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Logistics Officer

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Logistics Officer


Duty Station:Freetown



The  will have the responsibility to manage the logistics department in Freetown as well as ensuring the provision nationally of timely and effective logistics support to all programme activities. He/She will ensure that the organisation‘s policies and guidelines as well as donor regulations are adhered to at all times.  He/she will be required to develop the skills and aptitudes of the staff under his/ her supervision and demonstrate excellent skills of day-to-day management, coaching and team building.



To ensure efficient management of logistical support to programmes by;

Oversee the procurement process, ensuring at all times SLaDA policies and Donor regulations are adhered to. This involves supporting the procurement team to ensure all paperwork for supplies, goods and services are accurately and timely completed.

Ensure the procurement procedures and processes are adhered to by staff and service providers. This involves closely monitoring the process from the original SR through to the payment of the invoice from the supplier and providing training and other support to staff (both support and programme staff members) where necessary.

Monitor purchase of supplies and materials as required by authorised members of staff, ensuring that the best price, quality and conditions for SLaDA are negotiated as far as is possible in all procurement. Monitor arrangements for transporting materials and supplies to their final destination.

Taking the initiative in collecting feedback from programme staff and service providers/suppliers to continuously improve the quality of logistics services and the image of SLaDA to suppliers. Hold a database of all suppliers and contractors.

Oversee and support the development and implementation of annual Procurement plans

Establish, develop and manage relationships with suppliers and relevant stakeholders where applicable. Develop and maintain an updated list of suppliers and a database of goods of local prices

Manage the importation process of goods shipped by SLaDA

Establish controls in conjunction with the National Director and other key staff in the areas of logistics, procurement, transport, warehouse functions to ensure accountability to donors and other relevant stakeholders. Ensure these controls are implemented in all areas and are functioning appropriately.

Periodically review logistical capacity to ensure that SLaDA maintains capacity to respond to emergencies as effectively and as timely as possible.


To ensure that an effective and efficient transport management system is in place by;

Ensure a national specific transport manual is up to date and relevant, following SLaDA’s transport & fleet management policy.

Oversee implementation of and adherence to transport & fleet management policy and manual. Ensure that all SLaDA transport procedures are in place including pre departure checklists, completion of vehicle log sheets, weekly transport plans, monthly reports, following of security transport SOPs etc

Strengthen the planning process for both vehicle utilization and maintenance. Oversee the preparation of the weekly transport plans ensuring the effective usage of all transport resources. Surveying the transport needs of programmes and developing a plan to meet both current and anticipated future needs.

Ensure that all transport reports produced are accurate, reconciled and meet the deadlines set. This includes monthly log sheet summary detailing; fuel consumption, kilometres travelled and project allocations with calculations of key performance indicators.

Utilize the above reports as management tools to have an effective system in place to meet the transport needs of programmes in the most cost-effective manner possible. This will involve analyzing the information generated and providing recommendations to senior management on improvements.

Ensure that maintenance, fuel consumption and working hours of all generators at offices and residences are respected and monthly reports with cost analysis are completed.

Ensure a system for the maintenance and repairs of vehicles and motor cycles is in place to ensure motor vehicles and motor cycles are maintained in good working order; ensuring high quality maintenance at reasonable costs

Ensure all security guidelines in relation to transport are adhered to. This involves reminding staff of these policies and popularising the policies to improve adherence. Examples of these policies include: wearing safety gear at all times, parking in safe places, filling log sheets etc

Ensure all motor vehicles and motorcycles are fully insured and registered as per SLaDA’s policy and all drivers and motorcycle riders have valid licenses.

Support senior management in developing and keeping up-to-date a SLaDA Sierra Leone Transport Manual based on the SLaDA Manual, but updated to reflect the local environment.


To ensure that effective Warehouse and Asset management systems are in place by;

Oversee the implementation of the warehouse systems in line with SLaDA policies and good practices. Ensuring all movement of stock are recorded, correct paperwork is being used, stock is stored in suitable conditions and is secure.

Ensure all stock levels are recorded and stock cards maintained through regular stock checks. Ensure that the correct paperwork is being used to update entries for the receipt, withdrawal and movement of stock.

Oversee the physical stock verification exercise at a minimum on an annual basis and conduct spot checks on stock levels.

Ensure the preparation of monthly stock reports and review these reports to ensure these are accurate and reconciled. Ensure these reports are shared with programme and department managers highlighting stock which has been in the stores for long periods of time.

Ensure the fixed asset register is being maintained and updated when new items are purchased and old items are being disposed. All assets and inventory items should be properly tagged with the required numbering system.

Oversee the physical fixed asset verification exercise at a minimum on an annual basis and conduct spot checks on assets.


To manage staff and provide staff development by:

Ensure staff PDRs for direct reports are conducted and reviewed. Monitoring and reviewing progress and in particular ensuring that staff are working effectively to meet programme needs. This is by gathering feedback from staff and by frequent one on one with staff that you line manage

Ensure all staff are clear of what is expected from them by having up to date job descriptions, sharing all related SLaDA and donor policies and procedures and conducting regular meetings. All staff are given appropriate workloads especially drivers

Provide regular support and technical inputs to systems staff to enable them to give their best by encouraging and praising good performance, coaching, assisting them to prevent or resolve problems, taking firm actions in the face of poor performances etc





University Degree in  Business Studies

Relevant Diplomas and short courses in Procurement, Logistics or Stores Management

English Language Qualification


Job related Experience and Knowledge

At least 5 years working experience in Logistics with at least one year management experience

Working Knowledge of the Procurement Cycle, Fleet management and Warehouse management

Ability to work well under pressure and in response to changing needs

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, training skills and writing skills

Leadership skills, personnel and team management including mediation and conflict resolution


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