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Obstetric Cover Doctor

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Wed, 16/06/2021 - 17:00


The Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) is a Non-Governmental charitable hospital located in Aberdeen, Freetown providing free surgical services to the women of Sierra Leone for correction of disorders arising from protracted labor; we are also providing free maternity services and an outpatient pediatric clinic for children between birth and fifteen years old.  

For its operations, AWC is looking for qualified Sierra Leoneans to fill the following position:


Position:       Part Time Obstetric Cover Doctor (Evenings and Weekend Cover)

Job Type:      Full time

Job Location:    Aberdeen Freetown

Department:      Obstetrics Maternity / Fistula Department

Reports to:      Clinical Director


Purpose of the Role

The part time Obstetric cover doctor will be responsible for the clinical care in the hospital during their time on call. The work up of patients from history taking, examination, ordering and interpreting investigations, along with assessment of fetal well-being is expected in this role. As a maternity unit, we provide not only maternal care, but neonatal care also. This role requires the ability to undertake caesarean sections, instrumental delivery, perineal repair and manage the obstetric emergencies. It requires an insight as to when help is necessary, and ability to reach out to those around you for escalation of care.     


This role also requires leadership of the clinical team while on duty, and liaison and effective communication with the senior cover is expected. The Obstetric doctor takes responsibility for all patients and their babies that come to the hospital during their time on call.

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Shift hours start promptly at 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. The shift is finished when you have physically handed over the patients to the next duty doctor. Ideally handover should commence at 0730 to allow the night doctor to leave by 8am.  

  • Oversee daily activities in the maternity

  • It is sometimes necessary to assist with fistula patient care, but this should be in close liaison with the fistula surgeon. 

  • Provide consultations and treatment to AWC patients including referral when necessary.

  • Responsible for prescriptions of drugs for patients.

  • Ensure clear and effective handover of all antenatal patients, labouring mothers and “problem” postnatal patients is done at the beginning and end of the shift

  • Ensure that ward rounds are done during the shift hours. Also, to ensure that a walk through of the labour ward occurs at least every 4 hours during your shift. 

  • Decisions regarding a patient should be undertaken after sufficient information has been obtained, and if instruction over the phone is given, follow up clinical assessment of high-risk patients in person is always necessary. (Please also see policy to for definitions of “high risk”)

  • Decisions of antenatal patients should be taken in conjunction with the senior AWC doctor cover. Do not discharge high risk patients without discussing the case first with the senior AWC doctor. 

  • Provide consultations and treatment to AWC staff during shift hours.

  • Provide emergency neonatal assessment, care and support, and arrange for transfer to SCBU if necessary. If transfer is indicated to complete a record in the neonatal transfer file, so we can follow up.

  • To tend to the emergency and medical needs of an SGBV patient (for example, Malaria, or head injury), and alert the senior AWC doctor of the patient’s arrival so s/he can complete the pelvic examination and documentation.  

Supervision of staff

  • To provide clinical support as well as team leadership to staff, encouraging healthy team dynamics, morale and good overall relationships.

  • Ensure that staff are punctual during shift hours and attend for their respective handovers.

  • Ensure staff are fulfilling their duties and escalate if necessary; examples include frequent fetal monitoring, vital signs monitoring and completing the pantograph.  

  • Address staff issues that arise during shift hours, i.e. interpersonal conflicts or clinical performance issues that are witnessed during the shift. This should be done in conjunction with AWC senior doctor and relevant supervisors. 



  • Ensure that patient records and charts are completed and properly filed.

  • Liaise with OPC, Lab, Pharmacy, Stores departments regarding safety and health of patients and staff. Escalate concerns to senior AWC doctor cover. 

  • Ensure that supplies required for patient care and staff usage are available.

  • Update and inform management / consultant Obstetrician on any incidences that arise during the work shift.

Private consultations to non AWC registered patients are not allowed at AWC premises during shift hours.


How to apply

Applicants should send their CV (max pages) and a one page Cover Letter to the Human Resources and Admin Manager, Aberdeen Women’s Centre via email with the subject line “Stores Officernot later than Friday 18th June 2021. 

We are an equal opportunities employer”.  Women are strongly encourage to apply.


Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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