Request for Quotation-Assessment and Solar electrification of three schools

January 24, 2023
Application ends: January 30, 2023

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Job Description


Request for Quotation (RfQ)

Tittle: Assessment and Solar electrification of three schools in Koinadugu District. 


Project Title: Community Action for Child Protection and Education (CAPE)

Project Location: Sengbeh, Wara Wara Yagala and Gbonkobokayaka chiefdoms in Koinadugu    District

Project Duration: January – March 2023 (3 months)

Job Duration:  1 month (including assessment, construction, wiring and electrification and handing over

  • Overview of ChildFund:


ChildFund International is a child-focused international development organization that works throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas to connect children with the people, resources and institutions they need to grow up safe, healthy, educated and skilled, wherever they are. Delivered through over 250 local implementing partner organizations, ChildFund’s programs address the underlying conditions that prevent any child or youth from achieving their full potential. We place a special emphasis on child protection throughout our approach because violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect can reverse developmental gains in an instant. Last year, we reached 13.6 million children and family members in 24 countries.

ChildFund has had a presence in Sierra Leone since 1st July 1985. Key program interventions in 1985 were in primary education and school infrastructure. This was later diversified to include health, youth programs, food security and income generating projects with associated small loans for investment in small business development. 

  • Project Summary:

With funding from ChildFund Korea, ChildFund Sierra Leone in partnership with DAINDEMBEN FEDERATION is currently implementing a 36-months project in 5 communities and schools in 3 three chiefdoms in Koinadugu District. The overall objective of the action is to ensure All children are protected from all forms of violence and fulfil their rights to live in a safe environment in Koinadugu district. 

  • Job Summary

As a complementary package, with additional funds from ChildFund Koreas, ChildFund Sierra Leone will be electrifying three Schools with solar facilities in Koinadugu District. The overall objective of this electrification is to ensure that teachers and pupils in the selected schools in Koinadugu district have access to clean and renewable energy to improve learning outcomes and increase protection. 

  • Objective

The specific objective of the RfQ is to secure the services of a firm or an individual (solar engineer) that will assess the targeted schools in the selected communities and determine how the solar electrification will be done within the slated timeframe. 

  • Summary Scope of work: 

The assessment and electrification will be carried out in the undermentioned schools in the following schools in Koinadugu District:

Chiefdom Community School
Sengbeh Koinadugu 2 Movement of Faith Junior Secondary school
Wara Wara Yagala Senekedugu DEC primary school
Sengbeh Malaforia DEC primary school

  • Detailed scope of work and methodologies:

Below is a comprehensive schedule of the tasks the prospective firm or consultant will be required to execute:


  1.  Quick Assessment of School facilities 

ChildFund will contract a renewable energy company or consultant for the full installation of solar system in three schools. Prior to the installation, the company or consultant will conduct a quick but thorough assessment of the selected school facilities to further ascertain the suitability to install solar power systems in the schools. This assessment will also identify the possible security threats and agree with the school and community authorities on the site to construct a hub for holding the solar panels. After the assessment, ChildFund will give the go ahead for the commencement of the site construction and installation of the solar system. 

  •  Project Launch

ChildFund together with co-implementers (Daindemben & Solar company) will officially launch the project. This will be through notification and engagement of the relevant line ministries at national levels. In addition, ChildFund will launch the project at the district and the selected communities and schools. This action will serve as a good base for visibility and sustainability of the project. 


  1.  Construction of installation hub/site    

The Solar company or consultant that will be contracted will lead the construction of a suitable hub to host the panels. This will be done after the Quick assessment. The construction of the hub will take into consideration the weight of the solar panels and safety. 

  • Wiring of school structures 

The solar vendor will wire the selected school structures to make provision electronic connection switches with the buildings that the students and teachers will use to connect the applicable devices. This wiring will be done with preventive and security measures for the safety and sustainability of the solar systems. 

  • Training of Users and Handing Over and Lighting of Schools

The prospective firm or consultant will conduct a user-training for the school personnel for proper management of the facilities. After which, ChildFund together with its partners will officially turn on the solar systems in the schools and handover them to the school authorities. The handing over will be done to the School Management Committees (SMCs). The SMC and the School administrations will assign a team or an individual for the supervision of the use of the system.

  • Timeline:
Activities  Timelines
Jan-23 Feb-23 March -23
  1. Quick Assessment of School facilities  
X X  
  1. Project Launch 
  1. Construction of installation hub/site 
  1. Wiring of school structures  
  1. Training of School personnel on Management of the SOLAR facilities 
  1. Handing Over and Lighting of Schools 

  • Required Reports:
  1. Inception Report:  The consultant should share detailed work plan and proposed budget. 
  2. Assessment Report: The prospective firm or consultant will prepare and submit a detailed report indicating clearly the status of the school facilities 
  3. Final Report: The prospective firm or consultant will prepare and submit service completion report before final payment. 

  • Profile of prospective Firm/Consultant: 
  • Experienced solar installation and management firm or engineer with more than three years track records in Sierra Leone. 
  • Capable of executing the tasks indicated in the technical description in Annex-A
  • Availability to execute tasks within the slated period with high quality work
  • Capable of training school personnel as users of the 
  • Readily available to carry out the assessment  
  • Available to provide remote support to the schools
  • Can provide one year warranty for the solar panels.  


The deadline for expression of interest is Monday 30th January, 2023.  


Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Procurement Committee through

Or Hand Delivery at ChildFund’s Office: 84 Regent Road, Hill Station, Freetown, Sierra Leone 


  • Successful consultant or firm will be required to read and sign the ChildFund Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedure
  • Upon successful selection, the consultant or firm will be required to sign a contract that will clearly capture the conditions for this work. 


Annex – A: 

Annex A – Installation of Solar Power (for 3 entire schools = 18 classrooms in total)
Activity Technical Description
Quick Assessment
of school facilities
Assessment of school facilities
Installation of
Solar Panel
545Wp Solar Panel (545Wp Jenko Monocrystalline ) – Jenko Solar 
Inverter 48/3000V/35 (MultiPlus 48V/3000VA) -Victron Energy 
Smart Solar 150/85 MPPT -Solar Charge Controller 
Batteries (GEL) 12V, 220AH -Gel Deep Cycle batteries 220Ah/12V 
Mounting Structure with Lightning Rod 
Cables and Accessories 
Installation in Koinadugu
Solar power house to store batteries/inverter plus additional solar accessories
Electrical Wiring 
Material for Wiring buildings 
Remote Monitoring Remote monitoring
management and
usage of solar power
Training of school stakeholders on Solar Usage
Hand over ceremony Hand over ceremony