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Total Quality Manager

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Fri, 14/05/2021 - 17:00




A reputable financial institution is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals for the following positions:


POSITION:   Total Quality Manager



-          Deploy the Strategic Quality Plan at the operational level and provide overall quality leadership to the organization

-          Drive the continuous improvement efforts throughout the operation in support of Total Quality Leadership, the Organization's Quality System and the Organization's Business System

-          Provide support in Total Quality Leadership to customers, suppliers, and partners of the organization



-          To create an environment and culture where all staff strive to produce quality products and services for the customer with zero defects

-          Ensure effective communications are maintained throughout the company to continuously improve the Quality standards

-          Manage an effective quality sampling, testing and inspection service to ensure that products meet required specifications and standards

-          Planning, organizing and conducting internal and external audits for verifying effective implementation of the Quality System

-          To maintain a constant awareness of the business context and company profitability

-          To involve, educate and align everyone around the corporate objectives, corporate values and future strategy of the company

-          Be a Client interface to assess the satisfaction of the client on a project and overall satisfaction with the organization’s services.

-          Participate in the evaluation and processing of Client Feedback (positive and negative)

-          Provide input to Management and project teams related to the client’s rating and expectations of the organization related to Client Satisfaction and Feedback.

-          Work with the Client and the management to resolve client concerns.

-          Issue Corrective Action Reports within the organization as necessary to address client concerns or nonconforming issues 

-          Ensure employees are aware of quality requirements through quality indoctrination and training in best practices 

-          Oversee, motivate, and mentor employees to be responsible for managing their own quality by promoting a culture of quality through awareness



Education: Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline


Minimum Experience: Has 5 years’ and above professional experience in quality management or any other related field and this must include 3 years at management level


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


-          Strong documentation keeping best practices

-          Excellent analytical skills, organizational skills, and follow-up skills

-          Excellent written and verbal communication skills

-          Ability to create and deliver presentations

-          Proficiency in Excel, Word, and Power Point - will need to be able to chart and graph trends, create metrics, and track and monitor data

-          Ability to work independently

-          Must be able to communicate with all levels of management.

-          Must be detail oriented and a team player

-          Ability to motivate production/quality performances


Interested candidates should please send your Curriculum Vitae/Resume together with an application to: on or before Friday 14th May 2021.


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