Benjamin Aiah Gando

About Candidate



Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance 2009 - 2013
University of Sierra Leone (IPAM)
Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst(FMVA) 2022
Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Canada

The CFI Financial Modeling and Valuation Program covers a critical body of knowledge necessary for becoming a world-class financial analyst. The core curriculum for the program includes: Financial Modeling - Develop industry-leading best practices for layout, design and structure of models - Learn how to build a dynamically linked 3-statement model in Excel from scratch - Create a multi-year forecast to project the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet into the future - Use advanced Excel formulas and functions to make models both robust and dynamic - Perform scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, accretion/dilution analysis and other advanced modeling practices - Learn how to build models that are well designed, intelligently structured, and easy for other users to work with Valuation - Learn how to value a company using comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and discounted cash flow DCF modeling - Build numerous DCF model from scratch in Excel and learn how to calculate a firm’s weighted average cost of capital - Understand how and when to use Enterprise Value and Equity Value multiples for valuation - Learn about the pros and cons of different valuation methods, and become proficient in all of them -Arrive at a range of values for a business combining multiple methods Financial Analysis - Learn advanced forms of financial analysis including ratios, rates of return, risk assessment, credit metrics, debt schedules, cash flow waterfalls and more - Assess the overall attractiveness of investment opportunities using financial models, scenarios, and multiple types of analysis - Develop insightful and charts and graphs for PowerPoint presentations - Build Excel dashboards and use advanced data visualization techniques - Go beyond the financial model to truly understand the risks and opportunities of an investment opportunity Presentations - Learn to create beautiful charts, graphs and tables in Excel - Build professional PowerPoint presentations and pitch decks - Create insightful dashboards and outputs for presentations - Learn how to use data visualization to get your point across

Work & Experience

Project Assistant January 6, 2014 - December 29, 2017
UNIDO Sierra Leone

(Individual Service Contract Project Assistant P.A) Responsibilities: Under the overall coordination of UNIDO’s Representative in Sierra Leone, and under the supervision of UNIDO’s PTC/TII/SQI Project Manager and the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA), the PA is responsible for supporting the efficient implementation of project activities relating to recruitment, procurement, training etc. Furthermore, he/she will closely collaborate with the project staff in the field. To this end, the PA will have the following main responsibilities: • Support the preparation of work plans, fielding of experts, trainings, fellowships, sub-contracts, purchase of equipment, etc. • Support managerial and financial monitoring of the project and its activities and collect relevant information(including a possible review of indicators and budget revisions). • Facilitate requisitions/purchase orders, terms of reference, and assists in ensuring the technical evaluation of received offers according to UNIDO rules and regulations. In particular, support the monitoring of proper delivery of procured equipment and services to the country. • Assist with the organization Steering Committee meetings and other governance and non-governance meetings. • Performance of relevant tasks in SAP necessary for the smooth project implementation. • Support the preparation of mid-year and year-end progress reports, including financial reports, to the donor based on relevant specifications. • Support the project manager in his day to-day operational work and in the administrative monitoring of the programmed and its activities. • Carry out any other assignment requested by the Project Manager

Financial Associate

•Support the monitoring of program financial performance for all implementing partners by providing necessary financial information and analysis, including implementation rate against indicators/results. •Provide support fin the compilation of financial data and provide accurate and up-dated financial information to the Admin/Finance Associate on continuous basis. •Assist in the management of assigned projects budget by monitoring expenditures and preparing revisions according to the needs of the project. •Assist in the effective financial recording and reporting system, internal control and audit follow-up and processes financial transactions in an accurate and timely manner for all the assigned projects. •Filling all financial related documents including payment vouchers and receipts. •Assist in the implementation of HACT audits by preparing implementing partners during pre-audit visits with implementation plan and follow up on the implementation of the Audit recommendations. •Bringing innovative solutions to promoting data based decision making among the program staff. •Ensure timely reporting and warehousing of the programmatic data using Monitoring and evaluation software. •Build a strong and convincing evidence base on key priorities to demonstrate our programs results and achievement. •Support the coordination and execution of events in the department such as, organizational project learning by developing ,collecting and disseminating relevant information on monitoring, evaluation and research.

Senior Revenue Officer
Sierra Leone Maritime Administration

Succors develop annual budget in concurrence with the Director of finance and shipping dept.  Accumulates and initiates wide-ranging documentations from shipping lines, Agents and Customers  Guarantee the timely delivery of Fright Levy Invoice and Financial statements to Shipping Lines and other Vendors both electronically and by somatic delivery within the restricted time frame.  Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently at all level both within and also with vendors and customers  Coordinates with the shipping Dept…. and the Radio operating room @ the SLMA and Port Authority operation Department.  Implements strategic revenue collections procedures  Reconcile on a monthly basses the revenue collected vs Manifests and invoices to various vendors.


Finance Associates