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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question not listed here or need additional help, please contact us through our Contact Form

Job Seekers (6)

Very simple, go to the Job Search Page; using the facets (categories on the left of the page ) choose the options that most interest you.
After that's done, click on the "Subscribe using the Job Agent" link at the top of the job advert table. You would be shown a box where you can select how often you want these notifications sent to you. If you are not logged in, you'ld also be asked for an email address.

After applying for a job, you can communicate with the recruiter through the comment form at the bottom of your application. Through this, you can the recruiter can communicate back and forth.

After applying for a job, the decision of you being contacted on not is the recruiter's. The recruiter can contact you  by either one of the following:

  1. Using the comment form located at the bottom of your application
  2. Using your contact details taken from the personal information section of your resume. 

You can apply to job adverts by following these steps:

  1. If you are not already registered on SL Careers, register now
  2. Fillout your resume if you've not already done so
  3. Go to the job post and click on the "Apply" button

You'ld be shown an application form where you can write a brief summary to the recruiter and add attachments like scanned copies of certificates that you might want to send along with your application.

On submitting this form, the recruiter immediately receives your application and its up to the recruiter to contact you


Our job agents allows you to specify the type of job adverts you are interested in and have new adverts matching those type automatically sent to you by email. This frees you from having to execute the same search over and over again.
We are currently working on extending this functionality so that you can receive these notifications by SMS.


Recruiters (5)

You will be automatically informed by email each time your job adverts receives and application. You can view your application clicking on the application link on the main menu or by going to your dashboard


You an the applicant and communicate with each other using the comment form located at the bottom of the applicant's application.

You can also communicate which your applicant's by using the contact details from the personal information section of their resume (which you can now see since they have applied to your job).


SL Careers implements a prepaid credit system that bills recruiters on how much job adverts they post and for how long each is posted for.

This system is much akin to the prepaid system of mobile service providers like Comium and Airtel.

SL Careers credit system was built to provide an efficient, robust and transparent payment means, making absolute the need for recruiters to contact us whenever they want to publish a job advert. This system allows recruiters to post at much jobs advert or for as long as they wish as long as their credit does not runout.


You can buy SL Career's credits by visiting our office, emailing us or calling us. See the contact page for our details


Alternatively, simply contact us and we will manage all aspect of your SL Careers experience for you