Head of Grants,  Resourcing, and   compliance 

Application ends: September 29, 2022

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Job Description


Job title Head of Grants,  Resourcing, and  


Reporting to Country Director 

Location Freetown with expected  travels 

Welbodi Partnership 






Works very closely to steer  financial, operational and  grants compliance, with close  contact with donors. 

Welbodi Partnership (WP) is a UK-registered charity working to reduce maternal and child mortality  and morbidity in Sierra Leone. Since 2008, Welbodi Partnership has worked in partnership with  hospital management, health facility staff, and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to improve  maternal and child health outcomes in the Western Area of Sierra Leone.  

We do this through a range of bold innovative partnerships models across health system  strengthening activities, staff training, hospital improvement projects, and community engagement. 

Our vision is that all women and children in Sierra Leone will have access to effective essential  healthcare services characterized by respect and dignity for all. Our mission is to build the capacity  and effectiveness of the health system in Sierra Leone using evidence-based practice to reduce the  number of women and children who are sick, suffer, or die unnecessarily. 

Our programmes are bold, future-facing, and innovative and cut across support to Ola During  Children’s Hospital, the only national tertiary referral hospital for paediatric, supporting maternal  health and research capacity building across Sierra Leone through implementation of the CRIBS  Research Programme. 




  1. Deliver Lasting Results 
  2. Working in Partnership 
  3. Health Systems Approach 
  4. Valuing People 
  5. Evidence based approach 

For further information, please see: www.welbodipartnership.org 


The Role :

Welbodi is looking for strategic-thinking, analytic, and multidonor-grounded compliance senior leader  with ability to oversee fast-paced resources/funding oversight whilst ensuring best practices in  compliance. 

We are looking for an incumbent with experience in donor relationships management, country portfolio  resourcing, large complex grants administration and pedigree in single entity and consortium structure  compliance processes.

The successful candidate will report to the Country Director and provide inputs in annual strategic  planning, grants mapping and resourcing cycle tracking processes with backstopping responsibility to  identify, track, manage, and improve grants, country office and partners compliance processes and  systems.

Key Responsibilities:  

Reporting to the Country Director with oversight  mandate of donor controls; the Head of Grants,  Resourcing, and compliance will deliver the following:

Donor reporting, grants regulations/performance and  contracts management 

Lead the drafting, reviews, submission, and feedback  Processes involved in all grants cycles. 

Provide support to programmes implementation teams on donor standards/requirements for key  


Under Country Director supervision, lead  

management to review grant contracts for alignment  with extant laws and labour standards. 

Conduct regular, necessary, and timely budget  variance analysis (BVA) processes/reports. 

Guide the Finance teams in PFR (period financial  review) processes for institutional grants.  

Track under- or overspend across grants and mitigate  poor performance of donor contracts. 

Lead the programmes implementation, finance, and  operations teams to ensure careful adherence to  Welbodi partnership as well as donor/grants contracts  compliance including adherence to supply  

chain/procurement and financial management and  policies and procedures. 

Serve as the pivot between the program  

implementation and operations/finance side of 

Welbodi and in aligning Welbodi Grants health with  country office program quality. 

Keep up to date with donor regulations, especially  relating to the NIHR, FCDO, USAID, JICA, EU, Irish  Aid, KFW, SIDA, NORAD, GAC, QFFD, WAHO, and 

Evidence of proper  

documentation of grant  

MOUs, SLAs, etc. 

Evidence of number of BVA  and PFR submissions and  

review processes conducted. 

Evidence of number of  

reviews conducted and  

reports submitted. 

Evidence of grants/budgets performance management  

trackers deployed. 

Evidence of archival of grants  agreements and amended  

grants agreements signed off  

by Country Director and  

Welbodi Board.


others, and communicate relevant changes to staff  and partners, ensuring links with HQ in terms of  

global donor strategies and updates on regulations Support the Welbodi Country Office in administering  donor/grant team checks and balances including  desk-based reviews, periodic audits etc. 

In collaboration with the Country Director, review and  sign relevant grants and contracts amendments in line  with Welbodi Partnership strategic direction.

Strategic Excellence and compliance standards Conduct periodic grants performance review  sessions with the finance, operations, and programs implementation teams. 

Conduct continuous real-time performance tracking  against Grants’ KPIs. 

Under supervision of the Country Director and in  collaboration with management teams, 

develop strategies and donor compatible internal  systems to sustain high compliance performance  across the Welbodi CP. 

In collaboration with Operations, Finance and  Programs implementation teams carry out high  

quality reporting of all institutional funding  

grants/ contracts in Sierra Leone.  

Support overall overarching compliance of all teams to Welbodi Partnership high standards of  


Evidence of number of  

reviews conducted and  

reports submitted. 

Evidence of grants/budgets performance management  

trackers deployed. 

# Of compliance  



Evidence of grants  

submission and donor high  

performance rating scores.

Resourcing, grants strategy, portfolio management Facilitate and participate in periodic planning  Processes for all donor submissions. 

Identify and engage key stakeholders relevant to  nurturing Welbodi Partnership’s in-country portfolio. Participate in and facilitate decision making around resourcing, fund raising, commitment of WP to  

contract processes.

Approved, disseminated, and  shared annual planning  


Database of relevant donor/grant  frameworks


Compliance policies’ development, cascade, and risk management 

With the oversight of the country director, assess  relevant compliance policy needs to improve Welbodi  partnership internal systems. 

Conduct regular central and field level checks for  relevant policy compliance. 

With the Country Director, the Head of Grants,  Resourcing and Compliance will identify, Isolate,  mitigate, manage, and prevent live and potential  

Welbodi Country Program operational risks. 

Maintain and update in-country risks register in line  with global best practices. 

Develop a risk and compliance RAG rating system for grants and donor processes.  


# Of compliance policies in place. 

Detailed and regular risk register  analysis and update. 

Presence of feasible RAG rating  system for CP grants risks.

All other duties/functions as designated by Welbodi  Partnership Country Director in line with the CP strategic priorities. TBD



  • Familiarity with performance management tools and systems including MRPs (monthly reporting packs), MERs (month end reviews), SUN, Infor BI. 
  • Demonstrated management and organizational skills, with meticulous attention to detail. Strategic and innovative thinker with proven ability to communicate a vision. Excellent IT, interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills. 
  • Demonstrated financial skills: budget monitoring and financial reporting. 
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills: providing solutions to challenging situations. Demonstrated management skills in emergency situations. 
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas with others. 
  • Ability to learn and apply new skills and techniques on the job. 
  • Ability to work effectively with others in a cross-cultural environment, as a leader and influencer.



Personal attributes 

  • Auditable pedigree in resource/contracts management
  • Integrity and an ethos of incorruptibility.
  • Motivated and hardworking.
  • Openness to learn, relearn and unlearn.
  • Strong ability to manage time well and work to multiple and strict deadlines under pressure. Reliable and conscientious approach to duties.
  • Passionate about improving maternal healthcare in Sierra Leone and a keen interest in Health System Strengthening.
  • Absolute commitment to teaching and learning and skills improvement of others.



  • Fluent written and spoken English. 
  • Willingness to accept basic living and working conditions. 
  • Commitment to the goals and principles of Welbodi Partnership.





  • Bachelors and/or Masters qualification/degree(s) in grants management, accounting, business administration, public health, or another related field. 
  • Additional Post-graduate certifications and charters are an added advantage. (and/or background of relevant pedigree in fast-paced performance-driven social enterprise organizations is also equivalent).




  • Previous experience working in business-focused health organizations with social enterprise models and performance tracking tools like SUN, Power/Info BI, Kobocollect is critical
  • Experience in local partner, consortium partner oversight and management are key.
  •  Familiarity with donor registration platforms like PADOR is an advantage
  • At least four years’ upper middle/senior management experience is preferred.
  • Management- level experience to include contracts oversight, budgets holding responsibility, fundraising, operations, and finance management.
  • Experience in proposal and report writing with a proven ability to secure donor funding.
  • Experience in the charity sector and/or in impoverished, post-conflict, or other challenging environments.



**We are open to considering exceptional and committed candidates with less management  experience if they possess the energy and skill set to drive our organisation forward. 


Knowledge of relevant evidence-based approaches to improving maternal, neonatal, and child health,  and of national and international strategies and frameworks in these areas. 


Fluency in Krio and/or other local languages desirable. 


In addition to the key job responsibilities detailed in this job description all employees and volunteers  at Welbodi Partnership are expected to comply with the general duties outlined below and detailed in  full in our policies. 



Welbodi Partnership is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young  people, and vulnerable adults. All staff and volunteers are therefore expected to behave in such a way  that supports this commitment. Applicants for this position should be aware that if successful, they will 

be requested to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, or equivalent in countries  other than the UK. The Welbodi Partnership complies fully with the DBS Code of Practice. 



Welbodi Partnership complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY 

Welbodi Partnership is committed to a comprehensive policy of Equal Opportunities in volunteering  and employment in which individuals are selected and treated based on their relevant merits and  abilities and are given equal opportunities within the organisation. It is the Welbodi Partnership’s  policy as an employer to treat all people equally irrespective of race, ethnic origin, nationality, sex,  marital or parental status, gender, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, or political belief. 



Welbodi Partnership operates in tertiary and primary healthcare facilities in one of the world’s poorest  countries. Consequently, working conditions can be challenging, including many things we take for  granted in other working environments, such as running water, power, communications, staff  competency and regular supplies of essential medicines and equipment – many of these things are  not a given in the environments where we work. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure a  safe working environment, this is a challenging context, much of which is out of our control. Welbodi  Partnership places a strong emphasis on staff health and well-being and strives to always ensure staff  comfort. 



This job description should be viewed as a guide to the duties required and is not definitive or  restrictive in any way. The duties of the post may be varied from time to time in response to changing  circumstances. 



Based on job competency alignment to internal pay scales. The full remuneration package will be  discussed with shortlisted candidates. 


How to apply :

APPLICATION PROCESS: The closing date for applications is the 29th of September 2022 – we  encourage potential applicants to submit as soon as possible. 

To apply for this position please send your cover letter, CV and contact details of 3 referees in one  email to jobs@welbodipartnership.org using the following subject title: Application – HEAD OF  GRANTS, RESOURCING AND COMPLIANCE. 

Please include the following in your cover letter (2 pages maximum): 

Reasons for applying to this position 

Overview of key experience related to this post 

Your country of residence and nationality 

Date you are able to commence and duration of availability 

Please note CVs should be no more than 4 pages long. Please do not send any additional  documentation at this stage. 

For any queries relating to the position, please email jobs@welbodipartnership.org.