Facility Coordinator Consultant 

November 29, 2023

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    November 29, 2023
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    December 13, 2023
  • Gender
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
  • Organization
  • Required Languages
    English, Krio

Job Description



Job Title: Facility Coordinator Consultant 

Reporting Lines: Operations Manager 

Contract: 6 months with possible extension 

Fee: $23, 608.15(Annual) 

Location: Freetown 


Purposeful is an Africa-rooted global hub for girls’ activism. For millennia girls have played  a critical role in struggles for freedom and liberation. From Africa’s anti-colonial  movements to the Arab Spring to climate justice organizing and everything in between – their resistance has always sparked and sustained transformational change. And yet, too  often girls are separated and sidelined from resources and shut out from decision-making  spaces, their power deliberately obscured and hidden from view. Centering the political  power of young feminists across the world, we work so that girls and their allies have  access to the resources, networks, and platforms they need to power their activism and  remake the world. 

As an Africa-rooted, global hub for girl activists, Purposeful works to shift the allocation of  resources, policies and programmatic practices with and for girls and young feminists  across the world. This includes re-distributing resources in highly flexible and innovative  ways, including to girls shut out from traditional banking infrastructure. We leverage  learnings from our own practice to support others to move from protectionist to power 

building approaches that promote the collective liberation of girls. Working in partnership  with civil society and development communities we hold learning space, convene  practitioners, build national coalitions and co-create collective advocacy voice. Across  all that we do, we work to make girls political power visible so that their organising and  activism is resourced in healthy and sustainable ways for the long term.



We Are Purposeful is looking for a dedicated and dynamic Consultant to serve as Facility  Coordinator as Purposeful moves into a new Movement Building Hub in Freetown. The  building will be a home for the Purposeful team and bring together girls, allies, and  movement allies. The consultant will work closely with the Operations Manager to oversee  the facilities of the building, and its equipment and ensure that it is safe and functional.  The duties include working with service providers, inspecting facilities to meet safety  regulations, and coordinating renovations and updates. 


  1. Facility Management
  • Manage and upkeep the different office spaces within the building. Manage the running of the conference hall for all Purposeful and external events and activities.
  • Work with caterers and office assistants in running the canteen.
  • Oversee the running of the playground.
  • Supervise the cleaning company responsible for cleaning the internal and external areas of the office.
  • Work with the gardener from the cleaning company or contract a gardener to install and maintain the flowers and green spaces on the property.
  • Oversee the maintenance and repairs of the organization’s equipment/assets Coordinate with various service providers on maintenance when required. Ensure there are proper records and filing of all maintenance requests. Monitor and ensure garbage is collected regularly.  
  • Advise on and facilitate the fumigation of the office when required.
  1. Safety and Security
  • Ensure that the fire protection systems are in place (fire alarm and extinguishers)
  • Work closely with the Security company contracted by Purposeful to provide security services.
  • Work with the Operations Manager to obtain office insurance and payment of all council rates.
  • Work with the Operations manager to Identify safety and security training for staff.
  • Ensure the safety and security of staff and assets within the office premises
  1. Power and Water Supply
  • Ensure that the Solar Energy, Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA), and Generator systems are working. 
  • Confirm all electrical appliances are in good working condition. Ensure the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) Meter is recharged regularly.
  • Work with the Operations Officer to regulate or track generator fuel consumption.
  • Oversee the servicing of the generator according to schedule. Handle the water supply system of the building and ensure there is always enough water. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant field. 
  • Experience in technical/ operations and facilities management in an international NGO and corporate/social enterprise organization.
  • Ability to stay positive, think creatively, and be confident and calm when facing a challenge.
  • Strong time-management skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks and work  under pressure.  
  • Ability to communicate and oversee service providers professionally and effectively.
  • Basic understanding of budgets.
  • Excellent verbal, written, analytical, and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Professionalism, empathy, and the ability to work independently but also a part of a team
  • Demonstrable emotional intelligence, resilience, and an ability to encourage collaborative and transparent working relationships.
  • Experience with and understanding adolescent girl-centered programming, community-based organizations, and social change.
  • Belief in and support of our feminist values. 
  • Dedicated to upholding the values and approaches that define Purposeful’s  work. 


Please send your CV and cover letter to applications@wearepurposeful.org The closing date for all applications is the 13th of December 2023.  

For more information on We Are Purposeful, please visit the website  www.wearepurposeful.org