Here we offer a range of screening services to help filter out only the top-level candidates for your consideration and thereby improving the quality of your recruitment process. You give us access to your database of applicants & C.Vs, and we filter and screen to find the most suitable to the role.
Our screening services ensure that you conduct high-quality recruitment searches whilst saving you time and effort in the short term. We stagger each phase of our screening service to ensure that your recruitment budget is spent effectively; an example of how we do this is demonstrated below:
  • Job posting: your job posting on may receive 200 applicants. 
  • Job specification matching: we will identify which candidates most closely match your job specifications, perhaps this may be 50. 
  • Screening: we will conduct standard and additional background screening for all 50 of those candidates, as required. 
  • Assessments: from our screening report, you can select which candidates should participate in assessments. 
  • Observations: from our assessment reports, you select which candidates should participate in the behavioral observations. 
  • Recruitment: from our Candidate Screening Reports, you decide which candidates to interview and to recruit.