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How are we helping

Our biggest advantage is that we provide a centralized and easily accessible information source. A lot of the problems facing people especially the Youths today can be traced back to the nonavailability or high search cost of the information they need to make informed decisions or act upon.

Institutional and Policy Development:

  • Using our data visualization platform currently in-development, policy-makers can use data generated from job-seeker-employer interaction in our job search engine to get both high-level and in-depth overview of the status of different planes of the labor market.  These reports will generally be in form of  system generated graphs and charts; however, they also have the option to download raw data for custom manipulation and charting. This information can be narrowed down using filters and used to help policy-makers make informed decisions.
  • The same platform mentioned in the former point, can be used by policy-makers as a measuring tool to monitor and measure the success of their policies as the effect of these policies on job-seeker, employer interaction can be seen from the platform.

Youth Empowerment:

  • has the potential to promote youth empowerment is various ways:
  • By providing a forum, our online forum, through which youths can discuss employment related issues and make their voices heard.
  • By providing them with a centralized and easily accessible source of information on job opportunities.
  • By providing them with occupational trend analysis so that they can make informed decisions regarding  career choice and further education
  • By providing them with a rich source of articles and career advice.

Employment Promotion:
Our platform aims to provide a centralized source of employment information, internships included, from around the country. This lowers the unavailability, high search cost, and barrier to information on employment opportunities currently being experienced by the Youths and provides readily available source of information on vacancies and internship opportunities.