Invitation for Bids 

November 20, 2023
Application ends: December 4, 2023

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Invitation for Bids 

Rehabilitations of Health Facilities, Water points and  Latrine Cubicles in Schools and Communities 

International Non-governmental organization, Action Against Hunger has been working to fight  undernutrition and support communities affected by crisis across the globe for almost 40 years and across  nearly 50 countries. Action Against Hunger established its presence in Sierra Leone in 1991 and since  then has been implementing various humanitarian and development programs related to health, nutrition,  food security/livelihoods & Climate Change adaptation, WASH, Mental Health and Psychosocial  Supports and advocacy geared towards the reduction of the prevalence rates of under-nutrition. Action  Against Hunger collaborate with other international organizations, National organizations, the private  sector, the line ministries and authorities at all level as well as the communities. Action Against Hunger,  Sierra Leone mission now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the Rehabilitations of Health  Facilities, Water points and Latrine Cubicles in Schools and Communities in 6 chiefdoms in 3  districts. 

SN  Activity Description  Lot #  Location
1 Rehabilitations of 68 water points and  85 Latrine Cubicles in Schools and  communities 1 Kori and Kayaimba  

Chiefdoms, Moyamba  District

2 Rehabilitations of Water Points in 7  health facilities and 9 communities, and  construction of 1 hand dug well with  hand pump. 2 Jong Kpanda Kemoh and  Yawbeko Chiefdoms,  Bonthe District
3 Rehabilitations of 2 Community Health  Centres  Western Area Rural


  1. Bidders should bid for the above rehabilitations in Leones 
  2. Bids will be evaluated, and contract will be awarded to the bidders meeting the required  qualification criteria. 
  3. Bidders must possessed the following: 
  4. A certified True Copy of a valid Business Registration Certificate 
  5. A certified true Copy of a Contractor’s License Class 2 or 3 

iii. A certified True Copy of Valid Tax Clearance Certificate from the National Revenue Authority  (NRA) 

  1. A certified True Copy of National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) clearance  certificate 
  2. Valid Municipal/Local Council License


The bidding documents can be collected by hand at the addresses below, Mondays to Fridays  20th – 30th November 2023, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day. 


Bonthe District 

Completed Bidding Documents, field visit reports/photos and all relevant updated documents in a  sealed envelope addressed to the Logistics Department, Action Against Hunger, Coordination  office, 10 Sall Drive, off Aberdeen Road, Freetown.  

Bids must be submitted on or before 5: PM on Monday 4th December 2023 

Further information or clarifications please contact: On or before 5:00 PM on Thursday 30th November 2023