Alhassan N. Kemokai

About Candidate



Certificate in conservation and Natural Resources 2012
Njala University

Participation in training in bio conservation and natural resources

Higher Teahers Certificate 2004
Eastern Ploytechnic

Higher Teachers Certificate Training Program (Primary)

GCE Olevel 1992 - 1998
Ahmadiyya Muslima Secondary School-Kenema

Student and Candidate

Work & Experience

: Senior Field Monitoring Officer (Training) Agriculture- Koinadugu December 12, 2016 - August 30, 2022
Agriculture and Finance Consultant

Technical expert Agribusiness. ❖ Monitoring of Service Providers field implementation of agricultural activities in the project value chains. ❖ Networking and cooperation with MAFFS, NGOs and other development actors at the district level. ❖ Support and coordinate monitoring of data collection at the district level. ❖ Support the identification of new project beneficiaries and clustering of these new and old beneficiaries into groups that facilitate project implementation.

Monitoring and eveluation officer
AFC consultants international in partnership with Welthungerhilfe, WHH Sierra Leone.

❖ Involved in Project Planning/activities and design of a Monitoring Plan according to the objective(s) and results a monitoring plan has to be developed and information be regular collected ❖ Developed a plan to receive monitoring reports from field officers, partners, department heads and beneficiaries/communities. ❖ Developed a plan to monitor the field activities through regular visits. ❖ Monitoring of activities in the cocoa and coffee sector. Monitoring of Project Objective(s), Monitoring “do no harm” (guidelines and criteria are worked out and must be monitored) ❖ Tracks and summarize the findings Access and Excel or with the help of a statistic software program and write narrative reports. ❖ Coordination with local authorities, Partners, NGOs, CBOs and other groups ❖ Documentation and reporting ❖ Involved in project steering activities

: Facilitator/Animator
: International Rescue Committee, IRC, Field office, Bo.

❖ Ensure quality Monitoring and project implementation is achieved through providing regular field supervision and support. ❖ In close coordination with the program Manager and Reproductive Health, RH, Coordinator, plan and coordinate effective planning and implementation of the program. ❖ Manage and monitor the Health facilities and communities to ensure effective and quality project implementation. ❖ Develop activity work plans with the team in line with the project indicators so targets are met. ❖ Ensure the timely and quality monthly data collection, analysis reporting of data. ❖ Travel required throughout the district_15-20 workdays /month. ❖ Oversee development and submission of program reports. ❖ Engage with DHMT and do monthly presentation on project outcome during monthly in-charges meetings including stakeholder meetings.

Environmental Education Officer
Gola Forest Programme- Kenema

❖ Keep communities, local authorities, visitors and other key role players informed of Gola Forest programme Objectives, Strategies and activities. ❖ Develop an awareness of and broad support for, the Gola Forest Programme. ❖ Conduct constant environmental education awareness raising activities in all levels of society. ❖ Development of a range of information and education materials for the use by the Gola Forest Programme. ❖ Research, plan and design curriculum-based school programmers. ❖ Produce regular and high-quality positive media coverage of the Gola Forest Programme. ❖ Ensure that local communities are aware of the Gola Forest Programme enforcement policies. ❖ Translate information and Education material into mende as required. ❖ Provide Translations of training modules on key skills, knowledge and concepts into mende. ❖ Research, plan and design interpretive or information exhibition/ sign. ❖ Monitor and evaluate the success and failures of environmental education strategies and activities. ❖ Develop an environmental education capacity with the local communities, particular through traditional structures of education and cultural role. ❖ Educate and sensitize Gola Forest Programme staff with community cultures and acceptable behavior.

Community Forest Monitor Officer.
Gola Forest Programme

❖ To carry out biodiversity survey on three taxonomy groups ie. Birds, plants and mammals. ❖ Mobilize community members to help in data Collection, transects cutting etc. ❖ Sensitize communities in the seven Gola Forest Chiefdoms on forest conservation and its natural resource management. ❖ Assist visitors, research scientists and other key role players into the Gola Forest Programme. ❖ Handle good care of research equipment’s such as; GPS, range finder, compass and other biodiversity materials etc. ❖ Prepare monthly activity plan and produce comprehensive monthly report. ❖ Record data on flora and fauna species within the forest reserve. ❖ Receive and review data collected by co-enumerators to enhance accuracy in information reporting.

: Consortium for Public Policy Analyst, COPPA

❖ Collect and record data on households’ waste management. ❖ Review questionnaires from co-enumerators to ensure accuracy in reporting. ❖ Enter data collected from field into the database system.


➢ Computer Skills; Familiar with numerous computer software packages like MS Word, MS Access, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, MS Outlook etc., and have proficient skills in MS Excel and Computer Networking Interface. ➢ Conversant with the use of Geographical positioning System, GPS device for mapping and estimation of areas, ranges or regions etc. ➢ Operational management – learns, polices and systems and applies them. ➢ Utilize resources effectively. ➢ Role model –teach by example and monitoring. ➢ Ability to analyze and infer geographic data through using a recommended software package. ➢ Developed immense Database management expertise required for program implementation. ➢ Acquired M&E knowledge and skills essential for project implementation needs. ➢ Familiarity with basic or fundamental M&E tools/packages vital for project monitoring and reporting essence. ➢ Good communicator; can speak and write English, Krio etc... ➢ Acquired facilitation skills necessary for program training needs. ➢ A skilled motorbike rider and driver with valid driving license. ➢ Analytic and adaptive skills; can respond appositely to changes in the environment and strengthening working force. ➢ A team player; can multi-task and fill in gaps within a working team whenever considered necessary. ➢ Respectful within the organization and in external interactions.
➢ A skilled motorbike rider and driver with valid driving license. ➢ Analytic and adaptive skills; can respond appositely to changes in the environment and strengthening working force.