Program Manager, Project Manager, Coordinator, Logistics, Supervisor, Health Specialist

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Health Care Management 2016
Salem International University

The bachelor’s degree in Corporate Health Management and Well-being offers a uniquely trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspective in health management. During your bachelor degree, you will explore knowledge and principles from the fields of psychology, nutrition, economy, law, health promotion, risk assessment, management, and digitalisation, and have exciting opportunities to practice these. Learn how to shape health practices in the working world by promoting a positive physical and mental health environment through evidence-based practice enabling your organisation to flourish. You will be able to demonstrate a solid foundation in the factors that promote health, or induce illness, in everyday life. This knowledge will be grounded in critical understanding of the psychological, cultural and economic variables.

SECHN 1994
School of Nursing Serabu Mission Hospital

Community health Nursing is the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promote and protect the health of population. It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice.

Diploma in Public Health 1996
College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COHMAS)

The purpose of the Diploma (Dip) in Public Health is to provide an educational opportunity for working professionals for acquiring, strengthening and deepening knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to strengthening health systems and programmes. The qualification is intended to achieve a skilled workforce who are able to assess, plan, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate public health programmes, services or interventions at any level of the health system. Upon achievement of the qualification, a learner will be able to apply public health knowledge, tools, and skills in solving complex problems in healthcare by using a systems approach and evidence-based interventions. The public health tools of epidemiology and biostatistics will enable learners to measure the health status of populations, plan appropriate interventions and interpret the outcomes of interventions. Health promotion and primary healthcare knowledge and skills will aid the learner in designing programmes that focus on disease prevention and health promotion while disease control knowledge and skills will ensure that learners are able to use appropriate disease control strategies. An evidence-based approach is strengthened by the learners’ opportunity to plan a research project that addresses a gap or need.

Nursing Assistant 2013
VIP Nursing San Leandro California USA

1. Help patients use the bathroom 2. Clean and bathe patients or residents 3. Maintain patients’ hygiene and change bedding 4. Turn, reposition and move patients between wheelchairs, seats and beds 5. Measure vital signs like blood pressure and temperature 6. Listen to patients regarding any health concerns they might have and report details to a Registered Nurse or Doctor

Work & Experience

Project Director January 1, 2021 - August 1, 2023
FN Optimum

Work with local/national civil society partners, managing partner contracts and relationships, ensuring mutual and institutional capacity building, joint monitoring, etc. Review the FN Optimum SL Ltd. project budgets and assist with forecasting expenses; creating and maintaining detailed budget worksheets to tracking expenses; managing receipts for project expenses and documentation of expenses and keep track of budgeting details Monitor field staff, conduct surveys and assist in analyzing data (quantitative/ qualitative) and submit report to MoH/S. Monitor and support programme officers, where required, to mainstream gender and health programs (Malaria/TB/HIV in their programmes



ComputerCommunication. Teamwork. Creativity. Problem-solving. Leadership. Organization. Adaptability. Openness.