About Candidate

Expert in Operations Management, this includes planning, coordinating, and supervising operations activities to meet program objectives ranging from logistics, supply chain, procurement, administration, budget management, warehousing, asset management, compliance management, risk mitigation safety, and security.

Excellent skills and experience in project management, report writing, and vas experience in supervising logistics/ supply chain/procurement and administrative staff and monitoring staff performance and identifying staff who needs additional training, providing or recommending to management training or coaching for staff to meet the team performance standard.

Experience in managing budgets to avoid underspending and overspending of budget, and ensure that budget is will spend according to budget line, account code, and cost center.

Experience in reviewing operations / Logistics./administration and project implementation budget according to amounts on each line item on a weekly and monthly basis and providing technical support to the program team on budget alignment where necessary.

A wealth of skills and experience in managing of local and international procurement by applying the 15 stages of procurement cycles to ensure the right quality of goods or services are procured based on led time and ensure value for money.

Excellent skills in supply chain management to monitor goods or services from need assessment, identification of goods/services, specification of goods/services/ reading requisition, and ensure that the expenses of the goods/services are charged to the correct budget line and cost center, assess the value of the goods/ services to determine the type of procurement method to apply in the procurement process, either single quote, multiple quote or public tender, monitor supplier  or service provider selection process either by the procurement committees, award of contract / review contract to ensure it meet the criteria according to the organisation procurement policy and procedures, monitor the supplier or service provider to ensure goods or services are incompliance with the contract agreement signed by poth parties, everluate the quality of goods or services by using experts in the respective field to provide techanical evaluation of goods are services provided by the supplier or service provider, if it is for goods ensure that the goods are delivery to the right location or store/warehouse for inspections before receive in the warehouse or store and the warehouse officer or store keeper sign the supplier delivery note  and good receiving note is prepare for the goods receive, monitor the goods until it reaches the beneficiaries in project sites in good condition.  if the goods are to be transported to the projects site,  the supply chain team determines the distance and road network and the type of vehicle to hire before following the required procedure to hire the vehicle from the vehicle hiring company to transport the goods, the contract will be awarded base on the selected criteria to ensure goods are delivered to the right locations in good conditions and in time and quality are correct or tally with the waybill/delivery documents and the right staff or person sign for the goods and copy of the waybills is returned to the original warehouse or store where the goods are issued from.

Ensure compliance at each stage of the procurement and supply chain process to mitigate any risks associated with the procurement and supply chain process.

Ensure the safety and security of the goods, personal, and project assets involved in the process.