Biological Scientist.
May 27, 1993

About Candidate

I’m a graduate of Njala University, with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with honours.

Tropical medicine and infectious diseases are my areas of interest. Wherever I am in the world, my professional goal is to be able to offer underserved areas high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare services.

My interest has always been helping others and working to make their lives better.

I have a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms of life thanks to my studies in biological sciences, and I’m eager to learn more in order to address global health-related problems.

I did my internship at Kenema Government Hospital Reference Laboratory together with my dissertation research to investigate the efficacy and effectiveness of malaria rapid diagnostic testing kits.

I also received credentials from online courses offered by Coursera at Technical University Denmark on the theory and practice of antibiotic resistance.

Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases at Penn State University Bacteria and Chronic Infections at the University of Copenhagen