We have developed our training methodology and our curriculum in collaboration with employers in Sierra Leone to focus on the areas that have the greatest impact on performance. When taken together, our training will improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce and improve the dynamism of your teams and your organization. All of our modules are designed to develop employees’ skills, but also their behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. 

By replicating the workplace in the training room and undertaking practical, team-based activities with professional and relevant topics, employees carry these skills, behaviors, and attitudes back into the workplace

Our training ensures employee develops their skills, behaviors, and attitudes; whilst also significantly improving their productivity, efficiency, and dynamism.

Our Training Programmes

Modular Skills Programme v3
Make your team more productive, reliable and efficient with the Modular Skills Programme. This suite of modules seeks to improve the performance of your employees by providing a broad range of practical, applicable soft and technical skills and the opportunity to put them into practice.
Future Solutions Programme
Future Solutions supports organisations to be more resilient and stable in the face of changing business practices. This suite of modules seeks to bridge the digital, systems and managerial skills gaps to ensure that teams are productive and efficient when working remotely.
This accelerator programme turns your rising stars into leaders. The PSP-E is designed to improve the performance and reliability of professionals by learning the skills, behaviours and attitudes required to becoming invaluable as an employee.