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Finance & Admin

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Wed, 20/10/2021 - 17:00

Department: Finance & Admin 

Reporting to: Executive Director 

Position Title: Finance and Admin manager

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Location: Freetown (70 Freetown and 30 % Regional Offices) 


JOB SUMMARY: The primary function of the Admin and Finance Manager is to develop, manage and administer  SLaDA’s plans for proper recording, documentation, control, monitoring and reporting of financial operations in  compliance with SLaDA and donor rules and regulations. The Admin and Finance Manager is solely responsible for  planning, organizing and directing all financial and general administration of SLaDA. S/he manages financial systems  of the organization, ensuring that control measures are implemented. S/he provides oversight of the day-to-day  financial operations, and is accountable for organizing and providing high level quality financial series to SLaDA  programs, projects and units. 



JOB RESPONSIBILITY# 1: Financial System Operations Management and Data Processing 

  • The Admin and Finance Manager plays a crucial coordination and management role in financial system  operations to ensure the system is functioning properly and is being used effectively by staff. 
  • S/he provides day-to-day oversight of financial operations and ensures efficient process flows and  controls over finance and accounting functions are processed in the system accurately and reported to  donors, management and other partners timely. 
  • Work with Executive Director to prepare and review all funding application budgets
  • Ensure policies, procedures and other quick reference guides are available to staff and  disseminated  
  • Determine short and long term cash needs and coordinate cash requests and approvals,  including the submission of cash flow projections 
  • Ensure journal entries are processed timely and accurately and cash receipts are recorded  properly  
  • Supervise the quality and integrity of financial data and supporting documentation and ensure  completeness of data recorded in the system. 
  • Ensure costs/expenses are managed properly within approved budgets 

JOB RESPONSIBILITY# 2: Financial Analysis, Compliance and Control”  


  • Perform quality reviews and analyses of books as well as financial performance reports and provide  feedback to the National Director to improve financial management (Bank reconciliation, balance  sheet, income statement, grants/contracts report, actual expenses vs budgets, payroll allocation,  etc.)  
  • Ensure compliance with SLaDA’s accounting policy and procedures and generally accepted  accounting principles (GAAP) 
  • Ensure the payroll and other systems provide adequate controls  
  • Review all leases, agreements and/or contracts that require current and future use of the  organization’s assets and make any relevant recommendations to the National Director 
  • Ensure SLaDA complies with donor rules and regulations  
  • Ensure SLaDA prepares for annual financial and donor audits  
  • Facilitate internal and external audits, and assist the National Director in preparing responses to audit  findings as well as planning and implementing audit recommendations  
  • Ensure cash deposit are done for all condom sales activity on a daily basis with relevant documents  in place 


JOB RESPONSIBILITY# 3: General Administration 


  • Ensures functionality of the information technology systems  
  • Work with relevant staff to establish a central asset management system by ensuring that SLaDA’s  universal coding system for the Furniture Fixture and Equipment items (FF/E) is applied in all  locations. Establish and maintain guidelines for property/assets items movement, and develop and  implement the maintenance plan for property/assets items and ensure the proper safe guard and  disposition plan of these items  
  • Responsible for NGO MODEP and SLaNGO registration  


JOB RESPONSIBILITY# 4: Staff Management and Development (Talent Management and Capacity  Building)


  • Identify gap in skills, develop training materials and provide training in accounting and financial  management as needed  
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop and manage talent in the admin and finance department  KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS



  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Management 
  • Desired: Master’s degree in Business Administration or Accounting  
  • At least 5 years’ experience in not-for-profit financial, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting,  grants/contract management and business management  
  • Solid accounting systems experience and thorough understanding of financial accounting,  reporting, grants and contract management processes  
  • Ability to quickly learn new systems, processes and procedures and adapt local practices to global  standards 
  • Ability to work on teams, work at detailed level and understand the larger picture Facilitations skills to conduct training sessions for small, medium and large sized groups 
  • Solid analytical skills, problem solving and experience working with donors  
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; Customer focused while handling multiple priorities 
  • Good management, coaching and negotiation skills 
  • Proficiency in using financial software applications  
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Excel and Word


 Application should be sent to :  OR The Executive Director Sierra Leone Social Marketing and Development Agency- SLaDA