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Senior Technical Advisor

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Thu, 28/05/2020 - 17:00

CRS is recruiting for the position of Senior Technical Advisor for Solid Waste Management. Interested candidates should please read the job description and follow the instructions to apply (this is a national position open to SL-registered applicants). 


SoW: Improved Solid Waste Services in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Location: CRS/Sierra Leone – Based in Freetown

Dates: ASAP for 6 months until October 2020

Position: Senior Technical Advisor for Solid Waste Management 


Background Information

The Freetown City Council (FCC) recently launched its ‘Transform Freetown’ plan which aims to address 11 priority areas that are clustered under Resilience, Human Development, Healthy Cities and Urban Mobility. One of the key priorities for the FCC is to establish a sustainable solid and liquid waste collection system, which includes waste separation at source, and strengthening the sector’s regulatory and enforcement framework, with the goal to ensure that by 2022, 60% of Freetown’s annual solid and liquid waste is safely collected, managed and disposed of. 


CRS has received funding from DFID to design, construct and operate a sustainable solid waste management model consisting in 7 transfer stations that will contribute to the goals set out by the Transform Freetown plan. “Improved Solid Waste Services in Freetown” (ISWASTE) started in September 2019 and will end in March 2021. 


Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread and its impacts intensifying day-by-day, waste management becomes an urgent and essential public service needed to minimize possible secondary impacts on health and the environment. In Freetown, the waste collection rates are relatively low, however the ISWASTE program, which is one of the major pillars of the FCC Sanitation integrated waste management strategy, is designed to increase waste collection rates and access of communities to waste collection services. By May 2020, three transfer stations were under construction with activities in place to identify, design and tender construction services for the remaining four transfer stations envisaged under the program. 


The current pandemic raises questions regarding municipal waste management practices and procedures in relation to safety and health measures for the population of Freetown, waste workers, waste treatment requirements and general procedures for waste management. CRS will work with the FCC to implement a 6 months emergency response for solid waste management as part of the CRS Sierra Leone COVID-19 response. Activities will cover waste collection, waste transfer through a system of temporary transit points and dumpsite management. 


CRS Sierra Leone launched its EU-funded “Supporting Freetonians Respond to COVID-19” (#EUStandsWithSalone). The project will support the efforts of Freetonians to prevent and manage the current COVID 19 outbreak in Sierra Leone with special focus on 350,000 residents of informal settlements. Among others, the project will cover cleaning of drainages and removal of waste to the dumpsite and dumpsite management. The consultant will work closely with the #EUStandsWithSalone team an ensure an efficient and effective planning and coordination both internally and with external partners. 


Scope of the work 

The service of a qualified and experienced Solid Waste Management Technical Advisor with extensive experience in the municipal solid waste management sector is being sought to undertake the following services:


  1. Coordination of waste collection activities 


Together with the FCC, lead and coordinate the activities of 96 tricycle operators, market sweepers, FCC owned waste trucks and tricycles. Specifically, the work will include:

  • Preparation of monthly work plans for waste collection together with the FCC.

  • Design and implement a data collection system. 

  • Coordinate a team of field agent coordinators, field agents, FCC staff to conduct data collection, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Work together with the CRS Project Officer and Field Agent Coordinators to organize all the logistics, prepare internal reports, internal requests for the activities in line with CRS standards and procedures.

  • Together with the CRS staff, design and implement a system for monthly cash distributions to the FCC. 

  • Develop and roll out an operational plan to enhance service provision in hard to reach areas. 


  1. Coordination of temporary transit points 

Together with the FCC, private operators and ISWASTE staff, establish and operate 7 temporary transit points for solid waste collection. 

  • Coordinate with FCC to establish 7 temporary transit points. 

  • Prepare an operational plan including procedures to operate each transit point.

  • Work together with a team of field agents ad field agents’ coordinators to ensure proper monitoring of each transit point including community engagement. 

  • Coordinate with the secondary operators to ensure that waste is removed frequently, and the transit point is kept clean and tidy at each time. 

  • Design a data collection system from each transit point. It will include at least, information related to number of tricycle journeys, communities served, including Hard to Reach Areas, number of skips removed by the secondary operator from the transit point. 

  • Prepare and submit weekly reports to show a breakdown by day and by transit point. 

  • Work together with CRS Program Manager, Project Officer and Supervision Engineers to ensure a smooth transition from temporary transit points to transfer stations. 


  1. Dumpsite management

  • Together with the FCC, coordinate the implementation of a 6 months operational plan for Kingtom and Kissy dumpsites. 

  • Work together with CRS engineers, field agents, field agent coordinators to supervise and monitor the implementation of the work. 

  • Prepare together with CRS engineers and FCC, BoQs and scope of works for any activity required at the dumpsite and approved by the CRS Program Manager. 

  • Prepare and submit monthly reports in a format provided by the CRS Program Manager. 


  1. Management and coordination

  • Provide coordination, management, and supervision of the 6 months emergency response intervention 

  • Prepare procurement and cash distribution plans and work with the ISWASTE staff to ensure that:

  • PPEs, communication equipment and any other assets are timely purchased and distributed to the end users. 

  • project funds are made available when needed and are disbursed properly.

  • accounting records and supporting documents are kept.

  • Under the supervision of the CRS Program Manager and CRS Emergency Response Program Manager, perform others coordinating tasks as appropriate for the successful implementation of the project 


  1. Deliverables 

  • Participate and represent CRS in meetings with FCC, Service providers, other institutions as required

  • Work together with CRS staff, Service Providers, Communities, FCC and other stakeholders. 

  • Coordinate the work of Field agents, Field agent coordinators, Engineers in close cooperation with the CRS Project Manager and CRS Project officer

  • Provide weekly and monthly reports in a format provided by the Program Manager. 

  • Develop an implement a data management system. The data collected will allow the use of estimates and benchmarks to convert the information into quantities of waste, number of households served, number of people served, etc.

  • Prepare and update the project work plan to ensure a successful implementation consistent with the donor requirements. 


The consultant shall prepare the reports in English language. 


Note: The Consultant shall provide basic office equipment (including computer, software, fax machine, and/or copier) and workspace at Consultant's expense as necessary to provide services under this Agreement. If it is necessary for Consultant to perform consulting services under this Agreement at CRS's place of business, CRS may provide temporary workspace to the extent CRS deems necessary. 


Deliverables and Payment schedule



Deliverable 1. Monthly reports 

By the 5th of each month for the previous month  

Deliverable 2. Weekly Data reporting 

At the end of each week


The payment schedule will be discussed and agreed during the interview. 


Knowledge and skill requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the existing solid waste management system in Freetown including waste collection and dumpsite operations. 

  • Excellent verbal and written command of English and Krio. 

  • Good social and communication skills. 

  • Competencies

    • Result oriented

    • Service-oriented

    • Ability to work in a team

    • Initiative

    • Creativity and flexibility

    • Integrity

  • Education, Qualifications 

    • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, solid waste management, environmental management or any other relevant discipline and at least 15 years of experience in environmental management and public services. 

    • Minimum 10 years' relevant working experience in the solid waste management sector. Experience with designing waste collection, transfer and disposal systems in considered an asset. 

    • Demonstrated experience in managing projects of similar complexity and nature, including demonstrated capacity to actively explore new, innovative management and financing mechanisms to support solid waste management.

    • Ability and demonstrated success to work in a team, to effectively organize its work and to motivate its members and other project counterparts to effectively work towards the project's objective and expected outcomes.

    • Good communication skills and competence in handling project's external relations at all levels.

    • The candidate must have all the licenses and permits needed to carry out the services in line with the local standards and regulations. 


Key Working Relationships:

Internal: CRS/Sierra Leone Head of Programming, CRS/Sierra Leone Program Manager, CRS Emergency Response Program Manager, CRS Project Officer, CRS Monitoring Technical Advisor, CRS Field Agents Coordinators, CRS Field Agents, CRS Supervision Engineers. 

External: Freetown City Council, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Environmental Protection Agency, SLRA, Informal and Formal Waste Collector Groups; Private Operators. 


Submission of applications

Please submit an application of interest (pdf or word format) by May 28th to Flaviu Pop at and Azeez Oseni Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as this is an emergency. 


The application must include: 

  1. A detailed Curriculum Vitae (maximum 5 pages). 

  2. A cover letter (maximum 2 pages).  

  3. Technical proposal presenting a methodology to deliver the work (maximum 5 pages). 

  4. Financial offer inclusive of all costs (maximum 1 page). 

Any other information submitted exceeding the above requirements will not be taken into consideration. 


This is a national position open to SL-registered applicants.


***Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our mission and operations. Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. We welcome as a part of our staff people of all faiths and secular traditions who share our values and our commitment to serving those in need. CRS’ processes and policies reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.  


Disclaimer:  This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.  


CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. 


CRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer


This is an EXCLUSIVE job advert, reposting it on other job boards, on online or offline communication channels without the written consent of is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action!