About Candidate

Conduct comprehensive systems and processes review in Government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs), private and /or public bodies.
Identify structural and functional vulnerabilities enhancing the enabling environment for corruption or improprieties to thrive
Proffer recommendations or best practice guides that are practicable to improve transparency and accountability thereby plugging the loopholes of corruption and hence improving service delivery.
Developed procedural manuals and trained users on systems requirements.
Assessed risks to systems vulnerability to meet quality, security and compliance requirements.
Monitored work progress and adherence to technical process controls and standards.
Develop organizational workplan for the review
Follow up ensure implementation of effective and efficient financial systems and procedures in line with Government Financial Policies and Regulations
Liaises with officers from the Investigation Department and the Information and Complaints Division, in keeping with the Inter-Division Protocol, to obtain such information as is necessary to create a preliminary profile of the needs and situational analysis of assigned public bodies, in relation to non-conformance with government contracting/licensing rules/asset declaration practices, and such other anti-corruption tools/standards, as required by Law
Develops and contributes to the work plans and the strategic direction of the Unit and Division by providing objective and informed feedback on impact of initiatives and interventions in the Public Bodies.
Contributes to the departmental strategic engagement activities, resulting in the  Annual Operational Plans being aligned to the Commission’s Strategic Business Plan.
Supervise the Systems Processors in the daily discharge of my duties
Examined performance trends to implement process improvements.
Implement internal control measures where weaknesses are found in the financial and administrative systems in MDAs.
Review the implementations of Auditor General’s report on MDAs
Attends the monthly Department Meeting to discuss performance, ensuring there are diagnoses and prognoses for any performance variances.