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National Programme Development and Partnership Expert

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National Programme Development and Partnership Expert

Main Duty Station:

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mission/s to:

To be approved separately  

Start of Contract (EOD):

1 July 2021

End of Contract (COB):

30 December 2021

Type of contract:



6 months (with a possibility of extension)



The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. The mandate of UNIDO is to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in developing countries and economies in transition.


As per the Director General’s Administrative Instruction No. 24, UNIDO Country Programmes (CPs) are a framework that will provide the Organization with a means for checking its operations. They provide Project Managers with a common frame of reference during project identification and enable them to address the identified goals of the Organisation at the country level, in a coherent manner. This ensures that national priorities are properly addressed, and promotes the ownership of Member States. UNIDO's technical cooperation activities should, as a matter of practice, address the specified scope of the Country Programme. Exceptions would only be considered in the case of dramatic changes in national circumstances, such as a change of Government or catastrophic natural disasters or conflict, which would render the Country Programme's context so substantially inappropriate that non-programmed activities would need to be implemented.


Furthermore, and following the launch of the Administrative Instruction on UNIDO Country Programmes of 4 June 2019, the Organization also committed to incorporating key Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) features, as much as possible, throughout its modalities of technical cooperation and services to Member States, in line with the recommendations of the Independent Mid-Term Evaluation of the PCP.




On 18th December 2018, the Government of Sierra Leone, through H.E. Minister of Trade and Industry, requested UNIDO via an official letter of request to formulate a new Country Program (CP). A letter dated 13th March 2020 also requested UNIDO to support the development of a National Industrial Policy. The Government highlighted industrialization as one of its key priorities to accelerate and diversify economic growth, given its key role in exports increase, imports dependency reduction, creation of jobs and generation of wealth. The received letter also acknowledged the importance of strong partnerships, as well as UNIDO’s role in partnership and resource mobilization and its valuable contribution to the country’s economic development and inclusive growth through provision of technical assistance and support over the years.


The overall strategic goal of the future Country Programme for Sierra Leone will thus be to contribute to a knowledge-driven, sustainable and inclusive economic growth of the country. The aim of the preparatory (programming) phase will be to develop a Country Programme document, with relevant actions contributing to the overall CP objective and prepare the terrain for its implementation. The CP Screening Form, approved by the UNIDO Executive Board in March 2021 and the UNIDO Country Industry Profile for Sierra Leone will serve as the basis for the preparation of the programme document, in addition to the additional, targeted desk research, as necessary, and consultations with relevant national counterparts, stakeholders and UNIDO’s technical departments.


Responding to the relevant challenges and opportunities in Sierra Leone, the Country Programme will be structured in five main focus areas:

  1. Focus area 1 – Enhanced policy environment and SME promotion, with focus on women and youth
  2. Focus area 2 – Agribusiness development
  3. Focus area 3 – Promotion of renewable energy technologies
  4. Focus area 4 – Increasing trade and competitiveness
  5. Focus area 5 – Environmental Management and compliance to MEAs.


The CP focus areas and their pertinent components will be further elaborated during the CP programming phase. In addition, relevant interventions will be identified for each of the components, in coordination with UNIDO’s technical departments. In parallel, the partner mobilization strategy will be prepared and the mobilization efforts launched, which will also entail communication with relevant funding partners and preparation of project proposals and concept notes. Nonetheless, the planned CP is not envisioned as a rigid portfolio of projects. It is rather flexible and will allow integration of potential new projects at a later stage as well, in line with the country’s needs for UNIDO’s technical assistance.


The National Programme Development and Partnership Expert will provide substantive support on the development of the CP Sierra Leone. S/He will work under the direct supervision of the UNIDO Country Representative in Sierra Leone, who also holds the function of the Country Programme Manager. S/He will also carry out the relevant duties in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations of UNIDO and these Terms of Reference.


Specifically, the National Programme Development and Partnership Expert will be responsible for the following tasks:







1. Draft the Country Programme document, including the preparation of the Theory of Change (ToC), the results framework and investment/resource mobilisation plan of the future CP, in line with UNIDO’s IRPF and QAF and in coordination with the UNIDO Country Representative and Project Manager in Vienna

Relevant draft document is of high quality and is delivered timely. Regular participation in team coordination meetings and stakeholder workshops, as relevant, for successful finalization of the exercise.


July – August 2021


Missions as required




































Missions as required

2. Assist the UNIDO programming team in the management and technical implementation of the programming phase and help to maintain a conducive project environment.

This includes management of the technical meetings/seminars, CP promotion and investment, review and validation and other activities as necessary.

Communication conducted with technical project teams as relevant.

Calendar updated regularly. Meeting minutes elaborated

July – October 2021

3. Support the UNIDO Representation in all UN Sierra Leone and UNSDCF related activities, including the UN INFO and Comms/M&E Working Group etc.

UNIDO participates effectively in the UN Sierra Leone and UNSDCF and its contribution is recognized

July – December 2021

4. Prepare a CP communication plan and a CP partner map (including an action plan) and support their implementation.

Communication Plan elaborated and implemented

Partner Map elaborated and partner mobilization undertaken through meetings, briefings, communication outreach

July – August 2021

5. Assist the UNIDO Country Representative (UCR) and the project managers (PM) in the technical departments with the organization of potential missions to the country in order to coordinate and gather relevant inputs for the CP document.

This includes preparation of travel requests, visa requirements, security clearance, payments, expense reports and travel summaries.

Administrative arrangements and logistics completed, meetings with national counterparts settled.

Official missions in line with UNIDO rules and procedures, and UN security

July – November 2021

6. Coordinate with and regularly report to the CP Manager on the progress of the assignment.

Participation in weekly coordination meetings with the CP Manager

July –December 2021

7. Perform any other duties at the request of the UCR and PM.

Duties carried out timely

July – December 2021

8. Prepare End-of-Assignment report

End-of-Assignment report

December 2021




Core values:

  • We live and act with Integrity
  • We show Professionalism
  • We respect Diversity


Core competencies:

  • We focus on people
  • We deliver our results and responsibilities
  • We communicate and earn trust
  • We think outside the box and innovate



Education: University degree in economics, international development and relations, business management, industrial engineering or equivalent that is relevant for private sector promotion.


Technical and Functional Experience:

  • A minimum of 3years practical experience in the areas of economic or private sector development and experience working in an international environment, particularly the UN system
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Sierra Leone’s political system and the institutional setup, as well as the main socio-economic challenges and relevant national policies and strategies.
  • Excellent writing and analytical capabilities, experience in project design, monitoring and management.
  • Experience in the area of private sector development and partner mobilization. Knowledge of public and private sector institutions, local social and economic conditions, particularly in industry, investment, agribusiness, ICT, blue economy, entrepreneurship, energy and environment.
  • Demonstrated effective skills in communicating with stakeholders in private sector, national and local government.
  • Computer literacy (MS Office, data base management).


Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English.


Competency-based CV and application should be sent to on or before 29th May 2021


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