November 20, 2023
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Job Description






SOS Children’s Villages was established in Sierra Leone in 1974. We work with government and partners in communities to help families care for their children or to provide an alternative family for children who have no one to care for them, or who have lost parental care or are exposed to risks of neglect, abandonment, abuse and exploitation. Located in Freetown, Bo and Makeni, SOS Children’s Villages Sierra Leone has a wide range of programmes, in which the love of a caregiver is essential, to ensure children grow in a loving home and become their strongest selves.


Our Vision: Every child belongs to a family and grows up with love, respect and security.

Our Mission: We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures, 

and we share in the development of their communities.


Our Values: Courage





Programmes include Alternative Care settings, Interim Care Centres, Youth care programmes that support more than 530 children and young people leaving in villages and in communities. In addition to quality care, we advocate for children, young people and women’s right, protection, safeguarding and empowerment. SOS Children’s Villages also provide quality education to over 4,000 students through its Herman Gmeiner International Schools, Kindergartens and Technical Vocational/ Employability and Entrepreneurship Training Centre in support of care-exit strategies and reintegration processes. Other projects include the Youth Innovation challenge & Youth-Can! which support young entrepreneurs with their businesses and young people on their quest to employment. The emergency programmes aid vulnerable families cope with the impact of COVID-19 and the economic downturn to prevent family separation. 


In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sierra Leone, SOS Children’s Villages proposed a project to be implemented using a multi-track programmatic approach. The project aimed at cushioning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable children, young persons and their families in Bo and Bombali districts and Western Area Urban. With funding from Hermann Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland and in collaboration with government line ministries and community leaders, the project intended to achieve the following key results:  

  • Result 1: COVID-19-affected SOS beneficiaries and community children are protected from contracting the virus and are supported with coping mechanisms to survive the crisis.
  • Result 2: COVID-19-affected children and young people have access to formal and non-formal education systems using online platforms, vocational and skills training opportunities
  • Result 3: Caregivers, children and young people from SOS and the communities, supported with mental health and psycho-social activities, strengthen their adaptation skills and improve their wellbeing
  • Result 4: Covid-19 affected families supported with cash transfers/vouchers survive lockdowns and loss of jobs, thus building resilience to future shocks.
  • Result 5: Young people supported with employability skills and capital for the innovative project become self-reliant and self-employed.
  • Result 6: Existing community-based initiatives are strengthened to promote good parenting and sustained responsibility toward the care and protection of vulnerable children and young people in their communities.


Target beneficiaries



  • 317 SOS children and 218 SOS young people in facilities and communities;
  • 700 vulnerable children living in communities with their families provided food and non-food items, including PPEs.
  • 1500 Covid-19 affected families (average of 4 children and 3 adults) who benefitted from cash transfers
  • 20 young people benefit from vocational and skills training  
  • 25 young people with innovative business ideas supported with cash amount of 25,000 New Leones each




  • 6000 children and 4500 adults (from 1500 affected families)


Based on the background established here above, SOS children’s Villages Sierra Leone is seeking a consultant to conduct a detailed evaluation of the implementation of the Linking Needs and Funds (LNF) project carried out by SOS CV beginning March 2021 to August 2022. The aim of the evaluation is to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.  The consultant will analyse the evaluation outcome in order to and provide a clear picture of how the overall implementation of the project impacted the lives of the target beneficiaries in the three operational locations. 

Objectives of the Evaluation Process 



  • How well did the project results address the needs of the target beneficiaries?



  • Identify how well the input into the plan and activities of the project was appropriate in terms of the output. 
  • Analyze the results obtained with the expenditure incurred and the resources used by the project during the implementation period.



  • Identify and measure of the extent to which a project (or development program) achieves its specific objectives.



  • Identify how likely is it that the project’s achievements will be sustained with specific focus on the youth innovation challenge and youth skill development?


  • Identify how the project activities have been integrated into current practices and structures e.g. CWCs?


General information on request for proposal


Interested individuals, institutions and organizations are welcomed to submit their proposal to conduct a Final Evaluation:  Linking Needs and Funds (Protection and Resilience Building for Covid-19 affected Families and Communities) in Western Area, Bombali and Bo districts. This advert is open to all Sierra Leonean and non-Sierra Leonean independent consultants, and all institutions and organizations that are legally constituted, with updated documents and can provide the requested services. Interested parties shall bear all costs of the proposal (application); costs of a proposal (application) cannot be included as a direct cost of the study. The proposal and all supplementary documents have to be submitted in English, with the financial estimates stated in New Leones (SLE) only. 


Submission of proposal:

The titles of submitted documents should clearly state – “Proposal to Conduct Final Evaluation on the Linking Needs and Funds (LNF) project in Western Area, Bombali, and Bo districts”


The submission can be done electronically in PDF format and sent to,


For any clarification, or to request the Final Evaluation TOR, please contact

Closing date for the submission of proposal is Friday1st December, 2023

Only the successful candidates will be contacted.

In accordance with the organisation’s child protection policy, all employment is subject to applicable background checks, including criminal record checks (police clearance).

What We Stand For:

SOS Children’s Villages is committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment, which promotes its core values, and prevents and addresses child abuse and exploitation. We strongly condemn all forms of child abuse and exploitation, be it within or outside of our organisation, and always respond to any case of proven, alleged or attempted abuse within our sphere of influence according to its nature. Efforts ensure that mechanisms are in place to raise awareness, aid prevention, encourage reporting and ease response. They range from human resource development actions such as training and counselling to measures such as suspension, dismissal, and legal action.