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September 18, 2023
Application ends: September 30, 2023

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Post title:         Supply Chain Officer    

Agreement Status:     Full Time Position 

Duty Station:                                KENEMA

Salary:                          Based on the organization scale 


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. MSF is therefore guided by the principles of neutrality and impartiality. These principles must apply to all MSF staff. 



Organizing and supervising the daily supply chain activities and the teams associated, in the coordination or project level, according to MSF protocols and standards in order to ensure the optimal running of the mission.


  • Supervising and organizing the daily activities of the Supply Chain team, and ensuring they perform the tasks linked to their role
  • Being responsible for the order, purchase, stock and freight management in the project level, monitoring and ensuring an efficient implementation of the overall daily supply chain activities
  • Monitoring and ensuring a smooth-running supply administration and the respect of the implemented supply procedures, proposing adjustments where needed.
  • Being responsible for the supply database and the correct filing and archiving of the supply documentation in order to guarantee the availability and the coherence of supply data
  • Communicating with customers, keeping them up to date concerning their orders status (BO confirmation) and prioritizing procurement and transport according to their needs
  • Collecting claims from the field, analyzing causes and making corrective actions.
  • In coordination with the HR department, supervising the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
  • Informing the Project Supply Manager in case of any major issue and draws-up all required reporting, in order to keep updated and reliable information that will help in decision-making
  • Performing any other tasks within the scope of his role, as directed by supervision and according to the needs of the mission


Procurement (any of  the below task can be delegated to the Purchasing Officer if any at the project level)

  • Collect quotations based on the line manager request – ensuring that there is the following information on it (Validity of the quotation, GST information, Specification of the items, unit price, company name, stock availability, delivery conditions, lead-time, payment terms)
  • Enlarge the market research whenever possible – making sure to bring new potential suppliers in the bid
  • Negotiate  with Suppliers to ensure the best price/quality is found in the market
  • Inform the Project Supply Manager in case of huge discrepancies in the market
  • Organize meeting with Suppliers and Project Supply Manager for negotiation
  • Prepare CBA (Comparative Bid Analysis) with all criteria (price but also availability, lead-time, quality, payment terms…) and get the approval from the line manager
  • Prepare Default of procedure whenever needed
  • Prepare “Advance Request sheet” in order to get an advance from the finance – making sure to write down the PL/PO/PU number
  • Explain to any suppliers MSF rules and the Goods Purchase Conditions of MSF ; the principle of Withholding Taxes above 500,000 SLL making sure that they are always collected when needed
  • Maintain the Purchase Order Follow-up up to date at least once a week
  • Support the Procurement Manager whenever needed to assess the market, find new sources and report any challenge with existing contracts

Communication with Suppliers/Supply team/Requestors

  • Collect signature on the PO/PL/PU of the relevant person based on the Validation Purchase Level. If the validation should be obtained by email – make sure to attach the mail validation to the PO//PL/PU with the below details information (PO/PL/PU number, total number of lines, total amount)
  • Inform the Suppliers about any purchases in order to have the items ready to be delivered/released at the convenient time
  • Inform the warehouse team of the arrival of the items delivered directly by Suppliers  and make sure the Storekeeper as a copy of the PO/PL/PU and a copy of the Reception Control (Status Control)
  • In the case – the items are brought directly by the Purchaser – sign on the Delivery Note of the supplier (if any)
  • Prepare Invoice payment to Finance – ensuring that the invoice has all important information on it (GST, Date, signature, stamp, currency, detailled of items/prices/quantity/specification, PO/PL/PU number, contract number if related to an existing contract, Delivery note if anY and that the Reception Control has been properly signed
  • Provide information to the line manager about the Cash Request for the next month

General Stock Management

  • Ensure that all stock cards are in place and being filled on a weekly basis (conduct spot check on a regular basis)
  • Inventory part:
    • Prepare the inventory making sure that the stock is cleaned, all items are correctly organized, expired items are removed…
    • Communicate with the stock owner and requestor to inform of the closure of the stock for the duration of the inventory
    • Make sure there is enough HR to proceed with the inventory (respecting at least 2 persons per team)
    • Member of counting team 
    • Look for explanation during the inventory
  • Implement the stock strategy defined by the mission
  • Define – based on MSF Standard – the cleaning schedule of each warehouse

Medical Stock Management

  • Ensures that the tools needed to control the temperature/humidity are available in each location
  • Monitor randomly that the temperature is taken twice per days
  • Inform immediately the supervisor in case of a temperature out of range (for keep cool – below 2 degree Celsius or above 8 degrees Celsius ; for normal items – not above 25 degrees)
  • Collect and read the LogTag once per month – or anytime they are flashing red (if they flash red – they should read in order to analyze the reason)
  • Configure LogTags via the Log Tag Reader whenever needed
  • Knows the rules and responsibilities linked to the stock management of Regulated Items (Narcotics, Precursors, Psychotropics) – ensuring that the register book (or Stock Card) are filled properly
  • Put in place – with the support of the Warehouse Manager – a system to ensure the use of the picking strategy First Expired First Out for items with an expiry dates and First In First Out for items without expiry dates

Logistics Stock Management

  • With the support of the Warehouse Manager – define the storage condition for all types of items (DGR, Expiry..)
  • Put in place – with the support of the Warehouse Manager – a system to ensure the use of the picking strategy First Expired First Out for items with an expiry dates and First In First Out for items without expiry dates

Transport Responsibility:

  • Create the transport document (Software Freight Manifest/Packing list and/or manual WayBill /Packing List)
  • With the support of the line manager – define the priority of shipment for the projects
  • Make sure that any shipment leaving the warehouse is properly identified (label) and accompanied by a Packing List and Freight Manifest (or WayBill or Release Note)
  • Send information about the shipment (pdf or word file) the day before the departure of the truck/car
  • Make sure to communicate to the project once per week their dispatch situation (including OR number, code, description, quantity, weight, volume, number of parcels)
  • Liaise with the Log Department to ensure the transport availability


Reception Responsibility:

  • In relation with the line manager and the team in charge of purchase/delivery– organize the reception of important cargo (especially International or 2 months medical order) in order to ensure the space and the resources to ensure a safe/timely offloading
  • Sign on the Freight Manifest/WayBill coming from others locations in order to confirm the reception of the parcels – add a comments when needed (in case of damages/missing boxes for example)
  • In case of items delivered are not falling under any Technical Families – sign on the Reception Control as “Control by”
  • Fill the claim form in case there is any problem with the items delivered and collect signature from the Project Supply Manager

Supply Kit/Document Flow/Archive/Software

  • Respect the Memo/SOP/Tools/Template present in the Supply Kit Sierra Leone and request explanation if anything is not clear
  • Respect the document flow system (tray system if in place) in order to ensure that all documents are correctly located and ease the follow-up
  • Respect the Archive system in place in the mission
  • Ensure that the follow-up tools (Internal Request, Purchase Order) are filled once per week and used to share information with requestors
  • Ensure that the Back-Order Monitoring is properly fill and sent on time to Coordination Supply Team
  • Is responsible of the overview of the opening/closure of all document in the software – making sure that a back-up is taken once a week, all documents are closed on time and the stock is accurate
  • Is responsible to prepare the Supply Monthly Report – including sharing the tools and database

Human Resources Management:

  • Request for Dailyworker in the warehouse when needed – bringing justification for the needs

In relation with the line manager – define the priority of the day/week in order to fulfill the activity in a timely manner


  • Essential degree and specialization in Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Essential in supply chain management (minimum 2 years) and in organization of supply administration and procedures
  • Desirable proven understanding of MSF Field Logistics (general knowledge of MSF equipment and kits)
  • Mission language essential. Local language desirable
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)
  • Results and Quality Orientation L2
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Stress Management L3 

Applications can be submitted to:


MSF Kenema Hospital (Hangha) main gate, MSF Boajibu Base & MSF-Belgium office in Freetown. 

  • Or  –

Applications can be sent to following email ID within deadline: 


Application deadline:


Saturday 30th September 2023– no late applications will be accepted 


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further recruitment process.


Please note that MSF does not reimburse transportation cost if applicants are asked for a test or interview. 

Please indicate “Application for HR Assistant” on the envelope and/or in subject line of the email.


MSF does not charge fee at any stage of its recruitment process. All applications are free for all candidates and no one should require any payment or compensation during the recruitment process. May the candidate be asked for any fee, he/she must report to MSF Administration through the recruitment contact.