About Candidate

I am a Supply Chain Management Specialist, a Certified Medical Supply Chain Specialist, Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM) with over 10 years working experience in the field of Procurement and Logistics. I have vast experience working in the Supply Chain of Medical and non-Medical Programs, including Cold Chain operations of Vaccines and other Medications. I have worked with the Global Fund, European Union, DFID, DAI, USAID and MCC supported programs. I undertook official international assignments at the Ghanaian Red Cross for about eight months in 2006 and the Liberian Red Cross for about ten months in 2010 when working with the Sierra Leone Red Cross. I have developed Procurement and Logistics documents and policies for organizations I worked with.

For my education, I have double masters’ degrees, including a master’s degree in Logistics and Procurement (Supply Chain Management).

I have written and published two books on Practical Logistics and Procurement (Supply Chain Management). I have also written a third book specifically on Medical Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I do provide consultancy services on Supply Chain Management functions to organizations.