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Low Cost Composite Decking Boards

Our Wood Plastic Composite Decking Boards are made from 60% recycled hard wood fibres and 40% recycled polyethylene, bonding agent, additives and tint.
There is no need to paint, seal, stain or waterproof, and is ideal to use wherever durability and weather resistance are required, as it is eco-friendly and long-lasting.
The decking is very hard wearing, does not absorb water, attract mould or fade in colour, and will not rot, splinter, split or warp.
Our Wood Plastic Composite Decking Boards can be worked just like timber using standard woodworking tools and it��s easy to clean and maintain.

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local flooring company

Chinese wood floor spent in "winter". Value 2009 New Year approaching, the face of financial crisis struck the flooring industry and shortage of raw materials, [url=]discount plastic wood decking supplier in australia[/url] the brain drain, a serious reshuffle within the industry status quo and so, what new initiatives and the development of ideas of wood floor should be taken? To date, there are people predicted that there will be half of the enterprises have been eliminated.

However, by 2008 November 18 - 20, the reporter went to China's "solid wood flooring village" - signs of Nanxun spoke to all sound and long-Sheng floor, [url=]plastic windows with woodgrain texture[/url] the World Friends of the floor, and many other business development shows that not only wood floor not as bad, [url=]railing for flower boxes[/url] but there are many good prospects.

Reporters with local flooring industry several well-known brands in charge of the dialogue, the first time they Revealed: Behind Nanxun flooring industry steadily inseparable [url=]plate ikea deck how to treat[/url] collective strategic transformation of local flooring company;

Performance characteristics of Composite Flooring

1, convenient and quick installation, maintenance is simple. When installing the floor with a male buckle female buckle connection, in order to make the two closely adjacent plate after installation, installation can be on the floor joints using a rubber hammer, no need of glue and any nails, plastic grid assembled floor usually four to three hours to complete the venues pavement or lift. Normal maintenance of outdoor water can be used to wash, indoor use mop cleaning, maintenance becomes very low; [url= (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Installation Guide[/url]

2, environmental protection: This product mainly uses the environmental protection material of polypropylene (PP), non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof moisture resistant, not parasitic bacteria, green environmental protection, PP material is food grade materials, safety and health; [url= To Choose The Right Wood Plastic Floor[/url]

3, comfort: new wear-resistant layer design, make the sole time tight ground, non skid and can transfer the power movement strong.

4, Durability: the product of raw materials used for polypropylene (PP) for high strength materials, added with anti ultraviolet radiation, antioxidant, cold and other raw material of modified polypropylene, advantages make the products with pressure, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long service life etc.. High weather resistance, high temperature, damp is not afraid of the sun and rain, beneath the bitter snows, never deformation warping spalling. [url=]WPC Floor Material Solution[/url]

5, It is recyclable material, low maintenance cost, is the best choice for all kinds of outdoor place. Initial construction costs plus zero maintenance fees (only need to rinse clean, without any negative effect.) , the service life of at least 20 years, no fading and deformation.

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WPC flooring environmental deformation

Peanut shells, corn stalks these very common in rural areas of waste, can be processed into a formaldehyde-free [url=]WPC green floor[/url]. Due to the new floor is made of high density, it is difficult to enter the water molecules, thereby ensuring that the floor will not encounter tide deformation.
The greatest feature of this [url=]WPC floor[/url] is free of formaldehyde. Due to solid wood flooring and laminate flooring in the production process must use adhesives, and mainly on the formaldehyde is present in adhesives, which inevitably produce harmful substances. And this is the new floor grinding corn stalks, peanut shells and other materials into powder, then mixed with resin grinding into powder, made of high temperature die, do not use adhesives in the production process.
Now most people think environmentally friendly wood flooring, in fact, consume a lot of forest resources. Wood floors are made from natural trees need felling of trees. And based on the main floor of this new rural waste corn stalks, peanut shells, wood and other plant fibers, raw materials supply is plentiful.

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Geothermal flooring brands

As of 2010, Power Dekor cumulative sales of over 200 million square meters, 15 consecutive years of sales of similar products first. [url=]attach vinyl fence posts to concrete[/url] Power Dekor has become recognized as China's first brand wooden flooring.

The future will gradually enter other areas of home building materials, has become China's most visibility, reputation and loyalty of home building materials brand. Charles Bell floor Zhejiang Boer Wood Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is set research and development,[url=]india wood for outdoor use in construction[/url] production, sales, service as one of the group expertise.

products covered wood, antique, multi-layer, parquet, and strengthen other series. In 2003 the company further optimized through the introduction of talent, [url=]outside floor tiles houses[/url] technological innovation, equipment; independent research and development of pure solid wood to heat the environment for professional double lock geothermal floor, with a set number of patents, to overturn the traditional concept of consumption.

Overall Situation WPC industry

With the people's emphasis on the improvement of environmental resources in waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core cycle model of economic development has become the trend of world economic development. Our country is a populous country with limited natural resources per capita, far lower than in Western countries. Vigorously develop resources recycling technology will be economic development and environmentally sustainable development have a profound impact. The use of waste plastic and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite products, it is a good project to adapt to this requirement.
Domestic research on [url= composites[/url] have also been carried out together, Tangshan plastic Institute, National Defense University, Guangdong University of Technology in the low share of added plant fiber or wood flour have made achievements, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Foton also carried out in this area device development, in addition to Wuxi, Hangzhou and Anhui Mengcheng other places there are companies and individuals to carry out studies in this area. Beijing Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1988, has started cracking waste plastics work, find long-term work, the cleavage is not fundamentally solve the problem of pollution, recycling waste plastics and mechanical methods can solve the pollution problem. Therefore, Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute in plastic filled with wood powder waste a lot of research work in the recipe, special equipment, products, mold design, etc. has achieved initial results.
As people WPC product growing awareness, but also as people WPC continuous exploration, domestic production of wood-plastic composite materials, more and more manufacturers. Whether from the quality of technology, or products, China's WPC has been improving, and rises to a certain level and standard.

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Environmental Health Wood Plastic Composite

Eco-wood and wood plastic composite than wood more environmentally friendly healthier. In the first year just completed material the installation, the product color fades 5-10%, after 15--20 years, there will be no significant change in color, on the other hand, the use of wood products in the whole process has been color change.
We prevent discoloration problems caused by the formation of a long time, a layer of UV cook specially processed on the surface of the product to prevent ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use up to 20 years, long-term outdoor use, although it will fade a little bit, but will not affect the visual beauty, it can be said that ecological wood compared to other building materials, it is not comparable to other products. Wood products customers need not worry fade problem.
WPC product prospects
wood plastic compositein stylish indoor and outdoor decoration a new innovative products.
It is environmentally friendly plates made from wood fibers and recycled plastic, wood-plastic composite material that looks like wood, but it
Waterproof, fireproof, non-toxic, no smell, no formaldehyde, and can be recycled. These ones Make wood products more competitive in the practical application.

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the brand floor market

you have to have excellent real effort." Chen, general manager of the brand floor Gu Guohua think local competition "is already heating up." Last year was called the flooring industry, "Death Year", this argument is also true in many companies who have been confirmed, [url=]making a bench with composite deck board[/url] the World Friends of the floor to the Deputy General Manager Lee told reporters learn, "Although the long-Sheng floor now orders have been overwhelmed, but already in the local industry reshuffle war started quietly.

"when a local Nanxun wooden flooring company visits, reporters heard the complaints of an executive," the prices of raw materials in total,[url=]simple bench diy with a backrest[/url] and the upper reaches of the real estate market downturn, some brands take the floor price reduction strategy.

As a result, we had to sacrifice profits, bite the bullet and markdowns, this way to form a vicious circle. "in this regard, Jiang Xuelin told reporters,[url=]wood railings for concrete steps[/url] and now a lot of business owners have seen the importance of healthy competition.

Seven Trust Plastic Wood Flooring

Seven Trust launched plastic wood flooring environmental philosophy has always refused to environmental hormones, full of phosphorus acid ester (100% phthalate free), material properties make it easy to weave, texture and sound-absorbing effect and natural wood flooring tantamount However, light and texture changes ���� stronger than warm, and both sound absorption, abrasion resistance, easy to clean, non-slip and waterproof function flameproof. In the use of a soft texture, high durability features, enhance the diversity of color lines, suitable for any space. Whether from the mall lobby to clubs, hotels, schools and a variety of open-plan offices can be seen Seven Trust plastic wood flooring. [url= Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats, Synthetic Teak Material[/url]

Seven Trust plasti wood flooring Prominent feature:

1. Green.
2. wear-resisting. [url=]... Backyard Flooring Ideas, Wood Plastic Backyard Flooring[/url]
3. Antibacterial.
4. retardant.
5. sound-absorbing.
6. Elastic.
7. Antistatic.
8. Easy to clean.
9. Prevent slippery. [url=]Faux Teak Boat Decking, Seven Trust Faux Teak Boat Decking Maintenance Free[/url]

Seven Trust plastic wood flooring advantage can meet the needs of different occasions, Widely used in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, business buildings, office buildings, libraries, museums, exhibition hall, stadium, gym, airports, subway stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, nursing home, the elderly activity center, ships, wharf, amusement parks. [url=]ECO Outdoor PVC Fence, ECO-friendly PVC Fence[/url]

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Flooring industry brilliant future

to North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the international market will be another stage of Chinese flooring industry to achieve a new leap. [url=]skid for composite decking for park[/url] Link six major categories floor development (part) 1 solid wood flooring into the 1980s, solid wood flooring began to enter people's lives. By the early 1990s,[url=]composite wood decking dealer bali[/url] to fight the flowers flooring popular market.

To the late 1990s, to the southwest of the center of the wood flooring processing base is formed. Since 2000, there have been many new varieties of solid wood flooring[url=]material for composite bench[/url] , mainly mortise floor (also known as tongue and groove floor).

flat ground plate (also known as flat floor), Mosaicking square floor refers to the floor, vertical wooden floor card buckle flooring and geothermal floors. [url=]plywood boat floor replacement[/url] At present, China is the largest country of solid wood flooring production capacity in the world. 2. Laminate flooring laminate flooring stands for "Laminate flooring."


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Flooring Industry Alliance Road

ecently, the United States of Chinese flooring antidumping and countervailing seen reports of major building materials industry Web site headlines,[url=]wood plastic composite panel Slovenia[/url] the anti-dumping and countervailing investigations A total of nearly 200 Chinese enterprises list, including some flooring companies as well as some export trading company Some familiar flooring brands were included, [url=]stagger composite processing[/url] such as the World Friends of the floor, the rich benefit floor, North maple floors.

Light The scope of the investigation, it may make the flooring industry, raising a "storm" involving an amount much. Peep inside: foreign markets this "storm" when the time comes,[url=]outdoor flooring ideas on top of pavers[/url] in the domestic flooring industry is also affected real estate in 2010, China's real estate market turmoil.

real estate suffered the most severe in the history of the New Deal, the central regulation of the property market policies continue, " three buyers pause ","[url=]build house with composite materials[/url] a room restriction "," the central bank to raise interest rates "have a profound impact on the real estate market, real estate market is the main demand of wood products.

WPC twin-screw extruder with iso

German plastics machinery manufacturer Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Battenfeld Cincinnati) introduced called the production of [url=]wood-plastic composites [/url](WPC) over a new extruder fiberexK72.
According to the company, the different conical twin-screw extruder to yield a wide range, from 90 to 275kg / h, thus only one device may produce different extrusion profiles. This is particularly suitable for the production of many new companies FiberexK72 WPC extrusion process can preblend, PXC and PE poly material with standard closed-loop screw, DC machines and vacuum equipment.
In the WPC Conference (WoodPlasticsConference) 2010 Nian 4 Yue AMI sponsored on, Battenfeld-Cincinnati publicly demo Fiberex72 production of hollow decking profiles can be processed two configurations blend. One is PVC, the other is the PP.

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Features WPC

1. The product has the same processing performance wood, nails, drilling, cutting, bonding, nailed or bolted fixing, the surface smooth and delicate, without sanding and painting, its good paint adhesion, also based on personal like painting.
2. wood products are better than the physical properties, good dimensional stability than wood, without cracking, warping, no wood knots, twill, adding a coloring agent, a coating or composite surface layer can be made of various colorful kinds of products, so no regular maintenance.
3. can be a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other needs, which also includes a variety of design, color and grain products, give customers more choices.
4. The products are fireproof, waterproof, does corrosion, resistant to moisture, will not be moth-eaten, excellent performance not long fungi, acid, non-toxic, pollution-free, low maintenance costs.
5. The product has a similar appearance of wood, plastic hardness than high, long life, thermoforming, high strength, energy conservation.
6. The products are hard, lightweight, thermal insulation, smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic, non-polluting.

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What is the difference Imitation wood and wpc is?

Can be distinguished on the idea, simply Imitation wood is a technical process, wpc is a product.

Imitation wood: can be produced using this technology to produce a variety of products like the appearance of wood, but also can be used as construction site construction programs, such as the housing wall must be Imitation wood decorative construction site.

wpc: use of waste plastics, plant fibers, special additives made by special processing of a new material, in line with the current state of the proposed environmental protection, low-carbon, recycling economy and other topics. Such as the Olympic venue construction with [url=]floor[/url] wpc, wpc doors and windows used in construction, landscape parks and so on.

Environmental characteristics of wpc products: Adhesive-free products, free skinning, no radiation, zero formaldehyde, play no harmful gas release, reduce costs and environmental protection.

Physical and chemical characteristics: noise, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, workability and practicability much better than wood and plastic products. Reach, hard wood standard modular design, light quality and transportation.

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Four trends flooring market development

The floor has become the most important home decoration, floor style elements largely much consumer attention, which will affect the development and sales floor. 2011 Floor increasingly clear market trend, showing a little four major trends:

Trend: Customers gain the trust of consumers
Buy at the lowest purchase price, and the seller can also enhance sales in the short term, to achieve mutually beneficial purposes, and therefore very popular. Inexpensive products are the most favorable, and buy surly give consumers affordable, consumer satisfaction. [url= Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool[/url]

Trends: the full expansion of ground-level market
To break the current impasse flooring market, marketing, two, three, four market is a good starting point. SITA floor flagship store Zhao Bin, general manager of On the Road. Natural flooring distributor Beijing Han Xiao Definitely analyzed, two, three or less urban real estate market bubble less, the market is relatively stable, and therefore the health of the real estate industry will promote the development of the flooring industry. [url= Beautiful Garden Through Flower Box[/url]

Trend three: brand heritage lasting way
At present, the flooring product homogenization serious. As general manager of the nature of the floor said: brand building is the cornerstone of the future business development of the floor, with the quality to the brand heritage. Brands like wine, the longer, is more mellow fragrant. With the enhancement of living standards, people flooring varieties, function and purpose and so have higher and more stringent requirements, the degree of brand recognition is also increasing. Floor brand of the road is the development trend. [url=]... Plastic Benches Supplier & Dealers[/url]

Trend four: 80 leading consumer
Today's consumer market is embracing emerging after 80 consumers. Faced with this group along with the new information age grew up in humans, flooring companies according to their consumption characteristics, launched a new marketing Raiders, launched a series of different styles of products to meet the pursuit of individuality, fashion consumers. Silver building materials market Shun floor Xiajing Li On the Road: Today's young people on the floor color, beauty is more valued, especially 80 after this generation. As a new generation of consumer groups, 80 has become the main target market floor. It is understood that the major home building materials market, many brands have launched a floor with a personalized style of products to attract young people. He is living at home Baroque floor Tsang introduced, like the US and European-style rustic exotic floor more popular with young people. [url= Friendly Synthetic Teak Decking Materials for Boats[/url]

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Flooring division of the Road

Product homogeneity, the need to expand the channels, switching confused proper way to face changing market floor, in the face of a second-tier brand marketing strong brands and other small non-discriminatory competition when, how will occupy a place in a certain area, [url=]garden arbors deck[/url] how location of the potential market in the region through potential advantages and other issues, has become a place in front of many flooring company a long-term "new" issues.

Flooring enterprises not only need to channel sharing, joint resource integration, companies need to seek more innovative, breakthrough development restrictions,[url=]aluminium decking per metre Liverpool[/url] personalized production, business division Wealth.

After a period of adjustment from the property since 2008, wood floor is also affected by some of the impact, a number of small and medium enterprises,[url=]plastic and composite material wood in india[/url] especially small workshop factory, it is difficult to see hope, only uncontrolled reduce costs, it is desirable to carry the "winter" in a crisis.

China WPC leader

The product of advanced production technology, with a number of patented technologies, energy saving and environmental protection, high strength, not easy to change color, anti-moth, easy to clean, good corrosion resistance, nice, etc., and has a ratio of pure plastic and wood preservative products, such as multiplication life and anti-aging properties, plastic and wood preservative products, good alternative products, is widely used as outdoor decoration, garden construction on various occasions, the workshop corrosion engineering, marine corrosion engineering, sanitation facilities.
Grammy superior characteristics of WPC
1 quality, comfort, environmental protection, to lead the new fashion decorative materials;
2 natural wood texture, comfortable surface;
3 without painting, sanding and easy to maintain, easier to clean;
4 excellent corrosion resistance, waterproof, crack, mildew, insects and anti-stain performance;
5 high density, high strength, easily deformed;
6 has nails, sawing, drilling, planing performance can not be adapted to the specifications of the hardware accessories;
7 low-carbon green products, non-harmful chemicals;
8 fully recyclable, no secondary pollution;
9 heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, weather resistance, durable;
10 life is 3-5 times that of ordinary wood products;
More than 11 kinds of colors and choice of surface texture;
12 floors, fences and beams in many different styles optional;
13.30 patents, the international advanced level of technology;
14 countries and vigorously promote environmentally friendly green products and related policy support;
15 fire performance in line with national requirements
16.20-year warranty

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Flooring Industry invisible exports

Export enterprises to abandon this passive behavior of marketing, even though it can meet the requirements of manufacturers of short-term profit,[url=]wood fence per linear foot cost[/url] but inadvertently lost in the modern business enterprise operating in most core competitiveness - brand marketing capabilities, which is the floor of business operations the domestic market is the[url=]hollow core slab manufacturer[/url] most valuable resource.

While export-oriented enterprises into the floor line for many years, has accumulated a wealth of business experience and financial strength,[url=]decoration materials pickets cost[/url] but in the accumulation of brand marketing, the core capability is weak.

therefore, to get consumers through product innovation, marketing innovation and brand preference on export enterprises long way to go.[url=]cheap wood deck singapore[/url] Consumer demand is the fundamental marketing generated floor foundation is established consumer brands, any marketing process from the consumer demand will become meaningless.

Endorsements over the floor

Homogeneity in the product today, whether a company can abandon the exploration of quality of their products, new features, and limited funds to switch to improve the product on the useless star endorsements, whether this is excessive speculation? Who pay for the huge hype? [url=]holly vinyl deck for sale[/url] Huge hype costs come from? Who is to pay for the huge cost of advertising? Wool, after all, is out of sheep.

These huge advertising investment and endorsement fees, after all, is to be attached to each piece sold on the floor, pulled out from the consumer to the pocket![url=]where can wooden flooring for garden in singapore[/url] In 2006 the entire flooring industry market capacity is about 330 million square meters,[url=]wood grain composite door paint[/url] more than 3,000 nationwide sales floor businesses, on average.

a big brand annual sales 300-800 million square meters, and small brands mere tens or hundreds of thousands of square m only. In medium-sized enterprises [url=]composite vs pressure treated decking[/url] annual sales of 200,000 square meters (400 million square meters / 3000), for example, allocated to cost of sales per square meter of floor must be increased 3-8 yuan.

Across the floor and change

Therefore, competition and the integration of the flooring industry has come. According to market research, the traditional solid wood flooring because of [url=]outdoor bench with back plans[/url] its natural beautiful texture and comfortable foot feeling, the majority of consumers, consumers in East China is its more favor for me.

But as the shortage of raw materials, solid wood flooring prices rise, so high-end solid wood flooring gradually by consumers. Laminate flooring because of its artistic variety,[url=]outdoor narra planks[/url] the price is reasonable, it is wide popularity in secondary and tertiary cities. Having a multi-layer parquet wood flooring natural texture, not easily deformed.

both for normal home temperature of surface decoration, but also as a ground floor heating, and moderate prices, it is popular in major cities, [url=]how to create privacy without a fence[/url] and three-wood flooring due to higher prices, that is only part of the consumers. 1. category enterprises to expand from a single to multi-category wood floor wood floor production and sales, such as nature, living at home, Fillinger, Ken Dili Asia, SITA, integrate, Alex, the new oasis, Hongxing, parrot , day grid.

WPC floor will replace the wood floor

China is a timber resource-poor countries, due to the excessive felling of trees, green barrier destruction, dust storms intensified, recycling of resources and protection of the ecological environment more and more attention, which is the development WPC flooring products to create a very good the larger environment. [url= Eco-Friendly Decking, DIY Decking Idea[/url]

WPC floor, as the name suggests is a combination of wood and plastic with waste plastic and waste wood, etc., agriculture, forestry, plant fiber made of straw base, while maintaining solid wood flooring affinity, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, fungistatic, anti-static, anti-moth, and other functions. WPC floor are quietly popular, it is low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable use conquered hearts of many consumers, some experts assert that the future WPC floor will replace the solid wood flooring, flooring industry has become the trend of the new trend. [url= Flooring Material, Wood Plastic Flooring for Home Decoration[/url]

China is a timber resource-poor countries, due to the excessive felling of trees, green barrier destruction, dust storms intensified, recycling of resources and protection of the ecological environment more and more attention, which is the development WPC flooring products to create a very good the larger environment. Meanwhile, WPC floor recyclable, carbon can be a real sense of environmental protection, ecological WPC material can be recycled to regenerate. For consumers, WPC floor an energy-saving and environmental protection products, not only can control harmful emissions, but also to do so on the ground waterproof. WPC floor will replace the wood floor. [url=]WPC Flooring Into Your Homes[/url]

Experts believe WPC floor is a new material detection, in line with people's pursuit of circular economy, promoting low-carbon environmental protection purposes, can be used in landscape, interior and exterior decoration, flooring, fence, flower boxes, pavilions and other places, WPC floor will become future trend where, in the building materials commonly used in home decoration. [url=]WPC Material Floor, Wall panel, Fence, Outdoor furniture[/url]

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Features WPC

1. The product has the same processing performance wood, nails, drilling, cutting, bonding, nailed or bolted fixing, the surface smooth and delicate, without sanding and painting, its good paint adhesion, also based on personal like painting.
2. wood products are better than the physical properties, good dimensional stability than wood, without cracking, warping, no wood knots, twill, adding a coloring agent, a coating or composite surface layer can be made of various colorful kinds of products, so no regular maintenance.
3. can be a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other needs, which also includes a variety of design, color and grain products, give customers more choices.
4. The products are fireproof, waterproof, does corrosion, resistant to moisture, will not be moth-eaten, excellent performance not long fungi, acid, non-toxic, pollution-free, low maintenance costs.
5. The product has a similar appearance of wood, plastic hardness than high, long life, thermoforming, high strength, energy conservation.
6. The products are hard, lightweight, thermal insulation, smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic, non-polluting.
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Flooring for the Beijing Olympics

In China, only the wooden floor to extend the range of applications from interior decoration to the open landscape. Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area due to extensive use of the surrounding wood floor coverings, scenic trails, bridges and parks the size of the platform, it is particularly delicate high-grade, and full of natural flavor.
Although it was suggested that it consumes a lot of wood, whether too extravagant? But they have explained that these landscapes wood embalmed, non-perishable, longer service life, it is quite economical; so the opposition is not great. Later, flower beds and other facilities on the road with wood production is also increasing. However, in the scenic West Lake, Xixi Wetland, Peace Plaza, Fangjie, Lei Feng Tower and other famous attractions. Twenty-three historical landscape construction used in the wood preservative has begun to rot, cracking, warped, insects, black. Some spots from last year began large-scale replacement of wood rot. Hangzhou Huanglong Ya Court, luxury real estate Deck, roads used wood began to rot, replace. "October" Golden Week just passed, there Hangzhou people and overseas visitors to the newspaper reflected a number of scenic spots in Hangzhou and some public places used by rotting floors, warped. This gives the beautiful West Lake scenery bring regret, but also a substantial increase in the maintenance costs of the resort. The growing number of how to deal with rotting wood, but also landscape management and environmental protection departments to solve a pressing issue. The problem in a foreign country and there are no good solutions.

In the wood supply, high prices situation, or significantly reduce the use of the open landscape of wood, or find a new alternative to wood materials.

For the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in China, this matter there is a double pressure. Olympic venue construction requires a lot of wood, if you use all the logs, the cost will be very high; on the other hand, in terms of the use of environmentally friendly building materials, the International Olympic Committee for the Beijing Olympic Games have certain requirements. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to invite relevant experts and companies held a "seminar WPC to the Olympics' conference in Beijing. WPC samples Zhejiang New Insight Industrial Co., Ltd. to bring, so Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee officials and experts is very happy. By the Chinese Academy of Forestry Wood Industry Research Institute, the Institute of Energy Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Environment, Materials, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Polymer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Institute for New Materials and other vegetable fiber materials experts field validation, participating with other company's products compared Zhejiang product more in line with quality, environmental protection and other requirements.

[url=]WPC[/url] is a new environmentally friendly building materials in recent years, only appeared in foreign countries is just beginning.
WPC many performance indicators are far higher than the wood preservative, such as hardness, strength, screw holding power, heat, flame retardancy, but also more resistant to corrosion, anti-aging, discoloration color stability, deformation small deformation, no cracking, easy to rotten features. The product passed the national authoritative testing organizations test performance, useful life of more than three times the usual raw wood. And won the national "green building materials product certificate." Expert Group and by the Chinese WPC Austrian expert group will review the relevant authorities, that the product quality has reached world-class standards, we agreed in principle to the use of the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing as a major new environmentally friendly materials.
It is worth mentioning that the wood products used in raw materials and waste plastics available waste wood, straw and other plant fiber as agriculture, forestry base, without any additional harmful ingredients. Re-use and recycled, regarded as environmental protection, energy conservation, resource recycling in the true sense of the new products. The forum will focus on matters relating to participation in the Olympic Games WPC building and the development of wood-plastic product quality standards.
Beijing Olympic Games need to be able to replace the total amount of environmentally friendly building materials logs up to 10 million tons, but according to the new vision of the company's current production capacity, even if turned down real estate developers and other users of the orders will only provide 1.6 tons of products; even if all domestic total wood manufacturers offer also reach 100,000 tons. Therefore, the new vision and other wood manufacturing companies are actively seeking to expand production capacity to meet the needs of the Beijing Olympics. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee is also considering support in terms of funds.

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The inevitable trend of future development - WPC

Why are more and more projects need to use WPC?
Characteristics of WPC Needless to say it, introduced many times ~
Why are more and more wood outdoor venue can see it? Because of various properties WPC more powerful.
On both sides of the road everywhere preservative wood shavings box replaced, we had a new look shabby way.
Outdoor wood preservative can be maintained for several years? 1 year? 2 years? Outdoors in the sun and rain, even a wood preservative summer can not stand! I am not exaggerating, but wood for 6 years is absolutely no problem!
Today, the wood industry is not a new industry in the United States and Europe, wood products is already quite mature!
WPC development in the country also needs to enhance the environmental awareness of our fellow citizens!

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Split Post & Rail Fencing – Cedar Supply,Split Post & Rail Fencing. Custom cut Split Post & Rail available upon request. Cedar Siding Cedar Pergolas Cedar Lattice Cedar Fencing Split Post & Rail Fencing

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Flooring companies look ahead

Meeting at the same time, same place held annually. Its main purpose is to build a lasting business exchange platform, floor by domestic and foreign enterprises participating exchanges, promote the flooring industry technology and management innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading,[url=]ideas for playground flooring[/url] speed up the flooring industry to energy saving, emission reduction, green, green direction.

Invited well-known brands of domestic flooring business executives to explain the flooring business and management problems and solutions. 3, dealer forum. Invite marketing experts analyze marketing problems, typical case analysis;-known industry experts and after just answer pavement problems.[url=]cheap plans for above ground pool decks[/url] 4, new technologies and products exchange. Invite domestic and foreign research flooring experts, scholars, industry introduced the latest industry technology, product and market development and so on.

Floor entrepreneurs for attention and support work of the association, and created a very good atmosphere and conditions for the summit will be held.[url=]windproof wpc patio furniture Australia[/url] He then highlighted the current challenges and opportunities facing China's flooring industry, then president of the China Timber Circulation Association and Wood Products wood Circulation Professional Committee Li Jiafeng on the preparations for the program.

Flooring Holding

China Flooring Holding Co. announced that listed companies will be at the forthcoming AGM, the company name will change to "Nature Flooring Holdings Limited."[url=]luxury vinyl flooring sale[/url] China Flooring Holding Co., Ltd. More to the outside world know its nature brand flooring, but also one from Shunde started clearance operation brand licensing business, and after the introduction of strategic investors Goldman Sachs, was successfully listed on HKEx's Shunde flooring manufacturers.

The company said its own brand of nature has now established a high-security products represent environmentally friendly image and life and health,[url=]alternative material patio deck idea[/url] the new name will also be changed to enhance the visibility of "nature". China Flooring Holdings Limited is a company in the Cayman Islands-registered company, which changed its name to the current program is also [url=]2x4 decking cheaper recyclable[/url] required to start a company Cayman Islands Registrar to submit information and approved after the entry into force.

Reporters learned that, by the impact of the domestic real estate regulation, but also because of the company's business is still in the closet doors and kitchen investment period, the company's 2012 revenue of about 1.1179 billion yuan, representing a decline in revenue in 2011. [url=]average cost for a composite front porch[/url] But then increased to Panmunjom, the overall number of Panmunjom to 3269, representing an increase of approximately 67 years ago.

WPC Flooring Market Prospects

Wood floor is an emerging industry, it originated in the 1980s. With the development of the construction industry, wood flooring as an important material in the interior will further develop. It is understood, WPC flooring because of its high cost reasons, get more floor covering market. In 2002, WPC flooring floor covering material made of more than 10% of the market, the total market volume of up to 90 million square meters; 2005, WPC flooring floor covering material made of more than 15% of the market, the total market volume of up to 150 million square meters. With the continuous improvement of flooring manufacturing technology, the demand is increasing, WPC flooring market prospects even brighter. [url=]WPC Wall Panel Material, Affordable WPC Wall Panel[/url]

WPC flooring will be made throughout the flooring material more market share; the more the country has formed several production scale and the overall strength of the WPC flooring business, will bring the industry to continue to develop; Chinese accession to the WTO, more international companies and foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, will catalyze the rapid development of China to strengthen wood floor. [url=]WPC Material Floor, Wall panel, Fence, Outdoor furniture[/url]

There are three reasons: First, to strengthen the wood flooring product is a comprehensive utilization of resources products, in line with Chinese resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, the development of sustainable industrial policy; the second is to strengthen the wood flooring products relatively inexpensive to install and use maintenance is simple, has the most extensive consumer groups; third is to strengthen the wooden floor rich varieties and specifications for the renovation market choice. WPC flooring in China around the year 2000 in the formation of a high-speed development period, [url=]WPC Solid Decking, Affordable Outdoor Decking, Outside Patio Decking[/url] the annual rate of increase of about 25%. 2005 Chinese WPC flooring production reached 190 million square meters in 2006 amounted to 200 million square meters. After 10 years of development, and strengthen the position of wood flooring in China has occupied surface decoration materials market sales of the first. [url= Quality WPC Materials Fencing[/url]

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Flooring industry gradually favored

And at this point it can help investors wood flooring business. For example, the value of Carlyle's investment in Shun lifting very important point is to enhance its brand image, [url=]floor tile in inserts[/url] while Carlyle another great help for EMC is to use its strong business and political resources in the United States to successfully enter the US Anxin Flooring market.

"" The future must have distinctive characteristics and unique competitive strategy wood flooring company to get the favor of investors. [url=]wood plastic manufacturers louvers process[/url] "Experts said China should realize the transformation from wood-producing countries to power, the power of these investors alone is not enough.

Experts believe that the wood floor is now a bit like a few years ago the cement industry, relive slowly formed through mergers and acquisitions within the industry continued several giant conglomerate, wood floor I believe will follow the evolution of this industry trend,[url=]recycled plastic lumber suppliers[/url] while investors are not concerned about small businesses, therefore, we need wood flooring business united into one large group, so as to attract investors.

Cedar Split Rail Fencing

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Flooring Industry Challenges

Chinese flooring companies in expanding its size at the same time, the need to establish a strong international brand concept, with the globalization of the industry's efforts to move the world to advance a strong brand of wood floor columns, floor and become a global market leader. [url=]composite flooring for outdoor porch[/url] Industrial scale to further stand out, will create a group with industry resources, has a floor predators advanced chain management.

Corporate Responsibility base of the flooring industry many of which are imported from abroad, but many countries have such a provision:[url=]decorative thermoplastic panels on ebay[/url] Each cut down a tree planted three trees must go, so as to ensure a virtuous circle of trees. Wood floor is a wood-consuming industries, businesses have a responsibility and obligation to make a contribution in the consumption[url=]wood fence panels for sale online[/url] of timber resources for both the greening and environmental protection cause.

Parquet natural wood and artificial composition of fast-growing timber, environmental protection, comfortable, located in the high-end and mid-market, [url=]transcend deck cost per square foot[/url] but the cost is low relative to solid wood flooring, affordable, due to the high cost, its main competitor for the solid wood flooring. The laminate flooring artificial fast growing forest, located in the low-end market.

wpc flooring manufacturer chooses seven trust

Speaking of wpc, and now a lot of people may not be familiar. Because now we live in our surrounding you can always see a lot of different products wpc, wpc floor you know use it? Today we wpc flooring manufacturer to seven trust Xiaobian to brief you about our seven trust produce wpc floor. wpc flooring in families which are most widely used because of its quality is quite good, its hardness and strength than the same thickness of wood is much easier, and it is very resistant, often widely used in garden design, there is the park's floor, residential walkways, balconies floors, and the results are good. seven trustwpc floor is a new wood-plastic composite products, it has the following advantages.
First, it can be moisture-proof and waterproof. Solve wood products after wet rot phenomenon.[url= Reasons To Select Wpc Flooring For Decoration[/url]

Second, it has a lot of colors, it can be described as colorful, both natural wood texture and wood grain, but also according to your own preferences to choose your favorite color.
Third, the insect can also effectively eliminate the pests damage and prolong the life of wooden floors, making wood products have a place in society.[url=]The Most Suitable Outdoor Wpc Floor Material[/url]

Fourth, it's high environmental, pollution-free, pollution-free, for people to bear the responsibility for health.
Fifth, easy to install, learn, do not need to bother to learn, saving installation time and costs.
In addition, we seven trustwpc floor price is very reasonable, it is based on a different floor quality wpc floor to distinguish the difference. Of course, this particular price wpc flooring you choose need to look at what type of wpc floor series, if you have friends who want to buy wpc flooring can consider our seven trust, our company produces wpc flooring that is environmentally friendly and affordable but also beautiful. For more information about wpc flooring in our seven trust, we look forward to your cooperation.

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The main characteristic of wood plastic composite

The main characteristic of wood plastic composite is as follows:
A, have a good social economy, sustainable development, especially suitable for China's national policy of "protection forest";
B, durable, long life, like wooden appearance, than plastic high hardness;
C, has excellent physical properties, better than wood dimensional stability, won't produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, join the colorant, coated or complex alloy surface can be made into various colorful products;
D, with thermoplastic processability, easy molding, or slightly modified with general plastic processing equipment and processing can be performed.Processing the new investment for equipment is less, convenient for popularization and application;
E, have secondary machining, such as wood cutting, bonding, with nails or fixed bolt connection;[url= ]Mothproof Wood Plastic Deck[/url]
F, for decoration, decoration, can paint beautification, product specifications and shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility;
G, not afraid to eat by moth, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, low water imbibition, not hygroscopic deformation;
H, can reuse and recycling, biodegradable, environmental protection;[url= ]Exterior Wpc Decking Wholesaler[/url]
I, protect the environment, can use waste wood chips, fiber crops and waste plastic materials;
J, abundant resources, low cost, low use cost.Now the shortcomings and the insufficiency of wood-plastics composites are: plastic toughness lower than matrix, processing equipment, the downstream device all needs to make corresponding adjustment and transformation.We believe that through the joint efforts of the world science and technology personnel, deficiencies will be improved in a short time.

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WPC board also need not maintain long-term immersion in water

WPC board as a new material which combines the characteristics of wood, but it also environmental health, these new environmentally friendly energy-saving materials widely used in modern decoration industry; but still needs to be maintained. How to maintain the wood board it?
1, first of all do not stay dry and clean with plenty of water, avoid long-term local flooding.
2, if the plate surface with oil and wood stains, should be promptly removed, you can use mild household neutral detergent warm water treatment, special cleaning fluid to protect the best use of ancillary cleaning. Do not use corrosive liquid contact surface alkaline, soapy water, etc., but do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe.
3, avoid direct sunlight exposure, strong sunlight will make it tilt or cracking.
4, without regular maintenance of the WPC board waxing, cleaning can be carried out according to the above simple method.

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Flooring industry alone show

Fusion floor Ye Yong: adjust the layout of the national model enterprise marketing a secondary market has been doing in the market. Products are differentiated.[url=]white panel fence[/url] From solid wood floor to strengthen the floor, from high-end to low-end. Many museum experience, so that consumers feel this experience, in fact, each floor is for his life, is the only floor building materials decoration symbol, all renovated structure is an important decorative materials.

The real life of the floor is suitable for his floor. Not that we imposed on customers. Interpretation of the floor is a way of life.[url=]cheap pool deck fix[/url] Shengda flooring Zhu Jianzhong: "squeeze effect" has increased the pressure in this reshuffle is not a normal state, but such a low profit level competition, likely to cause the industry reshuffle.

Like President Wang said, the Chinese flooring industry in the next three to five years might be the formation of industry reshuffle. In fact, [url=]marine wood price philippines[/url] the 2008 economic crisis, we do not have much effect on the flooring industry, to my knowledge, to Nanxun example, flooring manufacturers not only reduced, but increased a lot. 09 years after the floor is a development, sales have recovered a lot.

N China flooring idea

As the technology matures floor, the establishment of the brand will be the first-line business to the next stage of development. Pressure on the international market as well as domestic "fast fish eat slow fish" phenomenon will lead to further market floor "shuffle." By then, [url=]corrosion-resistant plastic tile flooring[/url] the catfish effect will maximize the play, flooring industry will truly brands dominate the world situation.

That conclusion for two reasons: First,[url=]can i build a floating deck with pvc pipe[/url] the flooring industry continued pressure, [url=]flooring for balcony[/url] some businesses can not afford cold "winter", the inevitable exit the competition;

Second, the floor as the resource-based industries, brands will increasingly centralized resources. China flooring She Xuebin chairman,[url=]deck composite veneer Indonesia[/url] he said: "If you do not do the flooring business may not have the reserves to face changes in the market and the competitive landscape."

Italy Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Italy wood plastic composite decking, created from wood essences with its soft appearance, unique style and extraordinary charming. The merger between the naturalness of wood and technology of plastic makes wood plastic decking the perfect finishing touch for projects dedicated to welcoming and wellness, enriches the decoration space to modern and fashion design and value, to create venues with gentle version and elegant commercial space. [url=]Build Outdoor PVC Fence, Outdoor PVC Fence Materials[/url]

Cases: The performance advantage of wood plastic decking determines the widely range of application, not only a smart choice in living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, but also a wise select at shopping malls, exhibition centers, restaurant and entertainment venues. Along with the manufacturing process of the modern technology, wood plastic decking caters to people��s emotion to perfect balance and environment-friendly of wood and nature. [url= Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence in Australia[/url]

Comments: wood plastic decking produces with top and durable quality of plastic and nature wooden texture, presents a bright and artistic style and simple features. The performance advantage of wood sensed ceramic tile determines the widely range of application with its noble colors and natural patterns, and in every context where functionality and safety are required. [url= Material Products Manufacturer, Wood Plastic Composite Material[/url]

Italy wood plastic composite decking designed with an innovative textured surface effect,Emotions range features style and beauty. With a fabulous assortment of designs, textures and colours,the emotions collection provides the perfect solution to create luxurious interior decorating styles from modern to traditional. A wood plastic composite decking with character. The surface decors,entirely made of hand veneered natural wood, features an exclusive and innovative combination of colour and textures. With an audacious appearance and a fabulous assortment of styles, the BLOOM collection grants an extravagant and individual note to each room.

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WPC Flooring, Natural Materials For Outdoor Landscape

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring is defibered into fibrosis veneer then the disposal of mildew proof, anticorrosion and drying, at last turns into WPC Flooring in high temperature and high pressure environment. WPC Flooring has passed the test of National Testing Center of Plastic and Wood, WPC Flooring has the characteristics of high strength, high weatherability,high anticorrosion, high fire resistance and so on. [url= Your Marine Boat Decking[/url]

WPC Flooring never curl, never warp, never crack.. It is also moisture resistant and fire proof. And meanwhile works perfect with radiant heat flooring system. It uses 80% lesswood! [url= Decking VS Wood Decking[/url]

WPC Flooring is multilayer solid compound wood board, it is made of materials after dismantling of the outdoor landscape flooring, the wood raw materials nailed, sorted, boiled, cutting, grinding, planing of bark, hot pressing etc process, and then plank crisscross lamination, thus overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor one-way same sex, drying shrinkage and bulking factor are small, has good dimensional stability, and keep the natural wood grain of solid wood floor and comfortable foot feeling. WPC Flooring joins together the stability of aggrandizement compound wooden floor and the aesthetics of solid wood floor, and environmental protection advantages, high cost performance of the new solid compound wooden floor , the emergence of outdoor landscape WPC flooring will become the trend of the development of the wood floor industry. [url= to Build Wood Plastic Fence[/url]

WPC Flooring has its very own unique reddish-brown coloring and artistic streamline grains. Produced with Green Way��s unique surface techniques --- while smooth surface is attractive with clear, desirable and distinctive irregularities in the grain, distressed surface shows you a nature, wild and rich look. WPC Flooring is a much sought-after wood. Based on its beauty and lasting durability, WPC Flooring becomes outdoor landscape best choice. [url= Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider[/url]

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WPC advantages in landscape application

Wpc floor has made plastic wood materials and wood processing features, use common tools can be sawing, drilling, nailing, is very convenient and can be used as ordinary wood floor.Because of the plastic wood with plastic water resistant anticorrosive and wood texture properties, making it become a kind of excellent performance and very durable outdoor building materials.Performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, after extrusion, pressing forming sheet or other products, can replace a new type of composite wood and plastic materials.
Here are several advantages of plastic wood materials in the application
1, plastic wood profile loss minimum.
Plastic wood is shaped, can according to customer needs, produced in accordance with customer needs the length of the material.The length of the ordinary wood is dead.
2, plastic wood is equal, can be more with less.
Let me make a example, generally outdoor floor shop outfit, with wood case, need around 45 mm thickness of the wood.And plastic wood, only need to 25 mm thickness of material, the strength of the anticorrosive wood of more than 45 mm.In other words, is to use wood if is 1 cubic meters, the plastic wood will need only about 0.5 cubic meters.
3, plastic wood is a kind of profile, the specifications of the hollow.Save a lot of material.
We all know, aluminum alloy doors and Windows can be so quick popularization is because is hollow profiles, if be solid, so the price is incredibly high.Plastic wood hollow save part, despite the lack of aluminum alloy is so high, but also be more objective.Everyone knows hollow not only can reduce weight, increase strength.Plastic wood can be hollow, and timber is impossible.
4, plastic wood surface is don't need to do the paint processing.Wood is generally surface paint or coating treatment needs to be done.
5, plastic wood products can be free maintenance.Wood within 1 year generally need to do maintenance or besmear to brush paint, etc.From a long-term point of view, the maintenance cost of plastic wood far end in the wood.
6, the service life of plastic wood, generally can reach common wood 3-4 times.According to the data shows plastic wood can use 10 to 50 years.

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Flooring products banned

Recently, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) on the global flooring business 337 investigations in the last year and a half later with the final results,[url=]wpc materials for floor in india[/url] the global wood flooring business 38 "337 investigation" ITC final determination of these companies sell in the United States floor infringed Netherlands U n ilin companies, industrial companies and the US floor Ireland U n ilin North Carolina flooring company (the latter two are Dutch U n ilin company affiliates) of floor lock patents, including 18 in China home wood flooring business.

Final results were announced at the same time,[url=]composite drive gates Sentosa[/url] China's 18 wood floor enterprises in this catch against intellectual property dispute case. A start-ups and floating respondent course caused unusual and thought-provoking repercussions in [url=]youtube medium land scape timber[/url] China flooring companies.

Painful experience of Chinese enterprises A survey shows that now the flooring industry also doom escape.Irish industrial flooring company in July 2005 to jointly sue sued ITC Power Dekor Group, including 18 Chinese enterprises floor lock patent infringement,[url=]white 6 panel internal doors[/url] it is recommended to China annually exports 30 million square meters per square meter of flooring levy royalties of $ 1 . If lost, Chinese companies will have to bear the cost of $ 19.5 million patents annually, no doubt, the international competitiveness of China's flooring will be greatly weakened.

Why leave a gap in the installation of wpc?

Why want to leave a gap in the installation of plastic wood?Many owners of this is not particularly understand, in view of this situation, and discuss with you the reason, if you have other ideas, may wish to communicate with us.
[url=]Plastic wood[/url] profile of the relevant personnel to tell you that at the time of installation of [url=]plastic wood[/url] is need to leave a gap, the purpose is mainly to the following factors:
1, drainage;
2, slight heat expansion and contraction;
3, cleaning;
Although plastic wood will not happen because the environment of wet and dry and expansion and contraction, but according to the change of temperature and a certain degree of expansion and contraction, so on edge to edge and head to head interspace is necessary, especially when they are installed in the winter

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eco-friendly wood railing

WPC railing is booming at home and abroad in recent years, a new class of composite materials, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, etc., instead of the usual resin adhesive, with more than 35% -70% wood flour, rice husk, straw and other plant fiber waste mixed into new wood materials, plastics processing and then by extrusion, molding, injection molding process to produce plates or profiles.
Although wpc railing railings custom manufacturers seven trust than pure wood railing expensive, but with the manufacturers to find more efficient processing methods, its relatively high cost is gradually decrease. In the wood used in recycled plastic can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current cost structure, many consumers are still willing because of the advantages of these wpc railing accept a relatively high price.
1, environmentally friendly: use of recycled materials (wood flour and plastic), does not need to be treated with preservatives
2, WPC railing does not require routine maintenance, long service life than wood does not absorb moisture, tide, does not rot, pest control, without breaking, cracking, deformation, cold, insensitive to thermal environment
3, wpc railing good mechanical properties, can carry a wide range of structural materials for use;
4, wpc railing 95% of the raw material is recycled material, so the lower cost, while products can be 100% recycled;
5, wpc railing enhanced by micro-foam impact strength, reduce the proportion of the real wood.

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The four properties of wood plastic products

1, the physical properties: good strength, high hardness, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, no crack, no bug eat by moth, small water imbibition, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic and ultraviolet radiation, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant.
2, environmental performance: ecological wood, environmental protection, renewable, does not contain toxic substances, hazardous chemicals, preservatives, etc., formaldehyde-free, benzene and other harmful material release, not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can be used 100% recycling and reprocessing, and biodegradable.
3, simple sense: appearance with wood natural appearance, texture.Better than wood dimensional stability, no wood knot, won't produce crack, buckling, deformation, the product can be made into a variety of colors, surface without secondary drench lacquer also confirmed new not fade for a long time.
4, processing performance: the secondary machining with wood, such as can be saw, plane, bonding, with nails or screws, all kinds of standard profile specification, installation fast and convenient.Through the conventional practices, can be processed into various facilities and products.
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Composite Materials Wood Plastic Flooring

We are specialists of engineered wood plastic flooring and can offer our customers any flooring product they wish to buy, ranging from 14mm (with 3mm top layer) to 21mm (with a 6mm top) in lengths up to 7 meters and in all standard finishes. Furthermore, our company excels in the development of wood plastic flooring which make a difference and aim for a higher segment in the market. [url= to Build Wood Plastic Fence[/url]

For the new ��Composite Materials Wood Plastic Flooring�� we have chosen a beautiful selection in which all natural wood are visibly and tangibly present, more intensely than in standard products, thanks to the advanced planning techniques that were used. The boards not machined, the wood in and around natural elements such as knots or cracks thereby taking a more natural shape. There is, as it were, life in the knots and cracks. The delicate aging process plays subtly with the grain and leads to very beautiful effects, where the natural beauty of the knot is emphasized and blends into the wood. This technique is unique and very innovative. [url= Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider[/url]

Composite Materials Wood Plastic Flooring is one of the main products in our company. Wood Plastic Flooring is made of wood and plastic, and could be finished through squeezing, carbonizing, dipping glue, assembly and hot pressing etc. There are many surface types available, and the surface also could be smooth. Wood Plastic Flooring has high density and intensity, and it is anti-sepsis, anti-mold, what��s more, the grain is clean, the color and luster is elegant, the Wood Plastic Flooring has become the ideal alternative for high-grade hardwood timber. [url= WPC Decking Product[/url]

With new innovation technology and materials, wood plastic flooring make it a better ecofriendly track system. Convenience: Single-component, easy construction. Profesional: Strong adhesion, good leveling, impact resistance, good elasticity. Environmental protection: No hazardous and toxic substances, no excitant odour, won China Environment Labelling Certificate. Appearance: Light color, prevent light reflection. Safety: Has certain flexibility, can reduce the probability of falling or sprain. [url= Composite Flooring Materials[/url]

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China wood flooring Circulation committee

China wood flooring Circulation Circulation Association Professional Committee of wood and wood products was successfully held in Beijing on the theme of change to break across the flooring industry event. 2016 flooring industry's top event-cum-2016 China Timber Circulation Association and Wood Products wood Circulation Professional Committee annual meeting. Integrate the floor won several awards, becoming the biggest focus of the conference, the spoils. [url= Composite Decking for Outdoor flooring[/url]

National hundred strength of large enterprises, more than 500 guests attended the event. Association invited Chinese Green Fund Committee consultant, Mr. Cai Yansong former State Forestry Administration, former deputy director of the State Forestry Department Deputy Director, CST, Wu Bo party members, party secretary of Beijing Forestry University, Mr. Mr. Wu Bin, Mr. Shi Baoquan, director of the State Committee for Standardization, the Ministry of Commerce circulation professional promote Mr. Xu Min, deputy director of the center, the Ministry of Commerce to promote the circulation of professional Mount Rushmore, etc. Mr. Xu Min, deputy director of the center floor of many within the industry, and many entrepreneurs gathered together to resolve mining development status flooring industry; explore new opportunities, winning the floor sustainable development of enterprises in the new challenges. [url= Plastic Flooring For Kids Play Area[/url]

Rong Hui Xiansheng chairman integrate floor With many years in the flooring industry won a huge influence on the Year 2016 Award for Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur, Mr. Mr. Li Yang, director of marketing Cui Peng of China blend floor, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Innovation award receive respectively Awards, corporate culture Award, outstanding project Award, service and corporate integrity Award marketing innovation Award, the 2016 floor leading brand. In addition, during the meeting in the Fusion and a number of industry leaders co-sponsored the 30 floor quality, service dual commitment to the strategic alliance activities, self-discipline, commitment, dedication, innovation in continuous self-improvement, driven by the healthy development of the whole industry. [url= Composite Flooring Materials[/url]

It is worth mentioning that the conference presented the Science and Technology Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, unanimously approved by the industry. Floor integrate science and technology are primary productive forces knew, technological innovation has become the core of enterprise development. Over the years it has won more than 2,000 patents, with a good reputation, excellent quality, perfect service, integrate the floor in the same industry leading the way. Recent years was the authority of the State product testing standards, the Chinese product quality assurance assured brand reputation, flooring industry drafting of national standards, consumer preferred brands, 2001--2016 National thirty wood flooring enterprise quality, service dual commitment eleven consecutive units as the Northeast region to lead the win of the enterprise, the quality of this collection, in one of the cultural enterprises have the image of high-end boutique deeply imprinted in the minds of consumers. [url= WPC Decking Product[/url]

The floor integrate a number of honors, rewarding experience, is the industry experts and consumers for years of efforts to integrate the floor to give full recognition and encouragement. Take this opportunity to draw on the floor will be taking advantage of, to continue its efforts. Through action, creating among consumers flooring brand, companies will always bear along the road from the dual commitment to social responsibility to consumers, so that brand shine. We have reason to believe that, with strategic vision to integrate the floor, and its excellent brand strategy will promote the fusion of flooring brands takeoff.

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Flooring products banned

Recently, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) on the global flooring business 337 investigations in the last year and a half later with the final results,[url=]best mahogany front porch floor?[/url] the global wood flooring business 38 "337 investigation" ITC final determination of these companies sell in the United States floor infringed Netherlands U n ilin companies, industrial companies and the US floor Ireland U n ilin North Carolina flooring company (the latter two are Dutch U n ilin company affiliates) of floor lock patents, including 18 in China home wood flooring business.

Final results were announced at the same time,[url=]treated glulam retailers[/url] China's 18 wood floor enterprises in this catch against intellectual property dispute case. A start-ups and floating respondent course caused unusual and thought-provoking repercussions in [url=]anti slip decking strips in ireland[/url] China flooring companies.

Painful experience of Chinese enterprises A survey shows that now the flooring industry also doom escape.Irish industrial flooring company in July 2005 to jointly sue sued ITC Power Dekor Group, including 18 Chinese enterprises floor lock patent infringement,[url=]outdoor composite stair installation[/url] it is recommended to China annually exports 30 million square meters per square meter of flooring levy royalties of $ 1 . If lost, Chinese companies will have to bear the cost of $ 19.5 million patents annually, no doubt, the international competitiveness of China's flooring will be greatly weakened.

Advantages WPC

1,volume differences: WPC hollow structure a ton about 2-2.5 m3 (30-35m2), the available volume of nearly 100%; ordinary wood timber logs available product of less than 50%, lumber up only about 70% .
2,life: In theory, WPC life of up to 50 years, the current foreign reports WPC life has reached 10--15 years; and now ordinary outdoor wood for domestic use without special treatment product life generally over, but for three years.
3,the price comparison: WPC market price of manufactured goods average about 10,000 yuan RMB / ton, according to the proportion of the price of 5,000 yuan after volume conversion / m3 around; and the current market price of medium material timber in 6000-8000 yuan / m3 or so. In terms of profile material calculation, the domestic wood offer up to 350 yuan / m2, while the wood profiles also offer universal 300 yuan m2 and down.
4,environmental assessment: A wood preservative, for example, is now the biggest problem is that the environmental and health hazards, the current Chinese domestic use ICQ technology (ie, low toxic preservative) handful of enterprises, the majority of export products abroad; the use of CCA technology (ie harmful preservative) products more and more restrictions, such as the United States banned the use of CCA wood preservative technology. The use of wood materials, decoration, you can achieve "zero time check", to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, the negative impact on the environment is almost zero.
main feature:
Health and environmental protection: the use of recycling material itself, does not contain formaldehyde, natural wood fiber, close to human beings, close to nature.
Robust: WPC material is not easy deformation, corrosion resistance, antifungal, antibacterial, noise, anti-UV, anti-aging, outdoor suitable for outdoor use.
Economic Use: large-scale production, quality assurance, versatility, paint-free, maintenance-free, long life.
Beautiful fashion: fashion and personalized design, different finishes to meet different architectural pattern.
Excellent processability: secondary processing, and can be nailed, sawed, planed simple, modular installation, saving time and effort.

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New windows and doors wpc

According to reports, the 2014 Northeast 16th International doors and windows, walls, glass and Processing Exhibition will be held in Shenyang in March 2014 21-23, pvc foam profile, wpc wpc profile production of doors and windows and other new equipment
Will be used as doors and windows, shading representative of the series will also participate in the exhibition, it is learned in this exhibition range includes windows, shading systems, curtain wall series, profiles, insulation series, hardware accessories, structural plastic series, doors and windows equipment, door and other types of software, water-based paint.([url= ]Bathroom wpc floor tiles price,What Good bathroom tile?[/url])

wpc industrialization from the 1980s in the United States, initially as a modified plastic applications. With the improvement of technology level, wpc gradually has the advantages of plastic, wood, metal and other elemental materials, become self-contained
New Materials. Currently, all types of wpc products in the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea and other countries has been more widely used, the formation of a more standardized industries and markets. 1995, the Chinese powerful enterprises began to digest and absorb the essence of technology overseas European profile, developed their own doors and windows series, became the plastic doors and windows leading to promote technological upgrading and development of doors and windows, but the entire industry has been unprecedented development and rapid growth.([url= ]Easy Install Exterior Non Skid Wpc Decking[/url])
WPC material has the advantages of plant fibers and plastics, a wide scope, covering almost all wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and other similar areas of use of composite materials, but also solve the plastic, wood industry waste resources
Recycling problems. Its main features are: raw material resources, products plasticization, using environmentally friendly, cost-oriented economy, recycling technology. Today, global warming, increased energy consumption growing, building energy-saving building materials, windows and doors play an important role in reducing national energy consumption, promote energy conservation building materials, windows and doors is the key, building materials, doors and windows energy-saving technology will promote the progress of China's construction industry and development of.

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Bungie initially warned us all that the first raid was fate, and'almedfn of Glass', it would be difficult to a certain extent, even at a low level 20 characters. It is doubtful, however, that no one expected that the new content takes a ridiculous amount of time to win. But the first raid of the game (which debuted at the beginning of the 16th September) and one team took nearly half a day finish.
The clan who conquered the glass vault for the first time a group called 'PrimeGuard' consists of three titans 0.2 and fishermen, and 1 mag . This band sixafter long the session lasted 10 hours, 42 minutes and 3 secondsfinally successfully completeYC rally first game in history. And, of course, that the evidence presented photographic team, highlighting achieved.
Bungie later admitted feat at the expense of your own Twitter before taking the challenge to try again on a common steel difficulty.DestinyDB some interesting statistics of interest from the date PrimeGuard, including the tidbit that PrimeGuard died in a total of 1,606 times, an average of Omar RuneScape player lasted only 2 minutes and 22 seconds. If you are curious to find out what levels are Runescape players, and it was the lowest level in 26 years, while the highest level was 28.
Maybe you should start to reconsider the idea, as soon as possible to challenge the strike must be available? There is no need to rush through the grinding process level try vaulted glass, though. Bungie calm the fate of RuneScape players that raid is not the date of the event and can be manipulated when you are ready. It will not be saved, what he said, progress for a week, and this means that you should try to finish it soon after launch.