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Our Advantages

Assists employees or job seekers by:

  • Improving access to vacancy information
  • Reduce time and cost for job search by cutting a travel cost from rural to urban area and receiving job matching information via mobile phone
  • Increase the chance of employment through getting access to more job openings information in a quick and cost-efficient manner, and receiving advice, training, and services to make their work experience and skills look more professional and attractive to employers
  • Helping them identify current and future job market opportunities;
  • Helping them make decisions about their future career development by providing information on the needs of the labor market;
  • Potential increase of income by accessing a better job

Assists employers to:

  • Make better hiring decisions by improving the quantity, diversity and quality of their resume pool.
  • Increased hiring efficiency due to our online application management tools provided to manage, sort and filter received applications
  • Reduce recruiting time by receiving candidates’ latest information on a real-time basis
  • Access information on skills available on the labor market;
  • Make decisions about upgrading their employees’ skills;
  • Reducing recruiting cost
  • Ability to hire people for entry level and low-skill level job, which is sometimes difficult to conduct with existing recruiting services

Assists the Government of Sierra Leone, policy markers and NGOs by:

  • Providing trends, analysis and indicators on the status of our labor market
  • Providing key indicators on demand and supply of labor in Sierra Leone
  • Means by which labor related policies and programs can be evaluated

Assist education providers by:

  • Helping them align course provision with labor market needs through the analysis of labor market trends.