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May 26, 2023
Application ends: June 9, 2023

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Call for interest

Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited (Vimetco SMHL) is presently calling on interested mining haulage truck providers in and outside of Sierra Leone to provide transportation service for its bauxite from it mining pits to washing plant and port (distances can vary from 5 km to 40 km).


To be selected for this service the intending service provider should fulfil all the below criteria Haul trucks should be ((30-32ton, or 10 and 12 tyres made with bucket size — 19-25 m3), rigid dump trucks specifically engineered for use in high-production mining environments: The trucks will be multi-Se in order to be effective in the area of operation.


• Competitive pricing

• Ability to meet specifications and standards

• Ability to adhere to SMHL safety and operational mandates

• All haulage trucks should be of high quality

• Reliable delivery methods

• Quality control methods and practices

• Technical abilities and leadership

• Financial stability & credit strength

• Payment conditions/requirements

• Spare parts availability

• Proven performance and experience

• Service support resources available

• Previous experience and past performance as a haulage service provider.

If Interested in being added to our list of selected haulage truck providers, please send through your request for our questionnaire form, fill and submit on or before 9th/06/2023. Time for submission of interest should be 5:30pm at the address below.


Sierra Mineral Holdings 1, Limited

52 Wellington Street, Freetown

Republic of Sierra Leone, West Africa

Email :

Mobile Number; 099-001-135