About Candidate

Hello manager, this is your friend John. How are you? Do you have a minute? You may not have known this, but I am looking for a new job in computer support. I have five years of experience and carry several technical certifications. With my last company, I was named the top service technician because of my efficiency. I am good at what I do and enjoy it. Whom do you know whom I could contact about job opportunities?



Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Education 2016-2021
Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology
Computer Support Certificate Jan. 2021-Dec. 2021
Brigham Young University–Idaho
Pathway Connect Certificate Jan. 2020-Dec. 2020
BYU-Pathway Worldwide
Applied Self-Reliance Principles Certificate 2016
LDS Business College

Work & Experience

Madam Alice Memorial Secondary School

• Prepared good lesson plan and achievable learning objectives • Provided feedback to the headteacher on the understanding and participation of the students. • Led in the discipline of the students in school • Taught students in secondary school effectively and systematically

District Clerk
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

• Managed the assigned polling station • Trained polling staff (together with Polling Centre Manager) • Counted ballots at the end of Polling • Prepared all documentation required for the polling station correctly

Presiding Officer
National Electoral Commission (NEC)

• Managed the assigned polling station • Trained polling staff (together with Polling Centre Manager) • Counted ballots at the end of Polling • Prepared all documentation required for the polling station correctly

Field Manager
Family Search International Kamdave Investment SL

• Received and audited the interviews from Fiend Agents using the field manager’s quality checklist • Entered Interviews into Interviews Database • Visited informants and verified their details collected in the forms and Mobile App • Trained new field agents • Conducted a successful community entry and assisted in sharing the book of appointment of informants

Statistic Sierra Leone

• Reported directly to the Supervisor who oversees supervising your team. • Identified and explain the purpose of the work politely and tactfully to the people in the Enumerating Area (EA) thereby obtaining their willingness to corporate. • To complete structure listing of all structures in your Enumerating Area (EA) before the Enumerator starts enumerating. • visited every household in an assigned Enumerating Area (EA) and record the information required of every person within the stipulated duration of the census. • asked questions about everyone who slept in the household on census night (December 4/5, 2015) and recorded the answers. • Ensured to ask questions that are necessary for the completion of the questionnaire only. • Made every effort to obtain complete and accurate answers and record them carefully and correctly. • By making all the entries on the questionnaire personally. No unauthorized person should fill in any part of the questionnaire. • Ensured that enumerator should return all questionnaires, whether used, spoilt or unused, and all other returnable materials to your supervisor.

Data Entry Operator
Nation Civil Registration Authority (NCRA)

• Gathered invoices, statements, reports, personal details, documents, and information from employees, other departments, and clients. • Scanned information to identify pertinent information. • Corrected errors and organized the information in a manner that will optimize swift and accurate capturing. • Created accurate spreadsheets. • Entered and updated information into relevant databases. • Ensured data is backed up. • Informed relevant parties regarding errors encountered. • Stored hard copies of data in an organized manner to optimize retrieval. • Handled additional duties from time to time.

Exhibition Officer (Exhibition and Inquiry)
National Electoral Commission (NEC)

The Exhibition officer oversees the exhibition in his/her Exhibition Center and makes sure that all registrants who come to the Exhibition Center have access to the Provisional Voters Register (PVR). He /she conducts various activities concerning the exhibition exercise and guides registrants through the various stages. • Received exhibition materials from the Ward Coordinator (WC) and keeps them safe. • Set up the exhibition center daily and set up directional signs. • Displayed the Provisional Voters Register (PVR) of that Center for public view. • Ensured that all registrants wishing to check the Provisional Voters Register (PVR) have access to it. • Ensured that registrants receive confirmation of registration or update information regarding their status by checking their details. • Ensured that the registrants who were mistakenly omitted from the Provisional Voters Register (PVR) can request to be added to the voters’ list. • Ensured that corrections requested by registrants to their details are done on the Provisional Voters Register (PVR); or appropriate form provided. • Ensured that registered voters wishing to object to names existing on the Provisional Voters Register (PVR) have the opportunity to do so. • Maintained order at the Exhibition Center throughout the exhibition period. • Filled out the daily Account form (DAF) and allow political party agents to sign. • Signed daily completed forms; and account for all forms used for exhibition, daily and at the end of the exercise. • Stored the completed exhibition forms appropriately. • Returned all forms (used and unused) and all other materials to the District Electoral Officer through the Ward Coordinator (WC). • Received exhibition items and other materials from the Ward Coordinator before and during the exercise. • Monitored stock of materials regularly and request replenishment from the WC in due time, and performed any other duty as directed by the Ward Coordinator (WC).