CBD Regeneration Project Engineer

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    June 3, 2024
  • Expiration date
    June 9, 2024
  • Experience
    10 Years +
  • Gender
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree
  • Organization
  • Required Languages

Job Description



General Description of GOAL’s Work in Sierra Leone  

GOAL has been present in Sierra Leone since 1999, with an overall aim to contribute to poverty and vulnerability reduction  through the implementation of integrated, multi-sectoral interventions, with a primary focus on improving Reproductive,  Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) specifically addressing teenage pregnancy. GOAL is also  improving rural water supply, and urban WASH focusing on faecal sludge management and promoting social inclusion,  empowerment, and decent work through systems-based programme approaches and community-led social and  behavioural change. GOAL currently operates in Western Area Urban (Freetown), Kambia, Bombali, Koinadugu, Moyamba  and Kenema Districts, with funding from Irish Aid, Charity: Water; BOSCH, UNCDF, and IRC/FCDO and now the  Community Foundation Ireland for its new blue economy program that is focused on food security and livelihood  improvement.  

General Description of the Programme 

GOAL Sierra Leone will act as an overall enabler and facilitator of the C2CC by assuming facilitation and coordination  responsibilities for the C2CC on behalf of and in close coordination with FCC and Zurich, including financial and fiduciary  responsibilities. While the strategic lead lies with the partner cities and the FCC in close coordination, the Project  Implementation Unit (PIU) has the technical lead, while GOAL Sierra Leone assumes the role of the overall coordinator of  the C2CC, ensuring the smooth interaction between the different implementation levels and partners, with a special  advisory function for the FCC Project Manager.  

As part of the fiduciary responsibility, GOAL Sierra Leone is the custodian of the C2CC budget, receives and manages the  financial contribution of Zurich as well as other possible funds, subcontracts Technical Implementation Partners (eg  contractors, technical specialists, etc.), and is accountable for the financial management of the C2CC. GOAL Sierra Leone  coordinates and implements procurement processes, thereby commissioning Technical Implementation Partners in  close coordination with the C2CC Strategy Group (partner cities and PIU chair), for TOR definition and selection.  

GOAL Sierra Leone under the FCC Project Manager is responsible for reviewing, approving, and executing subcontractor  payments. Furthermore, GOAL Sierra Leone supports the capacity-building of the FCC Project Manager and Project  Implementation Unit (PIU) by advising on project management as well as by providing technical know-how to reinforce the  capacities of the FCC and the PIU. The FCC also requires additional technical advice and capacities to ensure effective  implementation of the C2CC interventions, ranging from infrastructural regeneration measures to stakeholder  involvement and safeguarding measures. Ideally, GOAL Sierra Leone can provide some additional technical capacities  with a clear knowledge transfer plan for FCC. The technical expertise not available directly from GOAL Sierra Leone must  be commissioned through subcontractors (procured through GOAL Sierra Leone).  

Finally, GOAL Sierra Leone is responsible for monitoring and reporting C2CC implementation progress and financial  developments both through regular informal exchanges with the partner cities and annual periodic reports. The annual  report focusing on operational and financial developments is prepared by GOAL Sierra Leone in close coordination with  the FCC Project Manager and the PIU. To support operational monitoring and strategic steering by the partner cities, GOAL  Sierra Leone organizes regular C2CC Strategy Group meetings at semi-annual intervals comprising senior representatives  of the partner cities, the Cooperation Partner as well as the chairperson of the PIU (to be identified) and possibly other  representatives of the PIU.

On this note, GOAL Sierra Leone would like to invite well experienced and professional applicants for the undermentioned position: 

Job Title:  CBD Regeneration Project Engineer (1)
Country:  Sierra Leone
Location:  Freetown City Council (FCC)
Contract Duration:  12 months with possible an extension
Start Date:  1st July 2024
Reports to:  Deputy Project Lead, CBD Regeneration Project.
Responsible for:  CBD Regeneration Project



The role of the CBD Regeneration Project Engineer is to provide the development of the overall technical design,  stakeholder engagement, and implementation of the measures for the CBD regeneration project. This position will  coordinate and implement the CBD regeneration project through the CBD Regeneration Project Engineer thereby  ensuring project objectives are achieved within the project timeframe and approved budget. The holder of the position will  contribute to the development of the CBD regeneration project strategy and in addressing climate change related issues  on the project. To fully discharge these responsibilities, the post holder will closely work with the GOAL SL Assistant WASH  and CC Coordinator. 

Summary of Responsibilities: 

The CBD Regeneration Project Engineer will play a pivotal role in supporting the implementation of the CBD  Regeneration Project. Primary responsibilities include design development, engagement/coordination, monitoring, and  reporting. The selected candidate will work closely with the GOAL Sierra Leone Assistant WASH and CC Coordinator, the  FCC team, the SLRA team, the SLRSA team, the Sierra Leone Police, and various other stakeholders to implement the  project objectives. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Lead in developing the design and contract specification for the implementation of the measures for the  CBD Regeneration Project. 
  • Engagement with other technical team members in the PIU to develop collaborative strategies and  arrangements for the implementation of the project. 
  • Work with the FCC to ensure that CBD Regeneration Programme objectives and plans are aligned with the  Council’s land use policies and CBD Area Action Plan. Ensuring that the Councils and other relevant  stakeholders put in place measures for clearing the Right of Way. 
  • Set up a process that will be used to engage both the FCC, GOAL and UN-Habitat and the City of Zurich for  monitoring, ensuring the CBD Regeneration project achieves its objectives. 
  • Provide monthly reports to the PIU, the UN-Habitat project lead, and other stakeholders. Have regular meetings with the FCC, SLRA, SLRSA and the Sierra Leone Police on the project  implementation progress and engage the councils on any concerns and challenges they may have and  feedback to the PIU.  


  • Maintain a safe working environment for all staff/beneficiaries. 
  • Ensure risk mitigation measures are in place and adhered to. 
  • Ensure staff/beneficiaries fully understand Safeguarding reporting procedures. 
  • Ensure Safeguarding measures are implemented within areas of responsibility. 
  • Ensure do-no-harm to children and vulnerable adults we meet. 
  • Follow-up, and address, Safeguarding issues appropriately.


Qualifications and Experience: 


  • A candidate with a degree in civil engineering or related discipline, and a postgraduate qualification in  project management, highway or traffic engineering is desirable. 


  • Over 10 years of post-graduate experience in the delivery of infrastructure projects in areas including  transport planning, traffic management and parking, road safety, highways, and drainage engineering.
  •  Demonstrate experience in implementing significant changes in the urban environment through a range of  interventions, including infrastructure improvement works. 
  • Experience in developing international best practice solutions in tackling significant urban mobility  challenges through engagement with local communities and interest groups. 
  • Professionally qualified engineer with a recognized professional institution.  
  • Over 10 years of proven experience in leading teams of engineers, transport planners and technicians and in  setting up staff development programmes. 
  • Proficient use of relevant technical software as well as AUTO CAD, Arc GIS  

Skills and Competencies: 


  • Ability to lead negotiations with multiple stakeholder groups including government departments and funding  agencies to deliver the project objectives.  
  • Good communication skills, including writing reports and presenting complex problems to a range of  stakeholder groups. 
  • Good interpersonal and team skills.Capable of producing reliable and timely reports. 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team. 


  • Fluency in written and spoken English. 
  • Fluency in Krio 
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and manage time efficiently. 
  • Ability to work independently. 
  • Strong motivation and organizational skills. 
  • Flexible with the ability to cope in stressful work situations. 

Honest and transparent in all dealings. 

Other Requirements: 

  • Commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

General terms and conditions. 

GOAL has a Staff Code of Conduct and a Child Protection Policy, which have been developed to ensure the maximum  protection of programme participants and children from exploitation. GOAL also has a confidentiality policy ensuring the  non-disclosure of any information whatsoever relating to the practices and business of GOAL, acquired in the course of  duty, to any other person or organisation without authority, except in the normal execution of duty. Any candidate offered  a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to these policies any job offers made are also subject to police clearance.  GOAL is an equal opportunity employer. 

Children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with GOAL as a result of our activities must be safeguarded to the  maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual  exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that GOAL shows this ongoing commitment to safeguarding is to  include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.


Children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with GOAL as a result of our activities must be safeguarded to the  maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual  exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that GOAL shows this on-going commitment to safeguarding is to  include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.  

Accountability within GOAL 

Alongside our safeguarding policy, GOAL is an equal opportunities employer and has a set of integrity policies. Any  candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to the following key areas of accountability: 

  • Comply with GOAL’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, code of conduct, health and safety,  confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behaviour protocols. 
  • Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within our programming  area. 
  • Report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour of a GOAL staff or partner. 

Interested candidates should apply with: 

An application letter clearly justifying how they meet the selection criteria. 

Recent Curriculum Vitae including names and full contact addresses of three (3) referees, one  of whom must be their current or most recent employer. 

Candidates must state the position of each referee and his/her relationship to the candidate. A copy of a valid labour card must be attached to ALL applications (written or electronic) Police Clearance will be required from the successful candidate. 


If you have these skills and interested in joining our committed and dynamic Team, please send your cover letter and up to-date CV to jobs@sl.goal.ie. on or before 5:30 pm – 10th June, 2024 please note that a copy of the application letter  must be sent to the NGO Desk Officer, Ministry of Labour, New England or emailed to: employmentdesk71@gmail.com 

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview. 

GOAL provides equal opportunity in employment and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex,  colour, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.