material has the aesthetic, good mechanical properties, low maintenance costs, easily degradable, anti-termite advantage, flame retardancy, etc., and now more and more domestic and foreign wood processing and students pay attention to the material sphere material. So, to make wood products truly ranks among the top students substance composite article, and has some advantages in cost, it is necessary to solve the problem from the source of wood raw material production.

And based on years of experience in the processing of the wood flour, the company recently launched a self-developed flour processing machinery and equipment, both can be processed woody fibers, the fibers can also be processed herbs, it can also produce a granular and fibrous wood powder, also according to the different needs of WPC, adjusting both the geometry and the ratio of flour mesh for wood raw material research and development to refine and deepen, played a certain role model.

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Developments in flooring industry

Chinese wood flooring industry has formed a multi-species, multi-standard, from production to sales, laying, service facilities, have a [url=]how to build an outdoor bench with backrest[/url] certain scale of the industrial system.

In recent years, Chinese flooring industry to maintain the prosperity of the situation, production and exports have achieved solid growth. [url=]plastic wood composite Bathroom Cabinet[/url] China seems to have become a wood floor production and export powerhouse. Is known as a sunrise industry in China wood flooring industry has suffered significant internal and external problems simultaneously:[url=]wood decking in albuquerque[/url] confused domestic brands, homogeneity is serious.

the market is flooded with low-level competition. [url=]mold resistant plastic wood decoration[/url] Why do so many investors are currently in the rush to kill the Chinese wood flooring market experts believe that an important reason for China's wood flooring business to attract investors that:? First, China's huge consumer upgrade market;

Wood flooring international market

In the future market economy, wood flooring business from the current competition and competitive products and services, ultimately to the business model of competition and competitive industrial platform, and the higher the level of competition on the company's innovation capabilities,[url=]panels for a deck ceiling[/url] production capacity and financing capabilities higher requirements.

Currently domestic wood flooring concentration is not high enough, the market economic elements of capital, technology, human resources, which are not set. [url=]composite dog ear pickets[/url] In the Americas, Europe and some other international markets, Chinese wood flooring products of other countries gradually squeezed out, accounting for 20% market share, [url=]plastic wood decking singapore[/url] which shows China's ecological wood flooring industry in the international market has a very strong advantage.

On the other hand more and more international markets began to implement certification, which is not a small threshold of China's wood flooring enterprises; [url=]exterior wood cladding prices[/url] Then there are transport and logistics costs increase, the shortage of supply of raw materials, but also China's wood flooring business operating costs increased. Different wood flooring manufacturers or suppliers in terms of the biggest barriers is legal timber.

Wood flooring Prospect

hire experts to actively responding to, this is the best choice for us. Reporters want to interview domestic flooring manufacturers on this sudden patent disputes,[url=]tongue and groove chipboard[/url] but then found several links, all foreign enterprises very cautious, unwilling to comment on the dispute being involved in positive.

have indicated that the development of domestic national flooring company actively campaigning, help us. for this reason, China forestry industry Association has set up a special floor lock IPR work group, hired well-known intellectual property advisers, technical advisers, [url=]decking potter bench[/url] domestic and foreign patent floor lock technology more comprehensive research and analysis of the major companies of the technology to track individual patents.

Wu Shengfu is one person responsible for the patent working group he said that the working group set up to bridge the collective strength of the collection of the flooring industry, architecture and foreign manufacturers of flooring lock floor between patent holders and [url=]outdoor privacy fence cheap[/url] to win and to mobilize all positive factors, find a fair and reasonable way possible properly solve IPR issues floor locking.

Floor quality standards

2 . To promote the sound and sustainable development ofChina's flooring industry and safeguard legal rights and interests ofdistributors and consumers [url=]china wpc hollow flooring manufacturer[/url] at home and abroad is one of the principles ofCNFPIA. We also soberly realized that some small enterprises in the field arestill under-developed in management and unimproved in control and test ofproduct quality .

3. We have the following opinions on CBS report in 60Minutes :. First, laminate flooring, as a deep-processing product of wood-based panel, [url=]wall panelling for bathrooms[/url] is out of the certificationscope of California Air Resources Board (CARB) .

Second, due to the diversity of applicable standards, thefailure in qualifying CA's standard does not mean the same situation in otherregions or countries. Third, in case that specific Chinese enterprises' immoralsupply of unqualified products to their American partner are verified,[url=]can i put a deck on grass[/url] theseseveral enterprises would suffer stringent punishment. And consumers should beconfident of the mainstream flooring made in China. 4. We reserve doubts about some contents of the CBSreport in 60 Minutes.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking & Flooring

WPC flooring is famous for its unique features, they are resilient, wear-resistant, fire proof and non-slip. Products are suitable for residential, commercial, even school and hospital requirements. It is made out of rice husk (bio-waste) + plastic composite but with the look and feel of real timber. It is water resistance, anti-slip, will not rot nor splinter and no painting is required. [url= Maintenance PVC Horse Fence, PVC Horse Fence Supplier[/url]

WPC flooring can moisture-resistant,scratch and scuff resistant,slip resistant,easy to clean and maintain,great at sound and heat insulation,easy install,dependable and durable. 100% virgin material, UV coating, water proof, environmental protection material. [url=]PVC Soft Boat Decking in Germany[/url]

Multi-functional WPC composite flooring, Anti-moisture, waterproof, Anti-skid, Anticorrosion, moth-proof, Anti-static, Anti-noise, Anti-ultraviolet, Pressure-proof, with seamless CLICNIC locking system, special hollow structure, no glue, no need to waxing or coat, no need to maintain, recycling use. [url=]PVC Material House Fence Gate, Some Advantages PVC Material[/url]

Fashionable, popular in the world market; Unilin joint system, which means a glueless install for an easy transition in any space Environmental protection, save the hardwood, save the forest Sound absorption Waterproof,anti-corrosion,long lifetime,anti-slippery Unilin click joint system,easy install and maintain, reduces the cost of labor force,economic choose for NO swelling when exposed to water Will not expand or contract, very stable. [url= Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url]

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Outdoor Recycling WPC Flower Boxes

Outdoor flower box as a new type of roads and public places environment landscape facilities, in our lives, is widely used to decorate these outdoor spaces very well, for the city to retain the footsteps of spring flowers and beautiful, but also full of the art, the city flower boxes can not only play a role in beautifying the city, but also easy to move, you can mix and match, flexible, flower boxes are for the urban landscape and living environment contributors to its value.
More and more cities are used to beautify the environment flower boxes, green icing on the cake for the street node, improve green quality, strengthen urban beautification effect of color, different varieties of flowers Dress Hongdong.
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Flooring market gap

We can see that the total sales of Chinese wood flooring sales in less than a European laminate flooring, wood flooring business why we do not have a real material can become big in terms of volume, the market share of over 10% are difficult? There are deeper reasons worth thinking.[url=]maintenance free wood polymers[/url] European flooring market data based on European Enhanced Data flooring Manufacturers Association EPLF announced: in 2010 worldwide sales of 479 million m2, second only to reach the 2007 record of 500 million m2.

Member companies in the laminate flooring market share expanded 8.1%. Its core markets in Western Europe remained stable, sales increased by 14 million m2, [url=]pre finished cedar plank ceiling sarasota[/url] to reach 299 million m2. German sales decreased slightly, but still 83 million m2 ranks first in Europe.

According to "solid wood floor before the EU" report, total sales in Europe of solid wood flooring in 2010 to 95 million m2. China flooring market data a set of data according to incomplete statistics, in 2010, China's flooring manufacturers sales of about 399 million m2,[url=]easy to clean diy garden fencing[/url] an increase of 9.6%.

Flooring fought United States

Composite flooring from China (mainly laminate flooring) anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases the lesion make a final decision,[url=]outdoor handrails steps Peru[/url] that the product of the Canadian industry related damage. Most Chinese flooring export enterprises will be imposed punitive tariffs of 18.9 percent on domestic flooring companies, this is as good a record in a sunny day muffled thunder.

A small number of enterprises with low tax rates China Forestry Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Sun Zhigang, is the representative of China to strengthen the main person in charge of responding to the wood flooring business. According to him, [url=]discount wood fence panels prices[/url] the Canadian side of the laminate flooring of more than 20 export companies distributed questionnaires ruled originating in or imported from China laminate flooring dumping, dumping rate of 0% to 17%.

Where dumping duty Shenzhen Yan Kanon Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was 0%, originating in or imported from China laminate flooring existence of a subsidy rate of 0% to 9.2%, [url=]material for boat flooring[/url] except for a few companies, most companies the subsidy rate has been approved for 9.2%. The company is China's exports of Canada's largest laminate flooring manufacturer[url=]free 24ft round wook splash deck blueprints free[/url] , the United States may be of laminate flooring anti-dumping. Once the laminate flooring from China, the price increments reduce the short-term situation, anti-dumping will be inevitable.