About Candidate

I am currently a team lead and customer support Lead at Innovation SL with two years experience of customer support plus administrative roles with great knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google document, adhered to standard operating processes, prompt to resolve issues and set good record keep practice to both me and team as well with good communication, interpersonal skills and efficient coordinating skills.
Some examples includes;
As a customer support Lead I drive the support team to be more accurate in communicating the company to the customer with documents of detailed scripts as a form of a template that can be easily use, train them to be best also to be good in record keeping and report that why a report spreadsheet was made to show work flow.
As a team leader same was done for all players in the team to adhere to standards and keep good recording practice and transparency in work flow and task assigned to individuals be met by monitoring with respect.
I get excited about opportunities wherein I get to turn problems into solutions cause am a solution driven person that in turn can be digesting by employer and employees.

I love yo connect with new people can reach me at banguramarian138@gmail.com