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Ambulance Paramedic

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Wed, 28/10/2020 - 17:00

National Emergency Medical Services is an emergency health project designed and implemented by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone with the aim of strengthening Ambulance referrals within the country.

National Emergency Medical Services Intends to hire for this vacant position:


Ambulance Paramedic

Location: Kambia District, Kenema District, Kono District, Koinadugu District, Bombali District, Pujehun District, and Tonkolili District

Immediate Supervisor

District Ambulance Supervisor


ROLE PURPOSE: The paramedic is the ambulance team leader and provides a higher level of prehospital care than the driver given his /her healthcare background provides. He/she will be responsible to react to Operating Centre directives evaluating the extent of illness or injury and establishes priorities for care following NEMS SOPs and protocols. He/she will be always supported by the OC operators via radio and mobile phone or, in case of specific needs or clinical doubts, by the Medical Director.


The Paramedic will perform the rapid assessment at scene to determine the need of supplementary emergency services such as firefighters or police will initiate life-sustaining BLS procedures in accordance with NEMS SOPs and will determine the level of care and the most suitable destination together with the OC operator.
The Paramedic will be responsible of providing medical care and treatment, administering intravenous fluids and medications, performing low resources point of care diagnostics.
The paramedic is also in charge of securing patient into ambulance and monitoring the patient’s condition while reaching the designated hospital or PHU. Upon arrival at the health facility, he/she will document patient’s medical history and information about the treatment provided during the prehospital phase providing an organized and concise hand over report to the receiving health facility.
The Paramedic will also be in charge of filling appropriate patient and daily activity documentation forms.
The Paramedic will be responsible of taking care, renew the ambulance medical equipment, check, replace the used and damaged supplies, and restock all supplies in the ambulance.
Add the responsibility tom promptly answer the call from OC Operators, ensuring that the telephone is under coverage of network.
The Paramedic will have to be flexible in accepting any other duties and tasks, compatible with her/his job title and function that from time to time might be assigned to her/him from the supervisors.

SECHN, RN, CHO and NEMS Paramedic Certificate.
Minimum of two years’ experience in related field.

To apply, please send your application (
a mandatory cover letter and an updated CV with at least 3 references) to the following email address: 


NEMS Head Office

49j Spur Road, Freetown

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only email applications sent to the above email address will be included in the pool of applicants to be assessed by NEMS.


Deadline for sending application: October 28, 2020


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