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Certificate 2022
University of Washington Global Heath E-Learning

This professional development course focuses on the Leadership and Management skills necessary to work effectively in the global public health environment. Global health work is almost always carried out by teams—whether you’re training healthcare workers to implement new interventions, designing health information systems, strengthening service delivery, or evaluating for quality improvement—and knowing how to effectively manage resources and people is crucial for the success of these endeavors. i have learn the fundamentals of leadership and management in this course, including how to design and conduct needs assessment, create planning and implementation documents, manage project resources (both financial and human), plan for transition of assets to local ownership, and monitor and evaluate project. I also learn how to address the inevitable constraints faced by all project managers related to cost, time, and scope when funding decreases, scope grows, priorities shift, team members leave, or other challenges emerge. This course offers practical ideas, tools, and techniques for addressing these challenges as well as advice from experienced project managers from around the world. I have the ability to impact or guide individuals within an organization or business. I also have the ability to control day-to-day cycles and keep employees on target to accomplish company goals.

Global Health eLearning Center

This professional course focuses on Economic Evaluation skills necessary to work effectively in the global public health environment. this Simply measuring the costs of an intervention will not tell whether it is cost effective. A cheap intervention may represent poor value for money if it has little effect on outcome. Economic evaluation is the process of measuring cost effectiveness.

Work & Experience

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator January 19, 2015 - June 30, 2023
Partners In Health

This professional position is based on perform daily data collection tasks as assigned by M & E Officer or Manager, monitor data collection processes and address any data quality challenges as they arise, collect and compile data required for monthly reporting. Participate in data interpretation and presentation to program leads.


Monitoring and Evaluation
Data Collection, Reporting, & Management


Kono HIV/Aids District Health Information System (DHIS2) Coordinator 2019
As a professional position based on perform one or several specific tasks like Data entry and basic data analysis.